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A design for a cover for my story, but also and more importantly a celebration of Age of Armour's splendid new Swashbuckler Boots for M4 over at DAZ. The trousers and thigh-dagger come from the Wolf Leathers set and the rapier from Aesthetic Demon's free Duellist set in the DAZ freepository. The floor is from the Guildhall Athenaeum interior while the walls and vault are from the Cistern set with different textures applied (both DAZ). The view in the background features Stonemason's Streets of the Mediterranean (DAZ) with the Fonte Aretusa from DAZ's freebie archive.

Many thanks to William for his hard work on these boots and the awesome textures; and to Michele whose comment on this in the DAZ thread brightened up an otherwise dull afternoon at work. :-)
September 2, 2010
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Image Comments

Sep 2, 2010 3:33:56 pm
great render and a very nice POV

by hal001 Homepage »

Sep 2, 2010 3:49:06 pm
great work. Super POV and lighting

by ladiesmen Homepage »

Sep 2, 2010 3:57:42 pm
WOW! Agree, great POV & lighting, as well as putting all the elements together.

by kfox Homepage »

Sep 2, 2010 4:10:10 pm
A marvelously composed pov image!! It would make a great cover!!! Very nice to see you posting again!

by alessimarco Homepage »

Sep 2, 2010 4:43:17 pm

by anitalee Homepage »

Sep 2, 2010 4:54:44 pm
Wonderful render work!
Your work is super enjoyable.

by Bothellite Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 2, 2010 5:26:15 pm
Thigh-Dagger? Well I had to go back and look for that! I was far too busy admiring those boots and....err...well, his nice backside to be honest, LOL!

I'm trying to see the story behind the picture...I notice that where is blood on the rapier...and coins on the floor...

As always, your work is stunning!!!!

by Erestorfan Homepage »

Sep 2, 2010 6:19:53 pm
Very cool. It really makes the viewer wonder who he is waiting for and from the looks of it all it does not look friendly. What a lovely work you have done on those gorgeous boots.
Love your series. It is so quintessential classical with such a rich tapestry of characters woven into the fabric of some gorgeous imagery.

by brewgirlca Homepage »

Sep 2, 2010 7:44:44 pm
Very nice scene. Dynamic. Thanks for sharing.

by Haydaad Homepage »

Sep 2, 2010 8:11:46 pm
Wow, wonderful composition and fantastic pov. I really like the textures on all in image.

by Cimaira Homepage »

Sep 2, 2010 8:26:28 pm
striking image and really great composition and lighting! Well done!

by jefsview Homepage »

Sep 2, 2010 11:16:06 pm
Great to see you back posting. A few ideas (you know me!):

1. Some bump on the tiles would be good, as the low camera angle exposes the perfect flatness of the plane. I know Florentine tilers are the finest, but all the same...

2. The coins look like they have texture maps on them and perhaps a textured reflection map. For more realism remove any reflection map and let 3Delight do it. Turn the coin texture map into a bump map and Bob's your Monkhouse. I highly recommend Sha's shortcut shaders 1 and 2 - they can be had here I use the gold shader and the water shader a lot. Note when using the glass shader, it speeds renders up a lot if you reduce refraction to 0, and closed windows don't need refraction anyway.

3. Ring finger right hand tut tut....


by gsayers Homepage »

Sep 3, 2010 12:25:15 am
what a great render. the DOF is spot on.

by A_ Homepage »

Sep 3, 2010 2:21:43 am
something tells me this guy is not there to play tiddlywinks--great render--love the mood and the ominous feel

by Sepiasiren Homepage »

Sep 3, 2010 3:06:14 am

by mininessie Homepage »

Sep 3, 2010 3:31:36 am
wow how'd you get the realism?

by celticfire Homepage »

Sep 3, 2010 8:56:43 am
Beautiful image packed full of meaning and implications. Love it!

by vyktohria Homepage »

Sep 3, 2010 11:38:50 am
awesome pov and dof!!!!

by Timesurfer Homepage »

Sep 4, 2010 3:49:15 am
Great work as always !! Bravo !!

by AureliusdeMercoeur Homepage »

Sep 4, 2010 3:50:57 am
just wow. i adore the pov on this one, just seeing from the waist below (and how can a 3d backside look so adorable??). Lighting is absolutely spot on as always. I swear, I look at what you do in DS and I just want to give up entirely. *laughs*

by jakiblue Homepage »

Sep 11, 2010 4:36:37 am
awesome scene :))))))))))))))

by Magick_Lady Homepage »

Sep 12, 2010 6:28:34 pm
excellent work 5+

by Stratkat Homepage »

Sep 13, 2010 11:40:18 am
Nice POV, wonder what her is up to next

by Tugpsx Homepage »

Nov 17, 2010 6:37:56 pm
It's amazing how much you can say about your setting and character with so very little. Very impressive. Gorgeous image, of course.

by Antaran Homepage »

Mar 2, 2011 3:48:24 pm
This is awesome. You should do an alternate version, with a person in the distance, or a maiden...a forbidden romance... hehe... awesome work.

by ForbiddenWhispers Homepage »


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