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Yeah! Those early aviators must have felt like the chosen ones...the gods of the move about seemingly free from the fetters of gravity and the lowly earth...and Zeus-like, to be able to rain thunder and fire down on those small ones below ...heady stuff for earth bound humans. I've done a number of these WW I scenes lately, but this is the first one that cranked my prop enough to post. These cloth and wood babies still make my pulse quicken! A couple of DVI's and a newer DVII struttin' through the god's territory like they belong...Perfect!

Fabric and wood birds by some intrepid modelers in sketchup with some tweaks of my own.

Prop blurs: Neiwil... Thanks Neil!

Different cast: No Poser this time, just Vue 6 Inf and Photoshop for some gamma rays.
November 8, 2011
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Image Comments

Nov 8, 2011 9:32:30 pm
Yeah... That's flying... :-)
Very fine picture of the pioneer years of aviation.

by AliceFromLake Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 12:56:26 am
Excellent, I absolutely love this! If I might ask, where are the aircraft models from? Many Thanks!

by Magik1 Online Now!   Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 1:50:32 am
Really well done, very realistic and believable. 5*

by bigbraader Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 2:39:19 am
Splendid work.

by fallen21 Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 2:50:36 am
This looks Great!!! I can really feel the air around them.. a wonderful composition with the clouds. 5

by London224 Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 3:34:23 am
I'm in total awe of this.

It looks like one of those paintings you see at military art galleries from someone like Michael Turner.

Very well done!

by Maxidyne Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 7:19:14 am
Ernst Udet, and men of Jasta 1 'Richtofen's Flying Circus'.Udet paint LO on all his aircraft in honour of his fiancee Eleonore Zink.

This is stunning Bill, you and Vue in perfect harmony....there are some excellent models on Sketchup (and a few stinkers! :-) Hope you'll do some more of these, absolute mustard and a Fave....

by neiwil Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 8:39:38 am
a fine image, bubba! what gorgeous crates they were....

by texboy Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 10:54:24 am
Thanks for all your kind comments. Getting some satisfying renders of this subject is near and dear, and I'm planning to do a bit more on the subject. Neil, you never cease to amaze with all your historical knowledge.

by steelrazer Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 1:38:54 pm
Great one. You're on target with this!

by Osper Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 2:39:27 pm
Great render and excellent results!

by dbrv6 Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 3:50:43 pm
I love those old planes!!!!

by drifterlee Homepage »

Nov 9, 2011 7:47:42 pm
You can hear the engines and feel the wind as the props cut through the atmosphere on this one .....fantastic job

by franco7 Homepage »

Nov 10, 2011 10:34:26 am
Excellent work.. Like this..

by debbielove Homepage »

Nov 11, 2011 6:04:28 am
That's how it all started! Top marks! I hope they've packed some champagne for the party back at the airfield.

by Briney Homepage »

Nov 13, 2011 5:34:53 pm
really nice !

by wingnut55 Homepage »

Nov 18, 2011 3:24:18 pm
A great work!! 5++

by ACue Homepage »

Nov 26, 2011 11:12:11 am
I agree with alice :)

by moochagoo Homepage »

Dec 12, 2011 8:10:58 am
WOW....Stunning work!!!


by DarkOrb Homepage »


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