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Here is part two of the story. Same format. Thank you to all that read the first part and chose to comment. I really appreciate it.

Also, thanks to all for looking at my work and for comments and favs on previous efforts.



Sarah Masters jogs up the marbled steps to the Academy entrance. She is the last of the group to arrive as she had the farthest to travel. She enters the Academy.


In the antechamber just outside the Grand Master’s study, Monika, Aran, and Max are all sitting or standing in different positions around the room. Aran still has the stick with him. The attendant sits behind her desk and reads a book. Sarah appears in the chamber entrance, a little out of breath after having just run all the way from her previous engagement and then up the 100 and more steps of the Grand Master’s tower to the antechamber.

SARAH - (to attendant) My apologies, I had to get here from the Labyrinth.

MONIKA - (snorts and blows a smoke ring) You off being “one with nature” again?

SARAH - (turns to Monika and gives her ‘the finger’) Why don’t you be “one” with that?

MONIKA - (smirks) Maybe after a few ales, hun.

Max grins at the vision this puts in his head while Aran shakes his head is mild disbelief.

ATTENDANT - (coughs) Excuse me. The Grand Master is waiting.

The group forgets the comments and all get to their feet and gather. The attendant knocks on the door to the study and opens it.

ATTENDANT - They are all here, Grand Master.

GRAND MASTER - Finally! Send them in.

The attendant steps to the side and holds the door open as the group enters the private study. The Grand Master is seated behind his desk and still perusing the ancient journal. Once the group is in, the attendant steps out and closes the door. The group stand in silence for a while, eventually exchanging glances. Finally, Max takes a step forwards.

MAX - Um…

The Grand Master raises a hand, cutting him off. He keeps his eyes on the journal as he address the group.

GRAND MASTER - Annoying to be kept waiting, isn’t it?

Monika crosses her arms and gives Sarah an accusatory glance. Sarah makes a face. The Grand Master looks up.

GRAND MASTER - Well then, now you are all here we can get down to business. I am sending you all on an expedition to the Corolan Mountains in northern Thorensae.

Monika puts her hands on her hips and lets out a sigh. The Grand Master stares at her.

GRAND MASTER - Is there a problem?

MONIKA - Well, no… but… well… that’s quite a trek, you know?

GRAND MASTER - (standing up) Yes, I do know, Monika. Need I remind you that you - all of you in fact - owe this Academy, and me, a great debt?

MONIKA - (looks down at her boots) No, Grand Master.

GRAND MASTER - No, I didn’t think so. Therefore, until I consider that debt repaid you will all continue to go where I tell you when I tell you. Agreed?

MONIKA - (sullen) Agreed…

MAX - (raising hand) Um… I wasn’t actually complaining –

GRAND MASTER - Shut up, Max.

MAX - Yes Grand Master.

MONIKA - (mimicking under her breath) Yes Grand Master…

Aran takes a step forwards.

ARAN - Might I be so bold, Grand Master, as to enquire what we are seeking in the Corolan Mountains?

GRAND MASTER - Indeed. (points at ancient journal) I have been given information that suggests that there may be a fully intact and untouched ancient Arvernian Majeer outpost in those mountains. Due to the remoteness of the location I am thinking that it won’t have been picked clean like the ruins found in the Arechi Wastes.

MAX - A hold over from the Demon Incursion?

GRAND MASTER - Indeed. You are to travel there, locate the site and retrieve any and all artefacts and information. It is possible that there are details of the locations of other untouched sites. Bring everything that you can back with you.

SARAH - Your pardon Grand Master, but the Corolan Mountains are vast. Do you have any information to narrow down the location of this site?

The Grand Master sits down again and looks momentarily deflated.

GRAND MASTER - No, there are no specific details mentioned, just the name of the general area.

MONIKA - (to herself) That’s a pretty small needle in a big fucking haystack.

Max stifles a chuckle. Aran rolls his eyes. Sarah and the Grand Master scowl at her.

MONIKA - What? Oh, did I say that out loud?

ARAN - (to Monika) Such ugliness from such beauty.

Monika winks at him, and Max scowls at that. Aran then turns to the Grand Master.

ARAN - Profanity aside, Monika makes a valid point.

SARAH - (nodding agreement) We could be in those mountains for years and find nothing but rocks, Grand Master.

GRAND MASTER - Must I do all the thinking for you as well? Do you have anything to say Max?

MAX - (pauses a moment rubbing his chin) Such a site would likely have a great deal of residual Warp energy, due to the nature of Arvernian technology…

GRAND MASTER - (half smiling) Go on.

MAX - The latent radiation from that energy has likely affected the surrounding area over the course of millennia, like the Sour Land in Caladon but on a smaller scale.


MAX - We should find a settlement near the Corolan Mountains and ask about strange phenomena in the area. I believe that the town of Vargen lies at the foot of the mountains. Could be a good place to start.

GRAND MASTER - It is reassuring to know that you spend your time reading more than just cheap demon erotica, Maxamillian.

Max goes red.

GRAND MASTER - There you have it. Head to Vargen and investigate any eldritch rumours. As it is quite a distance to travel, I will provide you with the use of my personal locomator and pilot. Return to the Academy entrance in the morning and they will be waiting for you.

ARAN - (nods) Just so.

Sarah and Max bow slightly as they turn to leave. Monika opens the door and they all exit back into the antechamber. Sarah, the last to leave, closes the door behind her.

MONIKA - Well, I don’t know about you guys but I’m going to go see if I can find a good drink and a good fuck before we go. It’s going to be a long trip.

Max opens his mouth to offer his services regarding the latter of Monika’s objectives.

MONIKA - Don’t even think about it, Max. G’night guys.

The red-head gives a casual wave over her shoulder as she begins to make her way down the many steps. Aran turns to Sarah.

ARAN - Vulgarity aside, she makes a good point yet again. I have some friends awaiting my return at the Silver Sabre. Would you do me the honour of joining me?

SARAH - (smiling) For just the drinks, right?

ARAN - But of course, my lady.

Aran offers his arm and Sarah takes it.

SARAH - (to Aran) Why are you holding that stick?

ARAN - Ah-ha! A bold tale best told over a drink at the Silver Sabre!

They exit together, leaving Max alone in the antechamber with the attendant. He calls after them.

MAX - No, that’s okay, I didn’t want to go for a drink anyway! (turns to the female attendant) I don’t suppose…?

ATTENDANT - Just go back to your chamber, Max, before you say anything that I’ll make you regret.

The young Majeer turns and thrusts his hands into his pockets in a somewhat petulant manner.

MAX - Fine.

He exits the chamber.


The courtyard outside the Majeer Academy’s main building is large and open. The grounds are surrounded by a decorative, yet functional wall with a metal, double-doored gate that is currently open. Within the courtyard stands a huge marble statue of a robed Majeer, its hands palm up and outstretched to the sides. In the right palm burns an “eternal” fire while in the right, a fountain of water pours out and drains into an enclosed circular pool at the statue’s feet.
Academy students of various ages and ranks move about within the courtyard on their way to their respective classes. There is a sense of general hustle and bustle and the clamour of talk. Students slow their pace and stare with curiosity at the group assembled near the gates to the Academy. Max, Aran, and Sarah are waiting next to the Grand Master’s locomator. Monika is absent. The locomator appears somewhat like a luxurious carriage, yet there are no wheels and it isn’t attached to horses. Instead, suspended above the roof of the locomator’s cabin on an ornate, curved, golden brace is large purple crystal. There is an external seat at the front of the locomator that acts as the pilot’s chair. Standing near the chair is the Grand Master’s personal PILOT, a kind of chauffeur for the locomator. She is a pretty thing and dressed in something that resembles a cross between a flight suit and an equestrian outfit. It certainly shows off her figure – the Grand Master seems to appreciate female staff. The Pilot is currently waiting patiently and trying to ignore Max’s attentions while Aran and Sarah practice a bit of light fencing. A few moments later and a rather ill-looking Monika comes through the Academy gates carrying her travel bag. Her eyes are red and bloodshot and her face is pale. As she approaches, Sarah and Aran stop fencing.

SARAH - And you had the nerve to comment on my lateness?

Monika just puts her hand up in a dismissive gesture and walks to the locomator. Max comes over to her.

MAX - Let me help you with that bag, Monika.

He is expecting a jibe or a retort and is a little surprised when she just nods and lets him take the pack from her shoulder. The red-head leans against the side of the locomator and takes a few deep breaths. Max looks concerned as he adds Monika’s pack to their luggage in the compartment at the back of the cabin. He goes to her as Sarah and Aran approach.

MAX - (hand on Monika’s shoulder) Are you okay?


ARAN - (taking Max away) My friend, when someone looks as green in complexion as Monika does right now, I find it advisable to give them a wide berth. It is obvious that she clearly succeeded in the “good drink” part of her plan last night.

Understanding dawns on Max’s face and he steps away from Monika. Aran opens the door to the locomator’s cabin and ushers the young Majeer inside. Sarah is a step behind them but she pauses beside Monika.

SARAH - (disgusted) Slut.

Monika’s only response as Sarah enters the cabin is to throw up onto the ground, drawing disgusted looks from nearby students. However, she looks considerably better after her stomach has voided itself.

PILOT - I sincerely hope that you don’t intend to do that again in the cabin.

MONIKA - Relax sweetheart, I think I’m all done, but my head would really appreciate a smooth ride, if you can manage it.

Monika enters the cabin and closes the door behind her.

PILOT - (mutters to herself) If I can manage it…

She climbs into the pilot’s chair and pulls down her goggles. Her right hand then goes to a delicate and intricate-looking control mechanism that houses a smaller version of the crystal suspended above the locomator’s cabin. The pilot seems to go into a kind of trance and the controller crystal under her hand begins to glow. The larger crystal then glows in unison and the locomator gracefully lifts a few feet off the ground, turns, and glides out of the Academy gates.


The Cordoba Way-Stations are a famous chain of establishments throughout Vartania and are known as affordable, yet comfortable places for travellers to rest while journeying the long Imperial roads. They serve as inns, stables, and even have a small shop where people can resupply. There are several horses tethered outside and we also SEE the locomator parked near the building. Warm light spills from the windows and we can HEAR music and conversation coming from within.


The interior of the Way-Station is busy and noisy. There is a second floor balcony that overlooks the ground floor and the establishment resembles more of a saloon than a tavern. Patrons of various descriptions sit at the tables and enjoy food and drink. A troubadour plays a mandolin and sings from a small cleared area near the open fireplace. Sarah, Aran, and Max sit together around a table. Monika is with a group of rough-looking men in a corner gambling on dice, and the Pilot is sitting alone by the fire, listening to the music. Sarah and Aran are in conversation and Max is feeling like a fifth wheel. He looks at the Pilot then picks up his mug, stands up, and walks over to her. Without asking, he pulls over a seat and sits next to her. She doesn’t even register his presence and sips from her glass of red wine.

MAX - It’s a pretty nice here, huh? Cosy.

PILOT - (looks at Max) It smells.

MAX - Yeah, it does smell, doesn’t it? Stinks! (pause) Is your wine nice?

PILOT - (sips from glass) Adequate. Do you want something, Maximillian, or is this attempt at conversation simply a preamble to you trying to get me into your bed?

MAX - Um… well, mostly I was just wondering why you don’t come and join us. That’s all.

PILOT - I don’t believe that it is appropriate to associate with “the help”. The Grand Master would not approve.

MAX - (grins) The Old Man isn’t here. Besides, you’re a Majeer, the same as me. We should stick together on this trip, huh?

PILOT - We are both Majeer, but we are not the same.

MAX - Oh? How so?

PILOT - I am the personal assistant and pilot of Grand Master Mordecai, head of the Majeer Academy. Whereas you…

MAX - Yes?

PILOT - Whereas you are a third rate, borderline dropout with a predilection for questionable literature. You jump to the Grand Master’s commands like a dog because your only other alternative is expulsion.

Max takes a long drink from his mug, his face neutral while he digests the Pilot’s remarks.

MAX - You know what they say about books and their covers, right?

The Pilot gives him a mocking glance.

MAX - (leaning in) Consider this: if I was nothing more than a borderline dropout do you think the Old Man would bother keeping me around? Would he send me on an expedition to locate ancient and powerful artefacts? Surely he’d just kick my ass out of the Academy. Maybe you should pay less attention to what you hear in student gossip and pay more attention to what you see with your own eyes.

Max stands up and the Pilot actually looks him up and down. She still doesn’t seem completely convinced.

PILOT - And what else is there to see?

MAX - (smirk) Come up stairs and I’ll show you.

PILOT - Oh, go away Maximillian!

The Pilot turns and ignores him again. Max lets out a laugh and returns to Sarah and Aran where he sits down.

ARAN - Has our gallant pilot proved to be immune to your considerable charms, my friend?

MAX - She’s a snooty, frigid mule with her head stuck up the Old Man’s backside.

SARAH - I’ll take that as a “yes”.

ARAN - Perhaps I can assist you?

Sarah nearly spits out a mouthful of ale at what sounded like an offer.

MAX - (shocked) You what?

ARAN - (realising) Ah! No, no, no, my friends, you misunderstand me. I am meaning that I could perhaps arrange to introduce young Aran to one of this fine establishment’s ladies that would happily… “entertain” you.

MAX - You mean set me up with a whore?! Aran, even I have some standards, and not paying for sex happens to be one of them!

SARAH - (surprised) You mean you get it without paying?

MAX - Hey!

ARAN - As you wish, my friend. I meant no offense. But you should perhaps not be so quick to judge. Where I come from it is a long and proud profession. The skills of such women can demand a high price. Some men have paid a king’s ransom for a night with the more talented ladies.

A moment passes as Max envisions the kind of woman that could demand such a sum for sex. Unconsciously his gaze drifts to Monika, who is hooting and laughing amongst some increasingly upset-looking men as she continues to clean them out at dice.

ARAN - (grinning) Alternatively…

MAX - Hmm?

SARAH - We’ve all seen how you look at her, Max.

MAX - What?

ARAN - Go to her! Now, while she is in good spirits! Strike!

Max stares at Monika a moment.

MAX - (deflated) Ah, she’d probably break my arm or something.

Sarah shakes her head.

ARAN - If you hesitate in the heat of combat, all is lost in a second.

Just then, there is a unanimous groan from the collected men that Monika is playing with. She smiles at them and collects a LOT of money. There are some angry looks from some of the gamblers and, not wanting to repeat the scene at the Silver Sabre, Monika turns and walks back towards the table where the others are sitting.

ARAN - (to Max) And so the moment is lost. (to Monika) Win again?

MONIKA - (deposits a large coin pouch on the table) Of course!

SARAH - Keep this up and you’ll leave a trail of enemies in every Way-Station from here to Thorensae.

MONIKA - (dismissive) I can handle it.

ARAN - No doubt, but I do not think your competition can. I do not like the eyes on this one.

The group all look to where Aran is watching. One of the gamblers has rejoined some of his friends and they are all grumbling together while looking in Monika’s direction. Monika shrugs.

MONIKA - Ah, fuck ‘em.

SARAH - (snorts) You probably would…

Monika stares at Sarah while she pulls out a cigar, lights it, and blows out a plume of smoke. She then grins widely.

MONIKA - Ha, true enough! Come on, let me spend some of these winnings on us. Even you Sarah!

ARAN - Ha! Just so!

Even Sarah smiles and raises her mug in thanks. Max watches Monika as she walks to the bar. He then spots the grumbling gambler and his friends looking at Monika again. The Majeer frowns.


A few hours have passed and Monika’s winnings have been well received by the group – with the exception of the Pilot who retired to her room without so much as a “goodnight” – and spirits are high. At one point Monika stands up.

MONIKA - (drunk) ‘Scuse me… needs a piss.

She staggers slightly and giggles before weaving to the door leading outside to the outhouse. Aran turns to Sarah and begins to tell her a story. Max sits back, a little drunk himself. It is here that he spots the grumbling gambler and friends stand up and follow Monika out of the Way-Station. He goes to get Aran’s attention but stops, remembering his words: “If you hesitate in the heat of combat, all is lost in a second.” So the Majeer stands up and makes his way towards the exit.


Monika steps from an outhouse down the side of the Way-Station and closes it behind her. She then realises that the gambler and two of his friends are standing a few feet away from her.

MONIKA - Shit house’s free, boys.

GAMBLER - Not here to take a shit. But you’re IN the shit, girl!

Monika frowns and looks down at her boots to check what she is standing in. Then looks back up at the gambler and tries to focus. She then recognises him.

MONIKA - Oh, ‘s you! Fucksake, ‘s with you guys an’ losing? Wasn’ even cheating that time…

GAMBLER - (to friends) Looks like this drunk bitch has pissed all my money away. Let’s take it out of her ass.

The gambler walks over to Monika and she swings for him. Unfortunately, she is very drunk and the swing is easily avoided and she throws herself off balance. The gambler grabs her, spins her, and pushes her face-first into the side of the Way-Station. The gambler pins her arms behind her back with one hand and keeps her pressed against the wall. He grabs the back of her pants and yanks them down, exposing her buttocks.

MONIKA - (moaning) No…

Just then there is the SOUND of RUSHING AIR and one of the men is lifted off the ground and hurled. His body flies through the air at great velocity and smashes through the door of the outhouse. The gambler halts what he is doing and looks at the smashed privy. There is another SOUND of RUSHING AIR and the second man is lifted off his feet and slammed into the side of the building. He crumples into a heap and doesn’t move. The gambler looks at his friend and then up at the man that has stepped around the side of the Way-Station. The man’s long-coat is flapping about him as if he is standing in a strong wind.

MAX - Take your filthy hands off her.

The gambler looks at Monika then releases her, stepping away and holding his hands up.

GAMBLER - Woah, hey! I was just gonna scare her, I wasn’t-

His words are cut short as he is lifted off his feet and he begins clutching at his throat as it is slowly crushed, his breath coming in short gasps. Monika slides down to her knees and we SEE that Max’s face is a picture of fury as he squeezes the life out of the would-be rapist. Then a hand touches the Majeer’s shoulder and Aran is behind him. Sarah appears and goes to Monika, getting her to her feet and pulling her pants back up.

ARAN - Release him, my friend. This one has learned his lesson, I think, and killing him will not change what has happened.

MAX - (through clenched teeth) The bastard was going to rape her!

ARAN - Indeed, and you have saved her. Remain the hero and do not become the killer.

The gambler begins to turn blue and twitch as he is suspended in the air. Then Max lets out a sigh and releases him. The “wind” abruptly stops and the gambler drops to the ground, gasping. Aran looks over at Sarah, who is tending to Monika. The red-head has a nasty bruise on her face where she was slammed into the wall of the Way-Station, and she looks about ready to pass out.

SARAH - (to Aran) She’ll be fine. Sore and hung-over in the morning, but otherwise okay. I’ll take her to her room.

ARAN - (to Max) Time to call an end to this eventful night, I think.

Max nods in agreement and turns to follow Sarah and Monika back into the Way-Station. Aran lingers a moment and waits until the group has gone around the corner and out of sight. He then walks over to the recovering gambler. Aran slowly draws his sword and stands over him, the blade’s point at the man’s throat. The gambler goes wide-eyed and freezes in fear.

ARAN - I suggest you gather your friends and leave. If I see you inside I will make a woman of you.

The sword point goes to between the gambler’s legs.

ARAN - Do we understand each other?

The gambler nods vigorously.

ARAN - Good.

The sword then flashes up to the gambler’s face and cuts a deep slash in his cheek. The man gasps in sudden pain and puts a hand to his bleeding face.

ARAN - A souvenir of tonight. Think upon it the next time you look upon a woman as you did Monika.

Aran then flicks the blood from his sword and sheaths it in a fluid motion.


The next morning and Way-Station staff are outside repairing the smashed outhouse. The group has paid for the damages out of Monika’s winnings and she doesn’t have much left. The Pilot sits in her seat and waits for the others to get in. Monika stands at the locomator. We SEE that she has quite an impressive BRUISE on her face and she is looking rather sorry for herself. Sarah is the first to go and enter the cabin. Monika looks at her and simply nods her thanks for getting her to her room. Sarah just nods in return and gets in. Next, Aran walks up. He gently touches the side of Monika’s face.

ARAN - Do not seem so sad, my sweet Monika. The night is past and you are still as beautiful as a Laurencian desert rose.

Monika actually blushes a little and manages a half-smile. Aran climbs into the cabin and Max is next. Monika has been waiting for him.


She takes him slightly to one side.

MONIKA - Listen, about last night…

MAX - Monika, there’s-

MONIKA - Look, just shut up, will you? I don’t remember much of what happened but… well, Sarah told me the details and I… well… thanks.

The red-head then quickly leans in and kisses Max on the mouth. She pulls away and looks him dead in the eye.

MONIKA - Don’t let that give you any ideas. Right?

MAX - Right.

Monika flashes him a smile and goes back to the locomator where she climbs into the cabin. Max stands for a second and touches his lips before breaking into a large grin. He then climbs into the cabin and closes the door. Max makes eye contact with Aran and the swordsman gives him a quick, knowing WINK. The locomator hums into life and glides away.

September 12, 2012

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Sep 12, 2012 3:30:34 am
I'm sorry there is no image for this one. This stupid thing kept telling me that I had exceeded the character count, even though I had words to spare! WTF?!?! Frustrating much???

by ZanderXL Homepage »

Sep 12, 2012 4:11:19 am
Bummer about the image Alex! I love this crew :) They're great. Fun and interesting read. I found myself chuckling many times. Great story, sir! Maybe eventually Max'll win a favor or two, eh? Very brave and bold of him!

by SidheRoseGraphics Homepage »

Sep 12, 2012 10:46:29 am
Your art-work is splendid. 5+!!! I thank you for it.

by Fidelity2 Homepage »

Sep 12, 2012 10:58:00 am
Your tale is well told and a most excellent read.

by barryjeffer Homepage »

Sep 12, 2012 11:58:32 am
Great action!

by spdskool Homepage »

Sep 12, 2012 1:17:20 pm
Hey! before the computers and 3D images,People used to read books man!!:-))Wonderful Sci-Fi Fantasy story and narrating Alex!!:-))))))

by Dreamdesigner Homepage »

Sep 12, 2012 1:44:54 pm
If your image is smaller than 800x800 and 512kb, I'd try an edit and see if it would pop in. There shouldn't be any character count associated with the image.

I'm still liking the script format, but in this installment you've moved a bit farther into prose. You're really good at the script thing, and I'd love to see you keep your descriptions action oriented ... the audience can't "see" thought and motivation.

As an example:

He is expecting a jibe or a retort and is a little surprised when she just nods and lets him take the pack from her shoulder. The red-head leans against the side of the locomator and takes a few deep breaths. Max looks concerned as he adds Monika’s pack to their luggage in the compartment at the back of the cabin. He goes to her as Sarah and Aran approach.

We cannot see Max's expectation of a jibe or retort. We CAN see ... "MAX looks surprised as MONICA hands him her pack. If you want to convey the reason for Max's surprise, give him a line of dialogue that explains it.

MONICA leans against the locomator ..." moving into "the redhead leans" and suchlike changes the tone of the script.

Just my opinion, of course. Your story is excellent, and I'd love to see it continue the way you began ... crisp, concise, action oriented. The plot is compelling, and I'm really enjoying the story!

by auntietk Homepage »

Sep 12, 2012 2:30:30 pm
Amazing story and narrative here, excellent work, well done!

by mgtcs Homepage »

Sep 12, 2012 4:35:10 pm
Wonderful story. Too bad they would not let you put up an image, too.

by drifterlee Homepage »

Sep 12, 2012 6:57:12 pm

by Tracesl Homepage »

Sep 13, 2012 5:34:56 am
Z.. you certainly (continue to )spin a good yarn.. a very enjoyable read!!.. look forward to the next episode!

by tigertim Homepage »

Sep 13, 2012 6:52:49 am
Cool story, certainly, and fun to read as a script- the personalities of the characters really comes trhough nicely- great work!!

by jonnar01 Homepage »

Sep 13, 2012 9:25:56 am
Cool, very different when read like this,

by bebopdlx Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 13, 2012 7:26:52 pm
Well, after two episodes you have me hooked, Alex! This is great! Definitely looking forward to more!

by RodS Homepage »

Sep 16, 2012 2:58:53 pm
Fantastic read. Engaging story and great character development. No image necessary, because I came up with so many of my own while reading. Good story, I hope you keep it up. Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to take time to really read and absorb the words. Awesome work.

by adorety Homepage »


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