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A Midsummer Night's Dream

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My apologies for stealing the title from Shakespeare, but it seemed fitting.

This is a little early for the occasion, but wanted to post it anyway.
On April 7, my hubby and I will celebrate being together 25 years.
Not our official anniversary, but one we feel more important.. this marks the day we fell in love.

We have been through many adversities, but through it all our love has held strong.
I dedicate this to my partner, friend, love and devoted companion.. Keith.

I would also like to thank those of you who have been sending me notes of encouragement.. it really does help get me going sometimes.

Now, if only the snow would go away and stay away.. enough of winter already!

Tech stuff:
I don't think I left anything alone in this. All textures were modified or replaced. Some just a little, like skins, others radically, including creating displacement and/or bump maps. Some I just designed my own or used shaders.
I know much of it is just barely visible, but the perfectionist side of me wants them done right.

Lighting proved to be a huge stumbling block. The Prince Albane skin is a beautiful and fine texture, but the wrong light can wreak havoc on it. Tended to make him look ill or hide the wonderful delicate details. I tried various lighting packages, such as lantios, but ended up scrapping those due to technical issues.. am still not totally happy with the results, but had enough of rerendering.. been working on the lights for over a week.

Edit: I uploaded a reduced size image as the full size was getting too full of artifacts from the optimization.

M4 Prince Albane
V4 Tenanye
Elven Prince Hair
Elleth Hair (modified texture)
Elven Splendor for MFD (with modified texture)
Xurge Barbarian (with highly modified textures)
High Fantasy - Naiar Ring (My own texture)
HR Donna - Diamond Ring (AF shaders)
M4 Celtic Jewels (AF Shaders)
4blueeyes ElfAge circlet and earrings (AF Shaders)
Free Stuff by Nakatoni - butterflies
Production Credits
Sveva - Enchanted Fantasy
Angelsfury2004 - Afs Jewelry Plus Shaders For D|S
March 24, 2011
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Image Comments

Mar 24, 2011 5:52:36 am

by cheekyelf Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 5:53:55 am
Great characters and textures! Well done!

by lonely_wolf Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 6:07:28 am
SPLENDID and full of friendship picture !!!

by claude19 Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 7:28:35 am
Sandy, this is such a fantastic looking image you created my friend. What better way to celebrate this anniversary than with this romantic work of art. Congratulations and may your family be blessed

by magnus073 Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 7:32:34 am
So romantic! Everything works so well together to create a wonderful mood!

by gunsan Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 7:41:19 am
belle image!!

by jmb007 Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 9:36:17 am
Congrats on your 25th anniversary, Sandy! My lady and I also celebrate both anniversaries, so I can relate to the sentiment.
This image is so astoundingly beautiful it took my breath away. I love the blue tone - it is the color of magic, after all. And what could be more magical than Elves in love?
A brilliant image, my friend. I'm looking forward to seeing more like this from you.

by RJS Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 9:51:51 am
Very cool work, Sandy! Love the love that is between these two
Congratulations on 25 years together

by Faemike55 Online Now!   Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 9:58:55 am
~Wow! Very beautiful and romantic! Congratulations on your anniversary!~

by alessimarco Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 10:21:10 am
A lovely and romantic composition. Wonderful colors, light and mood. Looks fantastic!

by Hendesse Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 11:24:53 am
Beautiful image.

by jayfar Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 1:48:54 pm
marvelous scene!

by flavia49 Homepage »

Mar 24, 2011 7:44:44 pm
A beautiful dedication and a lovely scene. Congratulations on you 25th anniversary.

by npauling Homepage »

Mar 25, 2011 5:57:53 am
Wonderful render and composition, Sandy.
A very beautiful and romantic image. Fine craftsmanship in this.
And happy anniversary. That is a beautiful milestone.
And that is comming from a person who was married and divorced 4 times over 30 years #:o).
Being married for 25 years..takes a lot of..patience, understanding, mutual respect, room, flexibility, and much more. I think its admirable and beautiful that you've managed this.
A midsummer night's dream, is legendary, as Shaky himself.
Even the danish royal porcelain company, made a complete porcelain set, with all pieces, and named it..A midsummer night's dream. So no reason to feel odd about the is called... inspiration #:o)

by LBJ2 Homepage »

Mar 25, 2011 11:02:18 am
an enchanting scene. Beauty!

by fredster66 Homepage »

Mar 25, 2011 11:30:07 am
wonderful image! saw it over at Daz originally... nicely done!

by Angelsfury2004 Homepage »

Mar 25, 2011 5:42:22 pm

by sandra46 Homepage »

Mar 25, 2011 10:58:37 pm
outstanding embrace and characters.the background is beautiful

by Richardphotos Online Now!   Homepage »

Mar 26, 2011 5:38:51 pm
Happy 25 years to you both. I hope you have a beautiful day together on the 7th and always. Pretty image.

by tennesseecowgirl Homepage »

Mar 27, 2011 2:04:04 pm
Perfect work ! The title fits perfectly indeed and I like Shakespeare too.
Congrats on your 25th anniversary :it is such a long time :-)
You did a very sweet dedication to your husband :-)

by virginiese Homepage »

Mar 27, 2011 4:34:35 pm
I love the vibrancy of the colours in this and the softness which really helps to bond the couple.

by e-brink Homepage »

Mar 29, 2011 1:08:41 am
This just sweeps me away with it's beauty! The colors you've chosen make the whole scene so mystical and ethereal. The posing is so real I expect to see them finish the movement and kiss .. sigh .. so romantic and beautiful.
Lighting is everything here, and you've acheived something of a moonlit look .. yet it's much brighter then moonlight .. it's fantastic and sets the whole mood wonderfully.
And the work you've done on the clothing and the accessories, I cannot even imagine, such awesomely beautiful detail ..
Sigh .. I love this.
Happy Anniversary Sandy, May the love you and Keith have for each other last for all eternity.

by three_grrr Homepage »

Mar 30, 2011 5:02:22 pm
A Midsummer Night's Dream is an exquisite and witty play and the title of your composition fits in perfectly with this delicate and sophisticated image of intense beauty. Exceptional graphics and render.

by KarmaSong Homepage »

Mar 31, 2011 4:08:14 am
A wonderful render of light and magic, the textures are fabulous! Especially I like the dress!

by vintorix Homepage »

Mar 31, 2011 2:39:17 pm
What a wonderful and magic render, Sandy, and what a wonderful gift to your husband :)

by mermaid Homepage »


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