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Marina (for Odile)

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I would like to wish you the very happiest birthday, dear Odile! I hope you enjoy your special day today :)


Believe it or not, this is the girl from last night's post "What Would You Do...?" Interesting what different makeup, expression and hair do for a character. Her name is Marina, and she is actually an old character of mine that was a P5 figure, with a few modifications. She's a Ukranian girl and somewhat based on a Ukranian lady that I used to work with who was really pretty in a strange sort of way. She's the one 'Ramon' orginally ended up with and at the time I used Evian because she looked closest to her.

I shouldn't have, but I 'splurged' and got Jo's new hair. It's perfect for her. I uh, did 're-color' it though.

Robe is from 'Boudoir Whispers' with MLB-Paris texture (DAZ).

I thank you for stopping by, for your comments and favs dear friends! They mean a lot to me and are always appreciated.

Have a fantastic week!

Production Credits
StudioArtVartanian - Mitchel Hair
September 24, 2012
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Image Comments

Sep 24, 2012 1:10:27 am
Love the new hair color and lingerie! Happy B~day Odile!

by 0rest4wicked Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 1:26:50 am
GORGEOUS and yes the hair HAS IT going on! But I am partial to gingers....

by Sepiasiren Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 2:01:07 am
Lovely portrait..Happy birthday, Odile!!

by brycek Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 2:01:33 am
Great image and love the hair :^)

by Zathyn Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 2:19:08 am
Excellent portrait!

by fallen21 Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 2:23:15 am
She is quite lovely and the black lace outfit too. Happy Birthday, Odile!

by pixeluna Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 2:56:04 am
Ho, thank you , this is so nice of you!
A very pretty lady indeed.Her green eyes are stunning.

by odile Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 3:02:26 am
She is beautiful.

by jayfar Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 3:29:14 am
Superb morphs and very elegant portrait !

by Leije Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 4:14:17 am
This is a very attractive character. I really like her look.

by ZanderXL Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 5:40:52 am
fantastic portrait!!!

by StudioArtVartanian Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 6:23:04 am
Beautiful portrait! It IS amazing wot a change of make up, hair n expressions will do,lol! xxx

by Heavenlee Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 7:46:05 am
she is very lovely and sexy
Great work and cool dedication

by Faemike55 Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 8:27:40 am
love me them redheads Ray, nice job my friend.

by eekdog Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 8:58:51 am

Amazing art, you did a fantastic job of creating.

by nitegrafix Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 9:17:30 am
I think she is very beautiful, love her face structure. Gorgeous work my friend.

by barryjeffer Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 9:44:17 am
You know what? I thought that was her as soon as I saw her. Very strong features. And it's
funny. If this was real life? It occurs to me that she would be tall and built kind of
robustly. Very beautiful work with her! Awesome hair too. I love that length for posing.

by ZigZag321 Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 10:26:49 am
Love that stare! ")

by Savage_dragon Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 11:31:28 am
~ Fantastic portrait ~

by UteBigSmile Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 12:23:55 pm
A very lovely portrait, she looks very natural. The hair is great for her!
Have a fantastic week too, Rayvn!

by Heitaikai Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 12:49:06 pm
She's a beauty and looks even better here than on a motorcycle. The arc of her brow gives her that look of scheming and a certain intensity. She definitely has that 'Russian/Ukranian look. Red hair and green eyes are hard to beat.

by adorety Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 1:49:48 pm
She looks very nice as an Ukraine girl.
The lace robe is so beautiful.
This a splended image!


by vechtdalcollege Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 2:10:31 pm
Very beautiful portrait!

by drifterlee Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 4:32:22 pm
This is a very beautiful character Ray, also a wonderful close-up portrait it.

by adrie Homepage »

Sep 24, 2012 7:23:18 pm
Delightfully Wonderful Image,

by ArtistKimberly Online Now!   Homepage »


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