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Hello and happy new year.

Heres another model cut into and added upon in zbrush.I started with a low poly man shape ,added his muscle shape and then used the brushes in zbrush to make the details.The horn shapes I added last before the colour in photoshop.Took agesssss!
Thanks for looking in and I hope you get to see something different and worth the click.
Have a great New Year.
Thanks for all the support :)
Thanks also for any previous remarks,crits and ideas.
cal x
January 1, 2010
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Image Comments

Jan 1, 2010 2:17:12 pm
wow your imagination never rest? this is an awesome work. I love to see a tutorial from you, so I can use my zbrush software, LOL

by sunfirexed Online Now!   Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 2:25:33 pm
Definitely worth the click!

by davidabailey Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 2:34:24 pm

by 722 Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 2:39:27 pm
Beyond outstanding Cal. Looking forward to seeing a lot more from you in 2010.
Have a happy one.


by stukes Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 2:41:43 pm
Very interesting and detailed figure. I like the details on his armor/skin. Great image as always. Happy New Year!

by wolandepiphanius Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 2:44:46 pm
You really need to stop these self portraits mate!

by liewald Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 2:57:40 pm
fantastic work!

Wish I could afford ZBrush but too many other things taking my money...sigh.

Hope you have a wonderful and Happy New Year.

by BluEcho Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 2:57:48 pm
Awesome work !!!!!

by GiveMe Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 2:58:46 pm
Superb modelling. That guy's straight out of my nightmares!

Happy New Year!

by gibby.g Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 3:02:22 pm
scarry as all hell figure, your work in this program is masterful. 10*s

by eekdog Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 3:09:25 pm
was this done in R3? Great Job!!!!

by Mestophales Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 3:15:22 pm
I love getting ebots for your stuff man......again, I am bowled over!! Very cool image. This guy must have SOME headaches though ! lol.This is 3.5 with that hard edge brush? I am still on R3....soon to do the 3.5 thing.Looks cool.
Thanks for something cool to look at. Happy New Year Cal.Sincerely.

by 5391151 Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 3:30:07 pm
Que inicio de ano fantástico meu amigo, obra magnifica, que este ano seja repleto de felicidades, aplausos (5)

by flaviok Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 3:31:34 pm
i like how your elongated his neck. the horns seem to be the strongest point to me, so i also think they were worth it. in fact, i think the circular rivet elements could be a little more subtle so it doesn't compete with them as strongly. i think the sectioning enhances them, though. that's a great face morph, and really fits the character.

by kobaltkween Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 3:51:48 pm
Stunning first image of the year ;-)

Happy New Year mate

by MagikUnicorn Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 3:59:29 pm
Cool as always :-)

by nazul Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 4:03:23 pm
Totally AWESOME!! You turn out such incredible work with your ZBrush!!

by alzartz Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 4:10:38 pm
A giraffe man, fascinating and so well done. And I'm kind of glad it took ages because I couldn't do it at all :)
Happy New Year Calum

by Chaosphoto Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 4:29:40 pm
Happy New Year Cal :-) wonderful model and texture...excellent art as always, Carol

by yakchat Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 4:31:19 pm
Totally awesome artwork my friend, excellent done.
Happy new year to you and yours too.

by adrie Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 4:33:13 pm
Very cool - but wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night! Thanks for including the small development images too - great insight!

by PhilW Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 4:37:47 pm
Amazing! Wonderful sculpting. Happy New Year!!

by Cimaira Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 4:43:00 pm
Fantastic character and details,excellent work*****Happy New Year :)*****

by soffy Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 4:54:21 pm
Oh my goodie ... He doesn't seem very nice ;o] Great modeling and absolute cool work on the Robo metals!!
Wishing you a wonderful creative year ... My favorite artist all time here at Rendo!!

by P3D-Art Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 5:12:39 pm
lol, yeah, right! Why don't I believe it!?!? q-: Excellent realism! (:

by CarolSassy Homepage »


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