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A "Drop-Shot" in Marble

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It could be the symbol of my new Year wishes for the world. Enaugh food and water and peace.

Thank you for your kind comments to my previous post and special warm thanks to those who added it to favs. :-D

Have a wonderful and peaceful first day of the New Year.
We have frosty, but very peaceful weather. Outside are alot of little birds in the bird feeding tree, also called my humming tree in may and now still full of red hawthorn berries like the one you see on this image.
January 1, 2010
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Image Comments

Jan 1, 2010 4:44:36 am
what a wonderful picture, Helle!!!

by flora-crassella Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 4:53:06 am
Absolutely gorgeous! In general I do like your abstracts,

by iaacf Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 5:01:26 am
You convey a nice sense of serenity in this image. Well done.

by mmitchell_houston Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 5:12:05 am
A SUPERB pic, Helle!

by durleybeachbum Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 5:15:26 am
magnifique image!!

by jmb007 Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 5:43:23 am
fantastic image, helle.

by koosievantutte Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 7:19:30 am
Wonderful image - I hope that your wishes come true too!

by Indoda Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 7:58:02 am
Helle, this is amazing! So touching! I love the marble effect, the sharp color against the monochrome, and the quiet symbolism of food and clean water. I also see a sense of passion, similar to the kind of passion that people feel when they are in love. It's red! It stands out! I love this, and I hope that this image come to be a symbol for 2010 for everyone!

by Chipka Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 8:50:12 am
Fantastic and very artistic image. I like the colors and textures. Outstanding work!!

by Hendesse Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 10:22:09 am
Wow, exellent texture, love it ;o)))))))))))))

by EnaR Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 10:35:48 am
Layer upon layer of artistic effects...this is an area I want to do more with in 2010...I'll keep my eye on how you do these:)

by bmac62 Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 10:51:20 am
What a great looking New Years image Helle, it made my day. Happy New Year to you.

by magnus073 Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 11:09:28 am
Great image! I love the limited use of colour.

by IO4 Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 11:43:20 am
Fantastic Image and great work!

Happy New Year!


by kbrog Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 12:16:47 pm
Fantastic work Helle and I'll join you in wishing that upon the world! :)

by Meisiekind Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 1:07:42 pm
A perfect imgae to start the new year! I love what you've done with this.

by auntietk Homepage »

Jan 1, 2010 10:26:45 pm
Beautiful texture! I love all the patterns and shades! Wonderful red against the grey! Terrific image and message for the new year!

by myrrhluz Homepage »

Jan 2, 2010 12:08:11 am
Original and succesful pict. Congrats for post work.
Happy year for you and your's.

by mtc Homepage »

Jan 2, 2010 2:37:16 am
That was so creative. Loce the texture and the use of red and b/w. Beatiful.

by knupps Homepage »

Jan 2, 2010 7:00:37 am
what a wonderful picture

by erlandpil Homepage »

Jan 2, 2010 9:54:26 am
So wonderfully expressive!

by ocoee53 Homepage »

Jan 4, 2010 2:24:36 am
isn't it great when artists see your work & want to learn from you (like bill? he's branching into all kinds of digital transformations, so I'm sure he's watching closely!) This is wonderful. And it has your wonderful way with organic patterns superimposed on images. I take it this is a berry of some kind? Maybe a cherry? And it has a drop of water hanging off of it...and then you've surrounded it with a b&w striated surface, maybe ice cracked on glass, maybe a transformed piece of bark---it could be many things. And you've blended that with ghost images behind it---a whole world looking on, as this single berry sings forth in total red. yes it could be a symbol of an emerging earth. It's beautiful. And there appears to be a ghost image behind the berry---maybe another berry in b&w---and it makes an 'echo' in the piece. A wonderful piece, and very complex. And a fine greeting for the New Year. Happy New Year to you too, dear friend, and many many more!

by anahata.c Homepage »

Jan 4, 2010 6:06:41 pm
I love your use of colour for the berry to make it really stand out.

by npauling Homepage »

Jan 5, 2010 5:20:08 am
Nicely done. A very interesting treatment. Great use of colour.

by e-brink Homepage »

Jan 5, 2010 4:37:09 pm
so wonderful in colors, composition and symbolic, Helle, to you a Happy New Year too and thanks for all your wonderful work you

by mermaid Homepage »


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