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Movie in the Sky w/o Diamonds

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Just made for the fun and as mere eyecandy.

A Bryce4 Volmat, based on two bitmap images: One of my older Hubism images in its color channel and a filmstrip pattern (cf. the thumbnail frame) to affect the Volmat density. One of so many colourful current variants.

To avoid according queries: No, I did not SMOKE anything, neither before nor while brycing that stuff! (**)

Disclaimer of the Disclaimer
(**) I talked about smoking, not about drinking here! ;)
May 13, 2012
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Image Comments

May 13, 2012 7:03:24 am
When they say "film" - you have captured the essence of everything filmy!
Amazing... this is Hollywood as an oil slick on the river of enchantment.
And the ultimate? Who knows? Where did you go with this without smoking
some nice blend?

by Bothellite Homepage »

May 13, 2012 7:20:44 am
WOW!!!Wonderful Image I love it!Bryce is my fav.

by rayag Homepage »

May 13, 2012 8:44:01 am
Fantastic, Hubert!
Lovbe the colors.

So what did you drink, eh???? ;-P


by peedy Homepage »

May 13, 2012 10:00:46 am
splendid surrealist abstract !!! excellent choice of colors !

by claude19 Online Now!   Homepage »

May 13, 2012 10:48:45 am
Just plain cool work !

by bebopdlx Homepage »

May 13, 2012 11:59:09 am
This is Shining work.

by farmerC Homepage »

May 13, 2012 1:46:58 pm
This is hanging in the Louvre, isn't it? Truly, it makes more artistic sense than a lot of what I see in such high-falutin' places. I sure like the colors!

by PatGoltz Homepage »

May 13, 2012 2:27:00 pm
Brilliant! Great design and the colors are just wonderful. Excellent work.

by psyoshida Homepage »

May 13, 2012 4:56:25 pm
cool abstract artwork, great psychedelic colors and design

by ia-du-lin Homepage »

May 13, 2012 5:45:15 pm
lol, people are always asking me what i smoked when they look at some of my art! this does look kinda psychedelic though, just the way some art turns out, excellent image render, love the design and coloring!:)*5

by cricke49 Homepage »

May 13, 2012 10:47:24 pm
Very psychedelic image and it brings back some old Peter Max images to my mind. Nicely done!

by danapommet Online Now!   Homepage »

May 14, 2012 4:14:56 am
Fantastic colors and work,excellent********

by soffy Online Now!   Homepage »

May 14, 2012 9:16:56 am
Lucy must have got a bit hot under the collar - in fact soooooo much so, that the celluloid started melting ... a bit like the rainbow-coloured Lorikeets in our Summer!
What is there not to like, about this 'abstract' ? - the only one I have seen in a long time, this rocks!

by blondeblurr Homepage »

May 14, 2012 12:09:58 pm
So you rolled up a something and smoked after you did this. ;D LOL!

Wonderful shapes and colors, great work! :)

by kbrog Homepage »

May 15, 2012 3:12:38 pm

by MagikUnicorn Homepage »

May 16, 2012 4:22:25 am
nice work!

by mininessie Homepage »

May 19, 2012 12:59:45 am
Lovely colours

by Bea Homepage »

May 19, 2012 1:09:31 am
Nice work. :)

by valtes Homepage »

May 19, 2012 1:24:21 pm
Great shapes, colour and 1930s appeal!

by A_Sunbeam Homepage »

May 20, 2012 3:28:04 am
Cool picture.

by ragouc Homepage »

May 25, 2012 12:25:13 pm
Wait just a gol darn minute here! That looks remarkably like a strand of my DNA.

by shorterbus Homepage »

May 26, 2012 11:23:44 am
Excellent abstract!!!

by carlx Homepage »

Nov 10, 2012 11:54:01 am
I am loving the abstract works.

by UVDan Online Now!   Homepage »


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