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Twelve Swords of Power

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I've been reading Saberhagens books of swords and I've always been frustrated with the lack of images of the swords so I thought I'd make something simple.

This took almost my whole Sunday. The reason being is that I just couldn't think of a cool way to render these swords in a way which would show them off appropriately.

The modeling was relatively straight forward. This image is 100% Carrara. The symbols were modeled in the spline modeler, rendered in a way to produce texture maps which were then mapped onto the handles of the swords (and the table top).

I did several different tables, I built a castle room, I had different lights, I did a gob of things but when it came to showing off the shiny and reflective characteristics of these swords, I couldn't get it to go very easily. I will revisity these someday but for now, this is fun and I wanted to share it.

I'm planning on uploading individual images of these swords (renders from individual and specific angles of each sword) into the Wikipedia page (someday).

Finally, for those who are curious (or can't remember), the names of the swords are as follows (starting with Woundhealer, the sword with the hand and moving clockwise):

Woundhealer (Sword with the hand, heals all wounds and diseases).
Dragonslicer (Sword with the dragon symbol, kills dragons).
Townsaver (Sword with the crenell and small sword, can defeat an army in the defense of a town but the user might be killed in the process).
The Mindsword (Sword with the flag, all within the radius of influence of this sword will follow the bearer to any end).
Coinspinner (Sword with dice, this sword will bring incredible luck to the bearer but will likely betray the user in the end).
Shieldbreaker (The sword with the hammer, no weapon can harm or defeat the bearer but an unarmed assailant can kill the bearer).
Sightbliner (Sword with the eye, the bearer who holds this sword is shielded in the perfect disguise and has certain protection to some magics).
Wayfinder (Sword with an arrow, this sword will lead the bearer to anything they desire but not necessarily on the safest road).
Stonecutter (Sword with a cloven block, this sword can cut rock like butter and take down a castle with ease).
Farslayer (Sword with a target, this sword will kill any creature the bearer desires by flying to the target through any form of obstacle, the only known defense is shieldbreaker (and maybe sightblinder)).
Soulcutter (No symbol, this sword absorbs the will and energy and lifeforce of all including the bearer, this sword is very very dangerous).
Doomgiver (Sword with a circle, all effects, weapons, or magic cast against the user will be turned against the assailant).

July 2, 2012
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Image Comments

Jul 3, 2012 1:47:24 pm
Very nice! A very entertaining book series, I agree it does not have enough book art and not enough fan art.

Good job on the swords!

by leifgl Homepage »

Jul 5, 2012 3:10:22 pm
Your presentation is stunning and thanks for the sword info - it's very interesting.

by PandaB5 Homepage »

Jul 9, 2012 4:01:05 pm
Very cool! Reminds me of the round table.

by Drakkendark Homepage »

Jul 15, 2012 9:27:24 pm
Great work! I really like your presentation on the round table.

by beas62 Homepage »


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