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Pawsing For Reflection

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JeniferC, from Renderosity, has been of great help in getting my picture taken down from the site where it was being reproduced & sold illegally. I appreciate her gracious assistance in this matter so much that I would like to dedicate my picture, Pawsing For Reflection, to her. Thank you Jenifer!


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August 30, 2012
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Image Comments

Aug 30, 2012 10:21:09 am
Oh this is wonderful. One of your best!

by EaglesDarlin Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 10:22:02 am
Wow, this is truly the best I've seen...great work

by magichild2 Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 10:38:42 am
WOW!! Gorgeous!!

by Dragonluna1 Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 10:41:45 am
wow, das Bild ist einfach nur herrlich und wunderschön*****

by Traumsuse Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 10:49:07 am
Nice image, those cats get everywhere!!!

by Roywig Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 10:59:40 am
Love the cat ...

by AidanaWillowRaven Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 11:06:21 am
nicely done!

by KenG Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 11:09:25 am
Whit tree colors it is a she cat . It look realy like mine Bonny so beautiful You make great things again my friend . Happy for your help in RR ...Thanks to share whit us your lovely works ((5++))

by mickeyrony Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 11:13:04 am
Truly wonderful!

by JohnDelaquiox Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 11:24:15 am
Awh, you are so kind. Thank you so much for the kind words. Though I love to help people with copyright issues, it is also my job.

This image (like all of yours) is very well done. I love the way you captured the playfulness of the cat and the reflective floor. Very Beautiful!!

by JeniferC Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 11:39:51 am
Wonderful reflections, excellent image!

by Jean_C Online Now!   Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 11:44:59 am
Hey. Baby this one is great. I thank you a lot for this one. 5+!. Yeah!

by Fidelity2 Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 11:47:15 am
whoa! amazing job Flint. sorry some a holes have to steal such beautiful art to claim as their own. yur paint skills are tremendous my friend.

by eekdog Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 11:48:19 am
Adorable and superb image with the nice reflections !

by Leije Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 11:52:35 am
Lovely image. Fantastic colors and superb reflections. Looks very beautiful. Excellent work.

by Hendesse Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 12:05:57 pm
Wow! One of your absolute best! Absolutely love this. CC

by romanceworks Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 12:17:48 pm
excellent ! funny cat :) thanks

by ginb Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 12:40:58 pm
Wow absolutely beautiful!! Love it!

by BrokenWings Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 1:07:50 pm
Beautiful artwork!!

by brycek Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 1:24:23 pm
First of all let me say how delighted I am with the news Flint. So glad this lady was kind enough to help you and that others will no longer be profiting from your hard work. I'm certain she will treasure this lovely dedication as it is one of your best. The kitty is absolutely adorable and you had a very clever idea for the title

by magnus073 Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 1:27:16 pm
This is one of your best!!!!!!

by drifterlee Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 1:31:23 pm
My Favorite today

by Turtle Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 1:54:16 pm
Very beautifully done scene!!

by bobrgallegos Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 2:06:02 pm
Very beautiful and delightful :O-)

by 4udreamcatcher Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 2:51:42 pm
I love this cat!!! you did an awseome work all around.. it shows life! Love it all around!

by ilona Homepage »


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