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Variations on a Chinese Painting, for the Solstice

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It's still the Winter Solstice in Chicago, the day when the Sun is out the shortest time of the year (in the N. Hemisphere) and which the ancients turned into a tribute to Light itself.

For this Season of Lights, I've chosen a very old painting that I did in traditional Chinese style--on silk: You can see the brocade in the top image's border. And I've played with it in Photoshop to make a Light-in-Darkness montage.

I wish all of you not just a blessed Solstice, but a holiday season as well. I just came back from my beloved father, and have started commenting again after several weeks. I dedicate this to all of you who have meant so much to me since I came here nearly 2 years ago, and to your talents, your lives, and your light. You cannot know how much I've appreciated what you give here. A wonderful holiday to all, and a deeply uplifting New Year...

Much peace & warmth to all,

(Top image: Chinese ink on silk.
The others: Photoshop.)

(The original montage has so much detail the 500kb version doesn't have.
You just have to accept that with large artworks...)

December 22, 2009
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Image Comments

Dec 22, 2009 12:34:02 am
Welcome back,Mark.This is a fantastic tribute to the Solstice/Holiday.

by blankfrancine Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 12:34:41 am
The original is beautiful, and I love the light you've added, revealed, shared, brought forth. Soft light, radiant light, blinding light ... side by side with darkness ... they work together to create a whole. Splendid work, dear one. It's good to see your art again.

by auntietk Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 12:55:28 am
very fine piece of work, mark!

by koosievantutte Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 1:55:49 am
The top image has a natural softness and Native American feel to it, a calmness of the spirit and yet full of strength. The middle is bursting with energy, as if the spirit is burning with passion that can barely be contained. And the bottom has a healing energy, as deep as the sky and sea. Really beautiful artwork and always so uniquely from your inner vision. Such a pleasure to experience you and your art. Peace and warmth to you, too, Mark. CC

by romanceworks Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 1:58:35 am
Mark, I am so glad you posted this beautiful Silk Painting. It is such a peaceful and elegant painting.
And look what Beauties you can create in Photoshop out of it.
It is so nice to see you post these colorful and powerful images full of light and passion again.

by helanker Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 2:15:23 am
Ah, Mark, you have created an image that speaks to me clearly. This time of year is very powerful for me. Autumn is my least favorite time of year. It means the end of warm summer days, sun, and all that goes with them. So, oddly enough, once winter is here, I am relieved. The solstice means the shortest day of the year. That in turn means the days start getting longer. I see light ahead and it fills me with a wonderful sense of joy. Your image in all its variations gives me that same sense of hope and joy. Thank you.

by beachzz Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 2:48:50 am
Your images are always a journey, and this is no exception. Here we travel through tranquility, light and above all, beauty to a place of warmth and friendship, a welcoming pit stop for rejuvenation... Thank you!

Everything of the best for you and yours over the holiday season and into the New Year.

by faroutsider Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 5:17:11 am
Ascending the mountains to reach the light, receiving the light from above; we open ourselves to the unconditional love...We celebrate in our moment. Dearest Mark, may you continue to shine and touch us all with your own light.
The very best for the New Year with many more blessings.

by Meglaurel Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 5:19:05 am
In every way a credit to you all imaages are extra creative very musch appreciated the tactile and real fell very beautifully textured!!

by Shroom_Magic3D Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 7:22:34 am
Mark I am so taken with the beauty of your original painting that it's hard to move on. The images that have sprang forth from it are equally beautiful in their own right. Carol made a good point about the middle one bursting with energy while for me the others have a surreal and entrancing feel

by magnus073 Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 7:45:53 am
You know, no wonder photography is coming easy to you (although I'm sure you don't want this said). All photography boils down to is painting with light. And look what you've done here. Painted in exquisite style with light. I like seeing the progression from top to bottom...there's remarkable color, tone and texture at work. And I am sure much, much more. So, welcome back to your next burst of posting and commenting. Glad you are here:)

by bmac62 Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 8:20:24 am
I love the original one Mark, in its simplicity you can feel the spirit (light) in it! My grandmother had many Chinese paintings and as a child I was mesmerized by them. All these are truly magnificent works that contain so much hope and light and energy. A perfect work for the solstice, a gifting of hope for the new year. Many blessings, love and light to you and yours for the holidays and the new year!

by ShadowsNTime Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 8:31:42 am
wonderful picture!!! Happy Holidays to you too!!!

by flavia49 Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 8:57:37 am
Oh Mark, I don't even know where to begin; I so envy your facility for breaking down your impressions into strings of flowing words. This work demands the same treatment, and I just can't do it. The original work is lovely, simple and elegant; the subsequent treatments are riotous and explosively vibrant blooms of color, light and yes, sound...(I sometimes hear images; art is sensual, you know!) Stunning work, and I would so love to see these as large as they ought to be, wall-sized in some art museum! I can just imagine them in all the splendor of daylight coming through skylights. Fantastic!

by MrsRatbag Online Now!   Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 10:58:53 am
Uplifting and optimistic, powerfilled and complex, these rich images are exactly what we need to see at this dark time.
Great to see you back!

by durleybeachbum Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 12:55:28 pm
Really nice image. Great textures, colour and style! Excellent artwork! Happy Holidays!

by Miska7 Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 1:39:10 pm
Amazing images as always. Excellent work Mark!! Happy Holidays!!!

by lyron Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 2:23:35 pm
the original unfolds silence in a most beautiful way to me, and i could linger on there much longer. but these metamorphoses are telling so wonderfully about a seasons end (and to another beginning as well). look, there is some haze and light in the last one that grabs my eye, it is playful made, a delightful view and journey, pulling me in deeper to explore this uplifting landscape even more. it is exciting and delightful! of course, i wish you the same, mark, you have a fine time full of peace, love and light, be well :)

by groegnitram Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 4:44:40 pm
amazing creation perfect for the Solstice, Happy Solstice to you!

by sandra46 Homepage »

Dec 22, 2009 6:34:36 pm
Very cool work with lovely colours. I like the very peaceful original silk painting as well.

by npauling Homepage »

Dec 23, 2009 8:33:58 am
Very beautiful,love the original.Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you !

by miashadows Homepage »

Dec 24, 2009 12:51:36 pm
Always great to have you back, Mark, with another wonderful work. Happy holidays to you and all yours.

by nikolais Homepage »

Dec 24, 2009 2:08:54 pm
I love the way each version morphs and changes, much like seasons and ourselves. The way our soul starts out as not very pretty, but simple, gaining more depth and beauty with each passing day or year. A beautiful work of art from beginning to end. Bless you and your family (friends are family too) and may your New Year be creative. :o)

by bpclarke Homepage »

Dec 27, 2009 4:08:35 pm
I don't even have words for this .. I just keep going back and plunging into the colors and the moods, feeling almost, rather then seeing.
It is overwhelmingly beautiful.

by three_grrr Homepage »

Dec 31, 2009 10:30:04 am
The top picture is so delicate, and yet from that the next 2 pictures bombard the eye with such amazing and beautiful vibrancy, I might add dear Mark, and I loved it. hugs Jane xx

by JaneEden Homepage »


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