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Hi. :)))) How are you tonite? I wish I could say that my back is better but I can't. :( I haven't been able to get in to see my dr. so I wait. :))))) Today I slept till 9 and when I got up I cleaned the few dishes that were left in the sink last nite, I made my son homemade tea and cleaned the kitchen, then I folded a load of clothes, cleaned the litter box, swept in the utility room then vacuumed the rug in front of the door, I then vacuumed my husbands den, put the folded load of clothes up, I put more clothes in the dryer and more in the wash, I vacuumed the rest of the house, cleaned up a big mess after george, cleaned the small bathroom and put my snowman shower curtain up, folded another load of clothes and put them up, put more clothes in the dryer and more in the wash, then I folded another load of clothes and put them up, and then I went to the shower hoping it would make my back feel better but it didn't. After my shower we all ate our dinner in which my son and I had little frozen tacos and I fixed us some fries to go with, and my husband had chicken soup. After we ate I then washed up the dishes and cleaned the kitchen again and now I am here with you relaxing my back. :))))))) Wow what a busy day and I know I shouldn't have done all that I did but someone needed to so I did. :)))))) I love a clean house. :)))))))))) I did nothing earlier in the week bc my back hurt so bad with muscle spasms. :( This morning though my back was feeling some better so therefore I pushed myself and got my back to hurting again. :( I look at it this way the house is clean and I can rest tomorrow. :)))))) Okay I should tell a little about this image. :))) This is our wreath above the fireplace in my husbands den. I really love the pretty sparkle of the lites. :)))) I think some of the sparkle looks like little stars. :)))))) If you want you may make a wish. :))))))))) Okay I am needing to go for now. Before I go I want to wish you a most warm and cozy nite full of the sweetest of dreams. :))))) I wish your tomorrow to be filled with smiles, greatfulness from others, and love. :))))))) I want to say thank you ever so much to all that looked, commented, and rated my last image. :)))) I also want to say thank you for all of the beauty you share. :)))))) I am still holding those smiles my friends. :)))))) Carry A Smile In Your Heart :))))))))))) Nite, Sweet Dreams :))))))))) If you wish you may zoom. :))))))
December 10, 2011
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Image Comments

Dec 10, 2011 8:21:29 pm
very nice display.hope you have a great holiday season.I am hurting myself from installing steel security doors on the front of my house without help

by Richardphotos Homepage »

Dec 10, 2011 11:54:54 pm
got to stop working so hard and give the back a rest. but ben gay on it too. or icy hot. lol cool image

by jocko500 Homepage »

Dec 11, 2011 1:33:59 am
nice photo for christmas time

by ia-du-lin Homepage »

Dec 11, 2011 3:27:46 am
A beautiful festive image Isabelle.

by jayfar Homepage »

Dec 11, 2011 4:03:36 am
Wonderful light and colors. Excellent shot, looks very beautiful!

by Hendesse Homepage »

Dec 11, 2011 4:23:39 am
Very sweet settings, excellent capture!

by fallen21 Homepage »

Dec 11, 2011 7:05:46 am
Oh this is very beautiful nice to have this as an image.

by dakotabluemoon Homepage »

Dec 11, 2011 7:42:00 am
very beautiful, God Bless you, my back and hip are out of whack itself, so big hugs and prayers to you..

by HeavensBlonde Homepage »

Dec 11, 2011 7:49:27 am
Very beautiful,

by pat40 Homepage »

Dec 11, 2011 12:18:43 pm
Wonderful idea and capture! :) Now what should I wish for? :D

by kbrog Homepage »

Dec 11, 2011 5:45:10 pm
Very beautiful christmas capture!!!

by bobrgallegos Homepage »

Dec 11, 2011 10:31:27 pm
Simply beautiful! Yes I made a wish, but to make it happen should not be said:)
have a good rest, you really deserve you forgot the cat´s breakfast LOL :)

by netot Homepage »

Dec 11, 2011 11:11:51 pm
I hope your back is feeling better in the morning, beautiful capture my friend

by vaggabondd Homepage »

Dec 12, 2011 1:43:39 am
I hope you feel better soon.
This is very pretty!
Merry Christmas! :)

by clbsmiley Homepage »

Dec 12, 2011 11:18:54 am
bonne photo!

by jmb007 Homepage »

Dec 12, 2011 5:34:00 pm
I am sure your man, is helping by giving you some nice back massages!
You really need that I bet. and please be careful! we all care a lot for you here!
and so unfortunate that you could not get any thing done last week :-(

But very lovely Wreath you have! really warms up my Christmas spirit!

by Mad-Mike Homepage »

Dec 14, 2011 12:11:30 pm
Back injury is one of those inconveniences that's such a pain! :~)

This is a wonderful night image!

by 0rest4wicked Homepage »

Dec 14, 2011 8:39:03 pm
It is easier to make a wish to realize later but hey .... It's a beautiful well-lit crown. Congratulations and many thanks for sharing ((5 + +))

Il est plus facile de faire un souhait que de le réaliser par la suite mais bon....C'est une belle couronne bien éclairée . Bravo et mille mercis de partager ((5++))

by mickeyrony Homepage »

Dec 15, 2011 10:15:09 am
Wonderful Christmas capture!Besutiful shot !

by mariogiannecchini Homepage »

Dec 16, 2011 11:45:54 pm
Excellent photo and I love the sparkle in the lights. Very well seen and captured.

by danapommet Homepage »


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