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Chiss Operative

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As the door of this Coruscant apartment opens up, a man enters, then stops, stunned at the scene in front of him.

Cipher 12: ''Well hello there, Mister Roberto. You are one hard man to find.''

Roberto: ''What's going on here?! Talia, who is this?''

Cipher 12: ''Now now, you really can't guess?''

Roberto: ''Damn, you're Imperial Intelligence, aren't you?''

Cipher 12: ''Call me Cipher 12. I have to say, you led me on quite a chase while trying to track your movements. Nar Shaddaa, Corellia, Coruscant.. But you forgot one important detail: You can't fool the Empire.''

Roberto: ''Please.. Let my wife go, she has nothing to do with this.''

Cipher 12: ''Oh, really? I've been looking over her datapad. She used a lot of the credits that you stole from the Empire. She's as guilty as you are.''

Roberto: ''They were just credits from accounts of dead soldiers, we didn't think anyone would notice.''

Cipher 12: ''Shut up! Did you think running to the Republic would save you? The Empire sees all!''

Talia: ''Please, Miss.. Miss Cipher.. You're a young girl, you aren't a killer, surely you can find it in your heart to let us go.''

The Chiss agent looks at the bound woman in anger and pushes the blaster's end against her chin, about to retort, but that's when Roberto decides to jump on the Chiss girl and take her down. The agent gasps as her back impacts against the hard floor, and the two wrestle over the blaster pistol. Meanwhile, Talia yells in horror.

Talia: ''Roberto! No!''

Roberto: ''You little Imperial bitch, coming into my home and threatening my wife! I'm going to beat you up so bad..''

The man is stronger, and rips the weapon from the Chiss's hand, but as an Imperial Operative, Cipher 12 is much more skilled. In one agile motion, she kicks the man's face, unbalancing him, then jumps on the blaster with both hands, pointing it towards Roberto's chest and firing.

With the man dead, the Chiss looks up at the wife, still breathing hard, massaging her hurting back, exhausted by the fight.

Talia: ''No.. Roberto...''

Cipher 12: ''This scum got better than he deserved! He should have been tortured and turned into a slave for daring to go against the Empire.''

Talia: ''You.. You're going to kill me, aren't you..''

The agent slowly stands up then goes to the woman, taking hold of her arm with a hand and caressing her cheek.

Cipher 12: ''No, I won't kill you. I'll bring you back to Dromund Kaas, where you're going to serve as a slave. But first, I'm going to inflict a punishment of my own on you, for what your husband tried to do.''
November 30, 2011
Science Fiction
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Image Comments

Nov 30, 2011 6:40:26 pm

by flavia49 Homepage »

Dec 1, 2011 2:36:31 am
Very well composed scene.
The background is great, so are the characters.
I like your texturing and lightning.

by odile Homepage »

Dec 1, 2011 3:59:33 am
Awesome work!

by fallen21 Homepage »

Dec 1, 2011 10:49:26 am

by saphira1998 Homepage »

Dec 3, 2011 4:51:35 pm
Nice scene. Sounds about like how the US government operates. Or at least it's definitely getting that way.

by krickerd Homepage »

Dec 6, 2011 6:56:20 am
Cool image and story!

by PhilW Online Now!   Homepage »


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