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General Tella"Miran

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Told you all i had a bunch-o-images id rendered!
Next up General Tella"Miran

The Order is a radical and influential member of the Old Terran Federation. Their belief in the superiority of humanity, over other races has in the past lead to programs involving the use of genetic experimentation. And the establishment of numerous colonies worlds which were used as covert testing sites. Since the fall of the OTF in the 24th century and the shrinking of its borders, very little has been heard from this powerful faction.

Lord Tella'Miran
Commander General of the Armies of the Order of Interstellar Ministries.
Behind the grandfatherly face, and his calm bearing is a man of immense power. Patient, quick to listen, and slow to anger. He is inhumanly ruthless and unmerciful to enimies of the empire.

Lord Tella'Miran is not only a soldiers soldier, he is a soldiers commander. He not only demands the respect of the entire armed forces, but he gives it back in spades to all his soldiers, both human and underclassed. Tollerating no disrespect among his troops, he believes everybody has a part to play in protecting the empire.

At 132 yeas old his carrer has spanned 97 years with-in the armed forces. Surviving 5 wars, 15 interdictions, and 3 rebellions he has risen to the pinnicle of military power and plans to stay there. No doubt his emminence would have nights of troubled sleep as he should... Fortunately for him, General Tella'Miran is 120% loyal to the crown.

No one knows how, or why the General's life span has been extended to such a degree. And no one has the courage to inquire either.
March 16, 2010
Science Fiction
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Image Comments

Mar 16, 2010 1:53:02 pm
too cool..wonderful render

by mistressotdark Homepage »

Mar 16, 2010 2:11:30 pm
Excellent characterisation - very well done!

by Skip1871 Homepage »

Mar 16, 2010 2:23:26 pm
Wow, really good character - I REALLY like that face! Great textures and lighting really show him off nicely!

by NetWorthy Homepage »

Mar 16, 2010 3:19:45 pm
WOW....Fantastic character my dear friend, love his expression, the costumes are perfect, excellent work!

by mgtcs Homepage »

Mar 16, 2010 3:37:12 pm
gorgoeus character!

by mermaid Homepage »

Mar 16, 2010 3:58:28 pm
Strange looking helmet. Pretty cool image. Looks like a hard bitten killer of millions, like some of the Nazi hierarchy. Well done character!

by JOELGLAINE Homepage »

Mar 16, 2010 4:37:45 pm
Nice! Cool looking character.

by TheBear005 Homepage »

Mar 16, 2010 6:13:37 pm
excellent story and pic

by wrpspeed Homepage »

Mar 16, 2010 6:29:41 pm
Fabulous character with his piercing stare, cool render!

by Biffowitz Homepage »

Mar 16, 2010 6:56:56 pm
He may be a grandfather many times over, but "grandfatherly"? I'm happy to say the grandfather I knew never looked like this! "OK, kids, we're going to see Grandpa! Why are you crying?"
This is a wonderful render! Excellent expression, pose, shading and light! Nice detail and shine on his armor and boots. Usually the person looking up is in a position of weakness. Not the case here. I'd hate to be on the other side of that stare. Great description and image!

by myrrhluz Homepage »

Mar 16, 2010 8:34:52 pm
Excellent image!

by SIGMAWORLD Homepage »

Mar 17, 2010 1:32:05 am
Great character.. really like the biography.

by dragonmuse Homepage »

Mar 17, 2010 2:48:17 am
love all the settings with the console and the surroundings,and he has a terriffic face.well done bro.fav.

by renecyberdoc Homepage »

Mar 17, 2010 3:24:02 am
wow!!!fantastic work!!!!

by StudioArtVartanian Homepage »

Mar 17, 2010 4:11:47 am
Very good character and outfit.

by ragouc Homepage »

Mar 17, 2010 3:57:18 pm
Excellent work on that character !

by Pauli Homepage »

Mar 18, 2010 12:14:36 am
Very cool bio and scene. He's not someone I'd want to mess with!

by jenwencheng Homepage »

Mar 18, 2010 4:16:24 am
I sense a story developing in you head.

by Leannesara Homepage »

Mar 19, 2010 2:55:44 pm
Nice work.

by EdKline Homepage »

Mar 21, 2010 8:37:11 am
Hmmm... Not only a very good piece of artwork, but an interesting profile, as well. No doubt, this man will prove to be a problem for The Galactic League. A pity.

by JUA Homepage »

Apr 11, 2010 10:33:34 pm
Very nice looking image

by frogster Homepage »

Apr 25, 2010 2:27:13 am
An excellent story and a great artwork too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by kasalin Homepage »


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