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Greetings One and All....

Wanted to upload something to show I'm still amongst the living and to say hello to all.I'm doing good and am rather quite busy and will be for weeks ahead until we get a handle on things from the storms we have had recently.To those concerned I've been directing traffic so to speak and making sure my sons are doing the bulk of the work as they are not allowing me to participate as much as I would like but knowing my limitations have kept me from doing anything that may cause me any more health issues.Though each day we get up and set out to help where ever we can make a difference and the list of folks in need are long and challenging.

In my nearly 50 years I've never seen so much damage from just one storm so wide spread.We already have helped all our family and friends that have been affected and now concentrating on neighbors that either have no money to afford to offer but have trees scattered everywhere and well....How can one not care at a time like this when so many have so little and say no... and to hear the stories and the looks of relief when you knock on their door and tell them...."Is their anything we can do to help at no charge"...

I can say that I've had my share of baked goods and alike and well....One has to eat right?...(smiles)..

We have a lot of elderly folks that just can't afford anything when on a fixed income and when they have a tree or multiple tree's lying everywhere those are the ones me and my boys are solely focused on now.I take great pleasure knowing that each and every day that I wake up stiff and sore that it was worth the time spent.Having folks look at you and tell you that you are a "God Send" and the look on their face when you say "No Charge" is all I need to see and hear...

I won't spoil the mood by saying that their are assholes in this world that come out of the woodwork when disaster strikes as we have seen our fair share but those are the exceptions and have had to speak to my sons and tell them yes...Some people have no heart or compassion but that is not who we are and lets stay focused on what is at hand.I've passed out my service card to so many folks thus far that my phone is constantly ringing and the list is long each and every day...We do what we can and move on to the next.

So I just wanted to touch base with all here and to say I miss being here but my priority is still with the clean up as with each day their are new places to go.I just don't have anything left in my tank after 10 to 12 hour days to come in and comment or get caught up at this point...I will be back soon but how soon I do not know...At some point all will be back to normal and I'll once again be back to my ole' self...

I've turned off comments for this as it's not fair that I can not participate at present and as for catching up on what I've missed while away and I'll try my best but lets be realistic..Even a magician can only preform so much magic...(smiles)

Take care and see you all when things get back to some sense of normalcy.


Above is a photo converted to 3D created in Bryce Pro 7 from a folder that was created awhile back that I just picked at random for today's upload to show I'm still here......(smiles)...

Post Work in Photoshop Elements 8

Thank You one and all for your past comments and well wishes...

August 6, 2012
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