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It had been a long day. The young prince and his soldiers had managed to defeat the marauding band and capture many of them. His people would finally be safe. "At least in this district." he thought to himself a little discouraged. There were so many more outlaws in his land that needed to be reckoned with. He yearned for the day when his people would once again be safe and prosperous.
Having bathed the grime of the days heat and battle from his body, he he told his guards that he wished some peace and quiet and he settled down for a meal and peaceful contemplation.
He found himself examining the contents of the sack which a couple of the robbers had been found fighting amongst themselves for during the heat of the battle.
He opened it and found nothing but a simple brass oil lamp - unremarkable and dirty.
"Strange they would be fighting amongst themselves over something like this at a time like that" he thought to himself. "Well, there's no accounting for the intelligence of robbers." he thought as he began rubbing the old lamp to try to free it from a bit of the grime ....

I got some deals on some cool stuff and started playing and before I knew it This scene began taking shape in my mind.

The lovely lady is Heavenly Demise (DAZ3D)
Production Credits
LukeA - Arabian
CJ-studio - Agrabah Nights: Harem Flower
goldtassel - LittleStar Hair
SWAM - LittleStar Hair
March 14, 2010
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Image Comments

Mar 14, 2010 4:19:19 pm
Great scene!

by elfin14doaks Homepage »

Mar 14, 2010 4:23:50 pm
Wow! This is great! Guess the prince found out what they were fighting over. Beautiful scene and I'm sure the prince is MORE than happy with his new find!!!

Love the smoke and the satisfied look on the prince's face!! Very nice!

by Erestorfan Homepage »

Mar 14, 2010 4:27:43 pm
Magnificent scene!! Fabulous light and effects..wonderful details!

by alessimarco Homepage »

Mar 14, 2010 4:28:57 pm
Great colors. Very interesting work.

by shamstar Homepage »

Mar 14, 2010 4:37:29 pm

Mesmerized is right, my friend! That's what I am right now, looking at this SPECTACULAR piece of art! Wow! Look at all the colors and detail! You HAVE to see this full size. And that smoke is perfect! Mike this is magnificent! I'm going to dig out my Schererazade CD, and just look at this while it's playing. Buddy, you have outdone yourself with this one! Both of their poses are just perfect.

I think it's time to start perusing garage sales again - I want one of those lamps.....

Outstanding work, my friend!!

10 gazillion stars.....

by RodS Homepage »

Mar 14, 2010 4:48:39 pm
Superb piece of artwork my friend, excellent done lots to see and great use of the it.

by adrie Homepage »

Mar 14, 2010 6:09:08 pm
Man Mike, this is one of your "out of this world" images. The amount of detail in this is jaw dropping amazing. The poses are perfect, the background is beautiful, and the smoke effects are stunning. Excellent work buddy and a new fav for me. :)

by Raddar Homepage »

Mar 14, 2010 6:23:21 pm
Great colourful scene love the smoke!

by njb2000 Homepage »

Mar 14, 2010 6:30:20 pm
So exotic Mike, a delightful, complex image!

by 1010 Homepage »

Mar 14, 2010 7:31:20 pm
fantastic scene! :)

by meselfr Homepage »

Mar 14, 2010 9:23:26 pm
Very cool!

by shadownet Homepage »

Mar 14, 2010 9:27:40 pm
I don't think he's the only one dreaming of Genie. What a fantastic image!

by 2Loose2Trek Homepage »

Mar 15, 2010 12:48:03 am
Great work! Fantastic!!!

by CJ-studio Homepage »

Mar 15, 2010 1:52:18 am
fantastic scene and story, excellent work on this well done!!

by bazza Homepage »

Mar 15, 2010 3:12:25 am
Nice scene! So much wonderful detail in this!

by Nickieboy2004 Homepage »

Mar 15, 2010 10:27:12 am
Superb scene! Great composition, really a gorgeous render! Well done Mike!

by Pierrot_Lunaire Homepage »

Mar 15, 2010 5:51:24 pm
Excellent scene with many details.

by SIGMAWORLD Homepage »

Mar 17, 2010 5:31:35 am
Awesome scene and details!

by flower_girl Homepage »

Mar 19, 2010 5:10:50 am
great detail of scene, excellent look about it and wonderful character and color

by Tracesl Homepage »

Mar 19, 2010 10:30:08 am
Most Excellent! love the scene and details you did a super job!

by schonee Homepage »

Mar 20, 2010 12:16:38 am
Spectacular scene here ! Very nice characters and wonderful detailed room, and the poses are great :) Superb !

by Trigue Homepage »

Mar 20, 2010 4:10:56 pm
Excellent scenery and great looking characters.

by twingo Homepage »

Mar 22, 2010 7:26:09 pm
marvelous image - such great details - loving it!

by Arumbus Homepage »

Apr 18, 2010 6:03:56 pm
What a beautiful artwork. The attention to detail is astonishing!!

by Carlazzo Homepage »


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