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Little Kitty, Very Yin

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This is Opal, she passed away this week at the age of sixteen. We adopted her (though one might say she took us over) as a stray kitten living in a downtown Toronto park. A park frequented by many calico females and one proud, strutting siamese male. Hence our all but certain assumption that she was half siamese. She had the red retina and the attitude to prove it. Especially at 3am when she wanted to be sociable.

Though happy most of the time, Opal did not merge into domestic life too readily. As was required on the streets, she always plotted to steal the odd piece of fish or some other purr inspiring goody when not under observation. Or she would raid an unattended creamer - lap, lap, kitty heaven! And then there was the squinty eyed wackiness which ensued upon her first sight of a roast of beef. With claws into my leg as if to climb some great tree, "never mind cooking it, just put it in my mouth".

But most of the time stealth was Opal's watch word. I was impressed by her sneaking skills - quiet and unseen. Never forsake your meat, even when it is in front of you. She knew when we weren't looking and was ghost-like in her approach. I was also amazed by her complete abandonment of slyness while prancing out of the room, tail in the air and a leg of chicken in her jaws. The feline equivalent of giving the finger I suppose.

Like most cats, Opal didn't care for getting wet under any circumstances. She never left home when it was raining - even checking both doors. This posed a problem of coarse as often she wanted to prowl. Dissatisfied, Opal would stare at one of us until we "fixed" the weather to her liking. Eventually running to a window and complaining - loudly. Did I mention she was half siamese?

I've always liked this photo, it was taken way back in the summer of 2000 when Opal was four years old. How things have changed since then. In the end, we suspect a stroke. Her subsequent decline was consistent and quick. We shall miss her as she was our very first cat and no one forgets such a character.

Thanks for taking the time to view.

June 15, 2012
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