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Brian S.
Member Since Apr 18, 1999
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I've done so many landscape images I no longer can come up with titles for them...

Something strange I wanted to test out different atmospheres in Vue 9 Infinite for this image. But when I try and load one it screws up the cameera view. No idea what that's all about?
January 19, 2011
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Image Comments

Jan 19, 2011 10:13:39 am
Very nice lmandscape image!

by VDH Homepage »

Jan 19, 2011 10:17:29 am
''I've done so many landscape images I no longer can come up with titles for them...''

HELLO! THIS old man WISHES he could do ONE good LANDSCAPE work! SMILES.

Call it, "BRIAN'S PLACE"

From one 'brian s' to another. WINK.

My BEST to you and yours,

TallPockets/bls35mm/brian s.

by TallPockets Homepage »

Jan 19, 2011 10:28:02 am
Beautiful scene!

by drifterlee Homepage »

Jan 19, 2011 11:28:01 am
Amazing landscape!

by Flint_Hawk Homepage »

Jan 19, 2011 11:56:06 am
What a beautiful landscape and again.. so realistic!

by jenny_c Homepage »

Jan 19, 2011 3:56:05 pm
Another great landscape, well done. About the camera, be sure it isn't locked (the little padlock icon - is turned on by default when you install recent versions of Vue).

by bigbraader Homepage »

Jan 19, 2011 7:36:25 pm
A great landscape scene. Like the mountain alot. I know what you mean about titles, it gets ridiculous.

by adorety Homepage »

Jan 19, 2011 10:30:08 pm
I'll just call it beautiful and leave it at that Brian...(smile)

by KnightWolverine Homepage »

Jan 19, 2011 10:31:00 pm
nice work

by wrpspeed Homepage »

Jan 20, 2011 4:25:22 am
Nice mountain scene! The snow is cooooold!! The light looks good in this one!!!
[quote]when I try and load one it screws up the camera view[/quote]
Have tried to adjust the "Aerial Perspective" in the Atmo Editor under the 'Sky, Fog and Haze' tab? Just a thought.

by Thelby Online Now!   Homepage »


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