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Leaving Town

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Sorry I'm so far behind in my comments again. It's been an exhaustive couple of weeks for me. I'll return this weekend to catch up. I wanted to try something a bit different. I know it's a little out there, but I had fun. I'm ready for spring. Thanks for looking.

Free French Village by Mrsparky (found here).

Daz, Filter Forge, Pixelmator . . .
February 17, 2010
Mixed Medium
262 kB

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Image Comments

Feb 17, 2010 7:51:05 pm
This is very good... very good indeed. I like the mood you have created with this interesting style. I like the variety of living things, sometimes in telling contrast, hunting down what must be life.

by e-brink Homepage »

Feb 17, 2010 8:17:46 pm
Cathy this is such a splendid image and feels like I'm right there watching her as she leaves this wonderful little village. Love all the animals and people moving along almost escorting her out.

by magnus073 Homepage »

Feb 17, 2010 8:27:39 pm
Weird and excellent, great image, gorgeous effects, amazing work!

by mgtcs Homepage »

Feb 18, 2010 3:14:43 am
Very good piece of artwork my friend, excellent done.

by adrie Homepage »

Feb 18, 2010 5:31:12 am
The way you've created the feeling of movement is remarkable!!
Awesome work of art!!!

by wannes Homepage »

Feb 18, 2010 5:52:59 am
Looks like a frame out of an animation!Makes me think if some Power is drawing everyone towards it, or they are fleeing something. First class weirdness,Cathy.

by blankfrancine Homepage »

Feb 18, 2010 5:53:19 am
Out there??? This is marvelous. Great sense of movement, fabulous colours and effects, the full range of ages of humans represented and a nice touch of irony with the fox running parallel to the horse and the dog (and cat). I love it!

by faroutsider Homepage »

Feb 18, 2010 3:18:04 pm
Really nice image. Great textures, colours and style! Excellent artwork!

by Miska7 Homepage »

Feb 19, 2010 4:06:10 am
Shining work.

by farmerC Homepage »

Feb 19, 2010 12:47:21 pm
Excellent image! It tells a story and we can't help wonder why are those people leaving town. That's what happened in some locations in Europe during WWII.

by tulipe Homepage »

Feb 19, 2010 5:41:44 pm

by Sylvia Homepage »

Feb 19, 2010 8:48:10 pm
I think this is sensational! I love the cast of characters and the sweeping lighting/brush stroke which is so dramatic. They all look like they are on some kind of mission, quite determined. I love Mr Fox right up front too. Where are they going? Great story picture.

by psyoshida Homepage »

Feb 19, 2010 10:37:37 pm
Oh no, not out there at all! Fabulous is more like it. I love the sense of wind and light, the almost dream quality of it, the feel of movement, I love the fox in there .. really adds to the dream quality.
Playing is fun .. and you learn so much when you play with your programs. I can't believe the things I can do with my little paint shop pro! I hardly ever lust after the huge and expensive photo shop anymore .. hardly, grins.

by three_grrr Homepage »

Feb 20, 2010 8:27:27 pm
You should do "out there" more often. This image is fantastic. Oned to contemplate. Excellent sense of motion and great Filter Forging.

by popeslattz Homepage »

Feb 22, 2010 8:25:13 am
Wonderful illustration ! Love the style !

by Zazou Homepage »

Mar 3, 2010 1:46:36 pm
wow this is wild... excellent work !!

by Jollyself Homepage »

Mar 4, 2010 7:30:01 am
(marathon comment-warning!)
Ok. Going back to images I haven't commented on, I picked this, this morning, because I remember my feelings when I saw it. It's another of your wholly fresh surprises, Cathy, people & animals who appear to have stepped out of a 19th C. novel, all walking in some strange procession of the soul in the midst of a 20th C. city---made of dreams, the present, and collective memory. (Sorry if this sounds like the sales blurb to a new novel: I really meant what I just wrote!) I do see the 'hunt'---ie, the hunting outfit and the foxes---but I also see a woman dressed for something ceremonious, followed by animals/pets who seem to be connected to her, and by ghost images of people from the past---hers or someone else's, we don't know: a child who almost seems like a ghost of ancient childhood, and a woman in the right who seems like an ancestor or even mother, walking in from the old country, a reminder to someone or something, we don't know what. I know these pieces may just be efforts to try-out new techniques, as you say here from time to time; and maybe people like me are ladening your efforts with overly heavy storylines: If so, I plead guilty, lol! But really, for me these feel like past & present, a move to another place that may have much more light & illumination than this city has; and you've given it all a visual diagonal "rain," you've highlighted parts of the animals in late-day orange sunlight (nostalgic, warm & rich, I think), you've done a wonderful painterly job with wiggly street lines (there's an example of the inexplicably delightful 'out of the blue' touches you put into all your pieces, man I love those lines!); and the center house/building---we have no idea what that is, except that it seems to hold a deep secret for these beings, indicated by your mysterious shading and by the primal empty feeling it gives off. (More archetypal backgrounds in your pieces.)

Where do you get all these visions? They're heavy & fun, mysterious & playful; and they feel like a transition of some inner kind. It's like a procession from a Fellini film, only in the guise of a British/American 19th C. novel, with a 20th C. American city (that stoplight, another of your great touches), and with wobbly & painterly whites. Bravo! Ya did it again! So when they reach out-of-town, you'll tell us, right? I mean, what they saw? I think they're together, and I'd really like to know how long they go back, if all of them are alive or are just 'visitations', and if that lady is really going on a hunt or if she just likes dressing that way. (Maybe it staves off idiot suitors, who knows!) Terrific, evocative, mysterious and playful. What can I say, I'm a fan!

by anahata.c Homepage »

Mar 19, 2010 11:19:46 pm
That is fantastic work...

by DocHaze Homepage »

May 16, 2010 1:06:15 pm
Great scenery and a great composition !!!!!!!!!!!!!

by kasalin Homepage »

May 24, 2010 8:25:02 pm
I think this is out there in the sense that it strays from the norms and causes the viewer to think. It will be seen differently by each person who views it. What I see is alienation. While they are all walking the same direction, they seem to be separate units, on their own mission or purpose. Even the horse and rider seem distant from each other, lost in their own thoughts or reality. The colors and wavy lines give it a feeling of not being of the real world but journeys of the mind or spirit. The blank black windows, unadorned and stark architecture, hard pavement and glaring yellow light give the town a very bleak look, but whether it a physical place or a state of being, is open to conjecture. The cat seems to be not totally encased in his own world, but then cats regularly travel between different planes of existence. The use of color and texture is excellent! Wonderful image! I like this a lot!

by myrrhluz Homepage »


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