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Sloan's Law Chapter 12

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The area of the warehouse location was as private as any person could find in the City. Sloan spent some time piloting his borrowed van around the buildings until he spotted Mac's tow truck. He didn't want to tip off his 'friend' about his suspicions, so he pulled the vehicle crossways behind Mac's ride with the driver side of the van facing away from the building. This would give Sloan some cover if things were as they seemed. Before opening the door he palmed his backup piece. The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand and still allow the fingers to curl naturally. Considering how small the weapon is, it still packs a formidable punch. The van was full of toys that he could use, but most of it wasn't his style and Mac would spot most of the weapons that were on hand. He didn't want to think Mac was setting him up, but so far two plus two still equaled four and Sloan wanted to be prepared in case Mac was setting him up. Now armed with a five of a kind he had to make the call, so as to see his opponent's hand. All bets were on the table.
When Warner opened the van door he realized he had made a mistake. Mac wasn't in his truck and Sloan didn't spot him anywhere!
"Crap", he whispered to himself. "Rookie, rookie, rookie!"
Fortunately for Sloan, Mac's whereabouts was no longer a mystery by the time he finished cursing himself. Mac strolled out of the central warehouse with something in one hand and the other was raised into the air waving.
"Hey, Suw. Everything go well at the bank?"
"You could say that. Whatcha got there, Mac?" Sloan asked as he slowly made his way around the front of his bullet protection. He wanted to stay behind cover as long as he could until he found out what was really going on with his long time friend.
"This is all I could salvage from Hard Case. I am sorry for the loss, but I may be able to do something to make up for it." Mac offered. "Well? You sure are taking your sweet time, man. Get over here and take the box. I've got something else to...oh."
Mac stopped for a moment when he thought about how Sloan was moving. "I suppose you didn't get that far in your Pop's journals, seeing as how you were laid up in the meat locker for a week I can understand that."
Sloan had moved past the van and turned slightly sideways, to offer less of a target. He slid up close keeping his weapon hand away from his friend. Taking an eye off of Mac he glanced into the open box and saw some nameplates and his seven pound map. With nothing obviously out of the ordinary in the box he lifted the hand that held his backup pistol to accept the package. This way he already had his weapon pointing at his target. Though he had his mind on the tactical aspect of this meeting, what Mac had said did not slip his attention.
"Thanks for what's left. Now how did you know about this place and how do you know about the journals?"
"I didn't mean to get your fur up. I just thought you had already read far enough into the books to get the answers, but it seems you didn't. My fault. The answers are all there." He had been looking in Sloan's direction while he was trying to explain, but he now saw that his friend was losing patience. "I get it! I get it. Stop with the evil eye stuff, already. Here is the short story. Me and your Pop worked the same job, same employer and all that. We managed to break away, somewhat, and diversify. We were still 'non-existent', so we couldn't go home, see family and all that. The loop hole is that we couldn't go to our homes, but nobody said we couldn't trade homes. He asked me to keep an eye on his he did the same for me."
Sloan was standing very still, but his mind was all over the place trying to find the edges of what he just heard, so he could get around it. Mac knew that look all too well and decided he would try and round off the edges for his friend.
"So, are you going to pull that Desert Eagle out of the map in the box, or are you going to give me a chance to prove my story?"
Things were not making any sense to Sloan at this moment. Mac was displaying signs that he is more than a mechanic, which lends credence to what he had said. That and the fact he handed over Sloan's small artillery piece.
"What are friends for? Show away." The sarcasm with which this was said hit Mac as hard as if he had been shot by his friend. Mac almost wished Sloan had shot him. That would have been easier to handle than having to go through this. He wanted to tell Sloan who he was and about his father. The job complicates things and it takes a person of strong character and loyalty to even be considered for this line of employment. Fortunately Sloan could now be brought into the fold.
Without another word Mac turned to lead the way into the warehouse, making sure to stay right where Sloan could easily see what he was doing. After opening the door Mac walking into the building a quarter of the way, which was still quite a distance.
Sloan didn't walk in as far. He stopped short so as to be ready for anything that might be sprung on him, and he was also still waiting for Mac to prove his story. Not one to judge a book by what is on the outside Sloan was still holding judgment seeing as how the inside was shut up in several large crates. Mac could tell Warner was waiting to be impressed, so he didn't dare wait any longer.
"Where to start? Let's see...Your dad worked for the Secret Government Service along with me and a couple of others that you will no doubt be reading about in his journals. Long story short, 'cause I don't want to give away too much of what you will be reading later. We retired from the S.G.S., that's the Secret Government Service, and went into business as freelance operatives for the U.S. Later we started supplying specialty equipment etc, etc, etc... We didn't exactly give them the best of what we had. The best stuff we kept for ourselves...field work, testing and all that...Anyway, when Connie passed away he left you everything he had. Man, I haven't talked this much since...Aww the hell with it! Enough tell it's time for show."
In one fluid movement Mac snatched up a crowbar in one hand and rammed it in-between a couple of boards of the closest crate, before Sloan could get in a question, or even react with a flinch. By the time Sloan registered the movement the crate was open revealing something that looked like a cross between a military experiment and a hot rod.
"It won't replace the Chevelle...I'm still working on that one, but there's enough vehicles in this warehouse you can use while I prep this one. This was shipped from Phoenix and requires some finishing touches."
Sloan was in awe. It was a long second before Sloan was able to catch up with everything said and done so far and more was coming. When his brain caught up he set down his box and weapon on a table by the door. At the same time he spotted two large cups from his favorite convenience store. Picking both of them up, he walked over to his friend and handed him one. No word was uttered, there was no need. Instead they toasted one another and enjoyed a big sip of their respective elixirs. The ability to communicate, even without words, proved to both of them how deep the friendship they share runs.
After a couple of sips Mac began explaining some of the features of the urban assault vehicle. There were a great deal of features to be explained, too many for any one person to take in at one time, some of which were on the other vehicles. At least there would be some common items he only had to learn once.
There was something like a screen that covered almost the entire exterior of the vehicle which was comprised of something called OLED. The screen could supposedly display just about anything from different colors to sports programs. That was just the beginning of the list. . Mac went on about it being bullet resistant, liquid metal, a nickel and titanium frame called memory metal, a turbine engine or optional V-12 Falconer, quasi-tracked wheels for better traction, on board computers that did all kinds of things, etc, etc, etc... A person could make a career out of familiarizing themselves with all the doodads and gizmos this thing had. Somewhere along the way Sloan figured this is why that British Secret Agent never read the manuals to the Quartermasters equipment. Mac continued to talk about some of the other items like a watch, called an 'all-watch'. It was a GPS device, a tracker display, a bug detector and a few other low power consuming things. Then there was the cannon! It held eleven rounds that were four inches long and one inch in diameter. Mac said something about it being virtually all electric and what it was used against, but Sloan's mind was still swimming from all the other gadgets. It also seemed he was far from done.
Mac continued opening crates and explaining what was what, but Sloan found his mind wandering still. After some time it finally dawned on him about what to do with his future. Before Sloan could say anything about it their venture into the crates was interrupted when he heard a car pull up. Before it came to a stop Mac spoke up.
"No worries. It's just Manzell and that little pipsqueak."
Warren looked at his friend with an inquisitive expression. With just a moment's hesitation Mac realized more information was expected from him. "Above all else, I am a grease monkey. I recognize the sound of the Jaguar."
"Okay smart ass, how do you know the kid is with him? Wait; let me guess...the sound of the extra pressure exerted by the tires on the pavement due to an extra hundred and forty pound on the right side of the car, right?" Sloan quipped.
"Oh, you are good Detective. I suppose you won't be needing any of the extra equipment here after all, but then again...maybe you should try a bit more detecting" With that Mac motioned towards the area above the door with his chin. Sure enough, Sloan had missed the big display mounted there. On the screen was Manzell's car coming to a stop with Spencer at the wheel and a sharp dressed young man in the passenger seat. He wasn't recognizable at first, but it didn't take long to realize it was Burn Boy. You could change the wrapper, but the package was still the same banged up little squirt. He had also been identified by the computer producing the image on the screen. Most of the info it produced was already know the Warner, but there were some things he knew that didn't appear in the records. After taking a second more to marvel at the technology he now had at his command, Sloan realized he didn't want Burn Boy to see as much of it as he had already seen.
"I think it would be best to meet them outside, Mac. The fewer people that know about this the better."
"Umm, Sloan. There is one more thing you should know", Mac began, but Warner was already out the door before he could finish.
The two men stepped out of the building as Manzell was getting out of his Jag. It was apparent that he just won a dispute with his passenger over why he should remain in the car. It was the pouty look on the kid's face that gave it away. Manzell had turned to retrieve his case from the backseat when Sloan began to speak.
"Well, it's good to see you have the monkey trained and in a suit to match. Leave him here for now 'cause I have some things to show you as well as something to tell you. I finally figured out what I want to do."
"That's great Sloan, but first let me show you this." Manzell stated as he opened his case and laid a handful of cards on the hood of his car for inspection.
"While you were laid up in the hospital I hooked these up for you, and I have some others that are still in the works."
What Sloan saw before him were licenses for bounty hunter, private investigator, freelance operative of the F.B.I., C.I.A., A.T.F., and the list went on. After Warner looked over the badges he had only one thing to say.
"Yep. That's about right in line with what I was thinking. How did you know?"
"You'll read about Manzell, too." Mac replied for the lawyer.
At this point Sloan wondered how he ever made detective. He really needed to catch up on his reading...and maybe watch a few more movies, 'cause this was certainly shaping up like something out of an action flick. Well, maybe more like something like one of those Twilight Zone shows.
"Aw the hell with it." Sloan stated. "We've always been one big happy family anyway. Let's get this business started."
July 31, 2012
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Aug 1, 2012 2:18:01 am
Excellent writing skills my friend!
I like where the story is headed!

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Aug 1, 2012 11:16:48 am
excedllent story but your text is too long for a stranger...Thanks for your ken !

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Aug 1, 2012 2:23:06 pm
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Thank you for your comments claude19!

by Xanthmann Homepage »

Aug 1, 2012 2:24:00 pm
Wow! That didn't work! Apparently I have to learn how to post links here as well.

by Xanthmann Homepage »

Aug 2, 2012 1:01:24 pm
I really like this. Looking forward to reading further installments.

by wheatpenny Homepage »

Nov 9, 2012 7:45:56 am
The name's Warner... Sloan Warner... 003-57

by ZanderXL Homepage »

Nov 9, 2012 2:39:03 pm
I like that! Do you mind if I use it? roflmao!

by Xanthmann Homepage »

Nov 16, 2012 11:45:11 am
Enter James Bond.

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