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Iron Clad Milanese (Progress Report :P)

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Alright good folk, this is but a trivial pose and render, but it shows an important feature--the shield!

The shield is strapped to Mike's arm, and the straps fit over the armor. There will be a baldric or strap made to he can wear it around his back as well, but that isn't done yet.

The template will be included in the final package, as being able to put your own custom heraldry on it I think is important for customizing artwork.

The current standard thereon is a rampant dragon rouge, facing dexter, upon an argent field. Nothing spectacular--and excuse the Dragon Age look the thing has. That was not intentional. Initially the field was to be sable, but it looked better in white.

The sword there too looks good, but hard to tell in this render, so shadowed it is. The blade is a smidge too thick I think, so I'll have to remedy that, but otherwise I think all in all it's looking good. The only other weapon that will be included in this pack will be a halberd which is partially modeled now. I may do a weapon add-on pack, but who knows yet.

Anyways, just thought I'd post a rather hum-drum image, standard pose, nothingness background and all. All well. Looks cool still.

Haven't tweaked any of the textures yet, but have played a bit with some of the settings on the blade.

May 8, 2010
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Image Comments

May 8, 2010 5:55:46 am
The armor is looking outstanding. I'll look forward to it.

by Carlazzo Homepage »

May 8, 2010 6:44:49 am

by spartan0007 Homepage »

May 8, 2010 7:10:02 am
Argent, dexter, a rampant dragon rouge? I think that's how it goes. I'm almost certain that you always list the field first. That being said, this is looking really awesome!

by MistDragon Homepage »

May 8, 2010 7:44:59 am
Beautiful work as always, bravo !
I like the marks of sword on your shield :-D

by Vehemel Homepage »

May 8, 2010 9:11:42 am
Really amazing work Buddy!

by 45Cool Homepage »

May 8, 2010 2:12:27 pm
Looking Fantastic Darrin.

by blbarrett Homepage »

May 8, 2010 2:34:07 pm
I think this looks SUPER! this looks as though its going to be an awsome package dude keep-up the solid work!.CHEERs.

by ubald Homepage »

May 8, 2010 4:09:14 pm
An excellent shield! Great work!

by alessimarco Homepage »

May 9, 2010 3:38:56 am
Looks very well!

It may be a coincidence, but to me the scratches on the shield look like guidelines for the dragon drawing... :-)

by Sensei76 Homepage »

May 10, 2010 12:46:23 pm
What you call hum drum, I call iconic. Very nice, it's coming along great!

by Forevernyt Homepage »

May 10, 2010 8:43:11 pm
It does look very cool! The pose looks very natural. Very nice!

by Ascynd Homepage »

May 11, 2010 9:45:54 pm
Most excellent. Not sure at all the sword looks to thick. Most swords done in 3d look to thin to me - especialy considering the swords how heavy they where.

by dbrv6 Homepage »


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