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They say the hell that's burning up earth’s fields
And crops is just “AN ACT OF GOD” but not
Pollution from man’s mines or mills, greed’s sales
Of filthy coal and oil. That’s what they say.
We’re not to blame for melting arctic ice
Or deserts crucifying Earth’s frail green.
The Lord’s responsible for climate change.

Fanatics all insist whatever made
The galaxies and stars shares human traits
With ego needs for grand hosannas from
The life He gave. But then they hint He knew
What was, what is and all to come; yet sent
His only Son to save us from mistakes
With blessed grace to pardon what we do
To praise His sacred name: our holy wars,
Crusades and killing fields all red with blood
From creeds and causes other than our own.
Grim thoughts to leave us with a cosmic … WHY?

If we’re to save tomorrows for ourselves,
Ought not we take responsibility
For what we do to Earth and human kind?
This could be God’s intention all along.

August 19, 2012
World Events/Social Commentary
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Image Comments

Aug 19, 2012 1:40:30 pm
VERY nice! Echoes things I've been saying in my weekly newspaper column for years now. Great job!!

by JohnSmall Homepage »

Aug 19, 2012 5:44:04 pm
Clear and cogent as always. Your last verse reminded me of an old story. You may have heard it.

A flood is coming. A National Guard jeep comes by Farmer Brown's house to take him to safety. Brown refuses the ride. "The Lord will provide", he says. Soon the water is up to his porch. A boat comes by to evacuate him. Again he refuses. "The Lord will provide." Finally the water has risen to the level of Farmer Brown's rood. A helicopter comes by to take him off the roof. Again, he waves away his would be rescuers. "The Lord will provide", he says just before he drowns.

Standing before the Lord, Farmer Brown wants to know, "Lord, I put my faith in you to provide but you let me drown. Why?" The Lord looks down on Farmer Brown and says with annoyance, "Moron! I sent you a jeep, I sent you a boat and I sent you a helicopter!."

And while we're on the subject, why is it that the drought in the U.S.A. seems to hit the Red states the hardest?

Thanks for the kind words. I hope you are well.

by wysiwig Homepage »

Aug 19, 2012 11:27:47 pm
People should not believe in fairy tales. Man is responsable for what has or is happening to Earth.

by stnaper Online Now!   Homepage »

Aug 20, 2012 2:27:46 am
Agree with Stnaper my friend!!!!Bravissimo!*V*:DDD.Hugsxx Whylma

by Mondwin Homepage »

Aug 20, 2012 12:17:24 pm
It is very cool. Thanks. 5+!

by Fidelity2 Homepage »

Aug 20, 2012 3:09:07 pm
Not being of a religious bent, I think we should hedge our bets no matter what our belief system. No matter who is "responsible," we should do our best to take care of what we have. Religious belief does not exonerate anyone from stewardship. Excellent writing, my friend.

by auntietk Homepage »

Aug 20, 2012 6:09:54 pm
Fantástico texto ,bela mensagem devemos cuidar do planeta não importa a religião que nós temos.+++++++++++5

by MarciaGomes Homepage »

Aug 25, 2012 5:27:48 pm
I've always had an odd relationship with religion. I don't believe in fairy tales, and yet I read them. I enjoy them, but I recognize them for what they are. Stories. And so when it comes to religion and people saying that "this" is the will of some divine entity, I simply ignore what they're saying and focus--instead--on what I can do to make something better, or to maintain something good. And having said that, I'll also say that I got a few good chuckles from what you wrote. The god that many people go around attributing some kind of "will" to is precisely the sort of god who could do with a bit of therapy. I find it odd that rather than simply say "Okay, I change my mind," that God would send his only son, who just so happens to be himself as well, to die for human sins, thus functioning as an "enabler" who keeps humanity addicted to sin. Funny how that works. Believe in the scapegoat and go to Heaven...that's the gist of it, and well...I'm not even a god (yet) and I find that to be one of the more wonky ideas out there. I mean, it ranks right up there with putting carcinogenic flavor ingredients in food. Wonderful writing, as always!

by Chipka Homepage »


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