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Angel On The Moon

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Inspired by the song "Angels On The Moon" by Thriving this moon freebie the other day and decided to put V4 to work again. Honest, I have nothing against M4...I just always happen to think of uses for V4 instead. lol Background by me...used DAZ and Photoshop.

I want to thank you guys for all your encouraging comments on my previous upload...couldn't do it with out all the positive vibes you send my way.

Partial lyrics to "Angels On The Moon"...

"Don't tell me if I'm dying
Cause I don't wanna know
If I can't see the sun
Maybe I should go
Don't wake me 'cause I'm dreaming
Of angels on the moon
Where everyone you know
Never leaves too soon"

Have an awesome week everyone!
September 8, 2009
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Image Comments

Sep 8, 2009 5:18:25 pm
This is a lovely flight of fancy, like a work of classical art. Really pretty!

by shrinkers Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 5:26:21 pm
Beautiful Rose!!!!!! Wow!

by lunchlady Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 5:33:17 pm
Beautiful image and super pose, Excllent work!!

by bazza Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 5:35:10 pm
Beautifull render Rose. Great pose and light Nice

by ladiesmen Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 5:37:15 pm
Excellent render !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by corum427 Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 5:43:59 pm
Super great! Love it! Very classic look!

by shadownet Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 5:51:41 pm
A most beautiful scene. I love the background you did a great job. The moon is really cool, but most of all I love the character and the way she seems to be lifting the moon.

by elfin14doaks Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 5:53:08 pm
wow, this is beautiful!

by sirvictor Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 6:06:55 pm
Sweet scene great idea!! & very nicely done!!

by Darkglass Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 6:09:38 pm
This absolutely beautiful, excellent colors and lighting, great work! 5+

by mgtcs Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 6:20:49 pm
nice work...

by lizzibell Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 6:28:36 pm
Very well done... Excellent render...

by NoelCan Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 6:32:27 pm
Dancer stood, alone.. Atop a hill of rocky outcrops.. The wind howling.. Stars glowing in the nighttime sky.. Moonlight falling on her, lighting her way.. She waited.. Hours it seemed, into the night.. But, she knew he would come.. He had promised..
Then, a shadow flashes across the bright moon.. A roar fills the night.. She knew the time was here.. Excitement.. A Silver Dragon, swept down from the heavens and an arms reached out.. took Dancer in its grip.. And she soared into the night.. Rider had arrived on his Fire Steed.. And they soared to the heavens.. To the stars..
Rider took Dancer to the moon and she danced.. Danced on the moonbeams.. And smiled..


by debbielove Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 6:40:04 pm

by Nickieboy2004 Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 6:53:19 pm

by Alex_Antonov Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 7:06:24 pm
Beautiful image.

by zil2008 Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 7:15:24 pm
WOW! Wow times 10 to the 9th power! I love this, Rose! Sooo ethereal.

by RodS Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 7:16:38 pm
What a fantastic image that you created here

by pops Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 7:29:36 pm
BEAUTIFUL. great work!

by timtripp Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 7:41:51 pm
Very nice!

by vladhome Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 8:08:16 pm
riding moon beams to the stars with wings of Gossamer.very magical

by Richardphotos Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 8:33:50 pm
Super,love your Pic in the Bio

by theprojectionist Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 8:37:05 pm
Rose this one is so majestic and inspiring. Your art always has a beauty about it that always touches me.

by magnus073 Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 8:52:37 pm

by penguin357 Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 8, 2009 9:17:15 pm
Just beautiful. Great lighting.

by Lunastar Homepage »


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