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Dangerous ladies (11/15) : Escape

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Thanks for all your nice comments on my previous pictures, or for just taking a peek!
I hope you enjoy this new image!

Rendered in Poser Pro, and a lot of compositing work in Gimp to show spinning wheels!

Escape (DL11/15)
Narrateur : Sofiane
Je devais le faire! Je ne pouvais plus supporter que celui qui était responsable de la mort de Steph, celui qui a tué Steph reste impuni!
Mais pourquoi est elle là, Nunch, pourquoi je l'ai laissée s'impliquer dans cette histoire, c'est une folie... elle voulait m'aider... mais pourquoi je l'ai laissée continuer... ma vie était déjà brisée, mais la sienne... la route, la route, il faut qu'on s'en sorte, elle au moins, il faut que je la sorte de là! De l'autre côté de la frontière, j'ai encore des parents, ils l'aideront, moi peu importe, ma vie s'arrête maintenant, pas la sienne...

Escape (DL11)
Narrator: Sofiane

I had to do it! I could not stand that whoever was responsible for the death of Steph, the one who killed Steph goes unpunished!
But why is she here, Nunch, why I left her get involved in this story, it's crazy thing ... she wanted to help me ... but why did I let her keep on ... my life was already broken, but hers ... the road, the road, we must get out, at least I must take care of her! On the other side of the border, I still have parents, they will help her, regardless of me, my life stops now, not hers

Image created with Poser Pro 2012
I make all the poses I use.
Please click for better viewing.

Thanks for your comments on my previous image.

Production Credits
winnston1984 - IN RoadHog Motorcycle
captainsquarters - IN RoadHog Motorcycle
June 2, 2012
465.1 kB

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Image Comments

Jun 2, 2012 9:39:53 am
they look so cool and nice render!

by Kindredsoul Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 9:46:37 am
Great looking ride and a very cool image.

by barryjeffer Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 9:47:25 am
Wow!!!! There are no words of expression for this one. Beautifuly done.
Your composition, figure poses and even the colors just right.
Please what did you use for background and also how did you make background and wheels look like they were moving?
Bravo and my hats off to ya for this one

by Steeleyes101 Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 9:49:58 am
Excellent work, my friend! The sense of motion you have created is perfect!
Glorious scenery as well and your posing is right on the money. Great work, JC!

by ZigZag321 Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 9:50:26 am
Nice fisheye to this; gives it that moment.

by BLUESTONE Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 9:51:02 am
Superb motion blur of the landscape here and simply amazing work with the spinning wheels as well! The lighting, poses & surfaces look wonderful =) great storyline to go with this series, very well done!

by TheOwl68 Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 9:52:51 am
lovr the motion blurr on this Jean, superb job on the riding scene. everything is teriffic my friend, love that old Harley.

by eekdog Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 9:57:49 am

Superbe rendu

by MagikUnicorn Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 10:12:27 am
Very cool piece! Great work

by nitegrafix Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 10:13:08 am
Wow, I don't know where to start, this is a masterpiece. Everything looks so realistic. The wind in their hair, the spinning wheels, the background... everything looks perfect and like they were in motion. The poses are so very well done and the expressions, especially Sofiane's, are great. And Nunch looks sooo cool with her glasses.

by Heitaikai Online Now!   Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 10:34:47 am
Fabulous sense of movement, really wonderful!

by perlk Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 10:42:37 am
wow! This is Really amazing work jean.

by Minda Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 10:50:45 am
Superbes détails et réalisme, ton travail avec TheGimp est efficace car il y a vraiment une impression de mouvement, cheveux au vent, route et paysage avec une réelle impression de distance ! Bravo !

by legolie Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 10:56:17 am
Excellent scene and I love that bike!!!!!

by drifterlee Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 11:29:49 am
une bien belle scène dramatique, dont les qualités sont bien énoncées par Legolie !!!

by claude19 Online Now!   Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 11:41:40 am
Great scene!

by Teufelseinhorn Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 12:11:23 pm
Superb work on this fantastic scene and story! :)

by kbrog Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 12:19:54 pm
Great work on this. I feel the motion when I look at it. As a note to you. The sun appears behind them and the light in front of them.

by Drakkendark Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 1:23:19 pm
Fantastic scene, so full of life. Excellent work!!

by Hendesse Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 2:14:10 pm
Great story and above all this looks fabulous!
It has literally feel the wind would blow one face.
Really wonderful done!

by Crudelitas Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 2:16:34 pm
et le casque .!!??!! :)

encore une belle image !!

by bebert Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 2:22:39 pm
The time you take making your poses is awesome. Hope you saved them all. Excellent art!

by 1010 Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 2:24:45 pm
Wonderful render and scene, bravo!!

by Pierrot_Lunaire Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 2:34:42 pm
Excellent art work!!!!!!

by VEDES Homepage »

Jun 2, 2012 4:03:37 pm
Fabulous work on this great scene my friend, love it.

by adrie Homepage »


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