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We buy and buy fast foods for children who
Will spend their days as monster flabs. We’re sold
On multi bedroom homes while living on
A hovel income. Envy dresses us in
Fake mink stoles, stilt-high fashion shoes
Believing advertising can protect
Our feet from corns and burning bunions. But
They’re only first steps toward stupidity.
We stand in endless midnight lines for things …
As if new products are “in” gifts from gods.

A loud HOORAY for salves and creams that own
The magic of eternal youth! But should they fail
There’s always plastic surgery. And who’d
Deny Viagara’s gift of keeping SEX alive …
All current formulas to laugh at time.

We are bombarded round the clock with print
And media solutions claiming they
Enrich our being with significance
And sold on claims facades are what it takes
To add real meaning to all mundane lives …
A grim description of our USA
Where things are now the masters of the crowd.

August 29, 2012
World Events/Social Commentary
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Image Comments

Aug 30, 2012 12:14:24 am
Spot on! My grandparents and parents would wait and save for years to reach a goal. Unfortunately today its all about getting it now, do not postpone enjoyment. Comedian Chris Rock said it very well. "Young people want it now. Life is short they say. Well they are wrong. Life is long, especially if you make the wrong choices."

by wysiwig Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 2:02:28 am
Welcome to bottom line capitalism.

by latchkey Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 4:44:53 am
Humanity is in self-denial.
It was not enforced upon us.
It only reflects human greed.

by ambassador1 Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 12:41:51 pm
Let it all out. 5+!

by Fidelity2 Homepage »

Aug 30, 2012 11:54:14 pm
The opposite of my life, I'm happy to say. If everyone had my spending habits, several industries would fold in short order.

by auntietk Homepage »

Aug 31, 2012 2:10:20 am
This is so incredibly spot on. It also illuminates something that I read in a science fiction novel, written a long time ago. The novel itself is called The Santaroga Barrier, and it's by Frank Herbert; it's s short novel, something of a flawed masterpiece, and it's also a precursor to Herbert's Magnum Opus Dune novels, written substantially later. Anyway, in The Santaroga Barrier, the mysterious residents of Santaroga seem immune to the outside world. Big Business cannot function there. Mega-malls and such corporate phenomena can't gain a foothold, and a psychologist, hired by a corporation to figure the town out, discovers a few frightening things: namely that advertising and warfare are one-in-the same. Market strategies are military strategies, and consumers are an occupied people kept firmly under control. Your words here highlight that, and like Tara, I can say that if everyone had my spending habits, several industries wouldn't even exist long enough to fail. Funny how that works. This is a wonderful, potent piece of writing. (I knew we were in deep, deep, deep trouble, when I saw a commercial on YouTube that served as a sneak preview for an upcoming commercial. How odd (and disturbing) a world we live in if we can now see ads announcing the immanent arrival of a new ad! I won't name names, but suffice it to say, things

by Chipka Homepage »


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