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Il Seraglio

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Apo, two layers - one for the palace and one for the sand veils.
Picture Publisher for background colors, stars and signature.
Thanks for looking and I wish you all a nice weekend!
June 15, 2012
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Image Comments

Jun 15, 2012 9:18:32 am
very beautiful palace! nice and fine subtils colors

by miztere Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 9:21:40 am
Splendid Apo work, super job Sue. I've used Apo for years off and on and am finally figuring some things out on it but a lot of it still baffles the hell outa me.

by Lenord Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 9:54:26 am
An evocative scene! It reminds me of the walled desert towns of Ald'ruhn and Maar Gan in the computer role-playing game Morrowind (although yours is prettier!).

by FyraNyanser Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 9:57:02 am
Fantastic, Sue!


by peedy Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 10:01:42 am
Excellent work.

by bebopdlx Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 10:23:44 am
excellent apo image super composition

by kepp Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 10:55:32 am
Such tender color-combinations and very fine subtle shapes are on your fantastic apo-art. Once I read a book about a kind of palace (an ancient settlement) in the desert, and it came into my mind by seeing this very fine image, Susanne.

by dochtersions Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 11:29:13 am
great image,feeling like a mirage in a desert

by bluart Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 12:19:04 pm
This is totally stunning Sue. Amazing image.

by greyone Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 12:31:27 pm
looks like a desert city or a mirage, excellent fractal work!

by ia-du-lin Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 2:00:58 pm
Strange, original, wel-done and beautiful!

by Domi48 Online Now!   Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 2:25:22 pm
A wonderfully delicate render, full of light.

by illuvis Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 3:19:13 pm
Your artwork with these fractal apps is amazing!!

by SardiDigital Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 6:45:32 pm
And with getting current with your gallery I get to end on a "BANG"!!!

Was a pleasure and time well spent on my part!....Keep on do'n the Voodoo that you do soooooooooo well!

by KnightWolverine Homepage »

Jun 15, 2012 8:55:56 pm
Cool composition and interpretation.

by spiegel428 Homepage »

Jun 16, 2012 6:45:07 am
Very cool work Susanne.

by X-PaX Homepage »

Jun 16, 2012 6:46:51 am
fascinating and great coloring and beautiful background

by vxbob Homepage »

Jun 16, 2012 12:31:52 pm
I think you're "raising the bar" on apo work. This is brilliantly done.

by neoexcello Homepage »

Jun 16, 2012 1:16:09 pm
Fantastice creation.

by farmerC Homepage »

Jun 16, 2012 6:38:23 pm
Wonderful and a great work to look into. Fine work.

by daggerwilldo Homepage »

Jun 17, 2012 1:29:04 am
Very nice on the eyes

by sagedvexer Homepage »

Jun 17, 2012 7:40:06 pm
outstanding work sue, this apo layer combo turned out sweet, excellent image render, care to share some tips about how you designed it? great work!:)*5

by cricke49 Homepage »

Jun 18, 2012 3:08:57 am
Beautiful design.

by XenoDreamSoftware Online Now!   Homepage »

Jun 29, 2012 10:50:23 am
Gorgeous composition!!!

by carlx Homepage »

Jun 30, 2012 10:55:45 am
if perfection could exist graphqiue Art, I'd give this description well ... your work! precise, organized, detailed and finely chiseled ... Apophysis fan since 2006, I just totally random creations, so do not work with multiple layers ... but I love this kind of result, which competition to other programs ... BRAVO!

by claude19 Homepage »


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