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Autumn Harmony

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This composition is based on one of my older renders "A New Awakening".
A few days ago I saw a photo that reminded me of that scene, so - inspired by nature around me :D - I decided to make another render with a similar composition, but with Scott2753's great HD Fall Maple trees.

Rendered in Vue 7.5 Infinite;
minor postwork in PS CS4

Thanks for viewing! =)
October 29, 2009
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Image Comments

Oct 29, 2009 9:00:08 am
Stunning render, the colours are gorgeous and the lighting is perfect. Very nice indeed.

by Merlin_Studios Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 9:08:21 am
Fantastic Autumn scene! The mood is gorgeous.

by Realm_Of_Illusion Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 9:10:47 am
Wonderful and enchanting. The dark water with the leaves is what contribute most to the painting, IMO.

After I wrote this,I went and looked at the previous version. And it only confirmed my opinion! So in other words. a work of art is never finished! :)

by vintorix Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 9:12:23 am
Lovely render and composition as always, but since you have based this on an earlier work.. and may redo it again in the future... I want to mention one thing that caught my eye... and I hope you don't mind... it's the branches just off center to the right.. not a repeated element, but the way they are stacking up I see a circular pattern that I would change... especially where they seem to merge to a center point.

I'm sorry but you do such nice work and I too like to go back and revisit earlier efforts. I'm eying a number of my canvases already.

by London224 Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 9:15:47 am
Beautiful ! Absolutely fantastic !!

by WWBarros Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 9:15:55 am
wonderful scene, great render and ligthing

by nora72 Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 9:19:55 am
Beautiful render, wonderful atmosphere and reflections. 5*

by bigbraader Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 9:42:33 am
absolument magnifique,respect...

by jclP Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 9:55:13 am
absolutely beautiful. 5*

by FalseBogus Online Now!   Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 10:04:13 am
very nice fall the depth and volumetric lighting...great render

by kuzan Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 10:10:48 am
Superb rendering.

by j_campbell Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 10:15:55 am
tjat is why we love this season

by efron_241 Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 10:18:45 am
Perfect in all aspects.........

by jimw1 Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 10:44:35 am
Really fantastic looking Vue work!

by Seaview123 Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 10:56:32 am

by Flint_Hawk Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 11:16:15 am
Most excellent work!!!

by duester45 Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 11:54:52 am
Absolutely breathtaking Drea! This is so beautiful!

by Scott2753 Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 12:27:37 pm
Wonderful work.Love the colors.

by kanzler Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 12:28:12 pm
Amazing atmo, as always :)

by Ailig68 Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 12:29:31 pm
Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic colors and atmosphere. I love the leaves on the water. Superb work!!

by kftate Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 12:37:56 pm
Really beautiful work, nice colors, light and atmosphere. Like the background with the trees in the mist, gives it a nice contrast to the dark water :)

by Winther Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 12:53:57 pm
A stunning piece, your work is a pleasure to view...As Always!!

by Tablesaw Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 1:20:00 pm

by anitalee Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 1:46:05 pm
Very, very beautiful

by Brian S. Homepage »

Oct 29, 2009 2:05:43 pm
I do agree with the comment from London224, that branch construction is distracting, which is a pity in such a lovely composition.
Anyway, this is really lovely.

by Rutra Homepage »


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