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Hermosa 04 - bust

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Iri is the final (#4) Angel but by no means any less important. shes my exAirForce special operations demolition expert and topgun piolet! Iri has the IQ of Einstien. she also uses her bombshell body to throw off criminals, so that Toni or Miki can sneak up from behind to break what they will. Iri is the clown of the four!

as a child her father, along with Mr.Christian, and Mr.Bo all worked in the same plant in the northeast of Philadelphia. after Mr.Bo died the other two families kept in touch but were not as close with Mrs.Bo who had become a tad reclusive. the Linda's and Christian's were close and CeeCee and Iri were inserperable from a preschool age. both super intelligent, beautiful, and highly competitive, they grew to be the best of the best. when Miki Lee met Iri at age 18 the four finally met and became the Angels.

Iri being helped out on her big day's morning at Cee's home in Ocean City. Iri's colored her hair red! unbelievably this char on what was my home site was accused of looking manly. hmmm strange strange little people, but it did get me to act childish and pull works on 8 sites. as I had previously posted on Iri's picture 'Lucky Lollipop' I appologize for that.

copyright 2002-2010 AngelsInc.
February 9, 2010
Digital Comics
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Image Comments

Feb 9, 2010 8:28:54 am
Fantastic cartoon artwork! Interesting style of composition and technique! Stunning colors and details!

by thecytron Homepage »

Feb 9, 2010 8:31:58 am
Another Fantastic Cartoon nice job!

by AngelWeb58 Homepage »

Feb 12, 2010 11:12:48 pm
Manly????? LMAO!!

by Madbat Homepage »

Feb 13, 2010 7:26:58 am
thx all for the kind comments :)

MB, yep they thought Iri was manly. actualy it was the only pic I left here then was Iri's 'Glass Houses' pic, and this was the only site I left the picture on I believe.

Ive looked it over a million times, and in all seriousness would love someone to tell me where its manly. I never mind critiques of my work. it may be that on that picture you see her abs? (shrug) I cant figure it out. ToniBo was acused when she is drawn with shorter hair of looking manly for years, but her bicepts are apx 32' flexed ...I can understand the homophobia's there, but Iri!


by AngelsInc Homepage »


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