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My Cosmology

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Greetings fellow Rosity folks.

I hope everyone is having a great summer.
It's supposed to get up to 105' here tomorrow.

About this image:
This is my way of announcing a Blog I will be posting here soon.
When it's complete, I will post another image with an easy link
to it, for all to enjoy or slam, as the case may be.

Basically, I'm an amateur Cosmologist. Lately, I've taken
exception in the direction Cosmology has taken. In case you
didn't know, the subject is about the universe and how it works.

My hypotheses will either knock many great thinkers in this
area on their ears, or more likely, I will be completely ignored.

But at least, when they finally come around to my way of thinking,
I will be able to point at my dated Blog and say "I told you so"
way back when

I built this model of the Hubble Space Telescope. Sorry, it's not
very good and it's distance from the earth is wrong, but hey..
it's just a piece of humor with a message to deliver.

My Blog will cover the current thinking of Cosmologists and Physicists.
I will offer a simple explanation of their point of view and how my
view differs in some fairly radical ways on some subjects.

Some answers (to heavy questions given to these experts) have left a lot
to be desired and I've never been real happy about this.

Questions like:
Where did the Universe come from?
What started everything and where will it end?
What is reality exactly?

I will also explain Gravity. (They still don't know what it is)
What is Dark Energy and Dark Matter? (They also don't exist)
What are Gravity waves? (I doubt they will be detectable)
Is the Universe expanding? (No, it's not)
What is Aether? (They placed this one back in the closet)

I'll describe two circles with different radius's but having the same circumference.

You will need to check out my Blog to see how I defend such outrageous
positions. Don't worry, it will all be presented in very simple terms.
No math and very little science knowledge is needed on your part.

This image is part of my hypothesis: "That all spacetime is thinning between
the stars, as well as the galaxies." This means that everything celestial
is much, much, closer than thought, and distance calculations are way off.

This tour will take you from the spaces smaller than an atom to the
full size and age of the universe. I will even touch briefly on God.

It will be fun, for those that like such things.

So watch for my next post with a link to some of life's greatest mysteries answered.
(At least my

Have a great one everyone!!!

Hugs from Dave :^)

July 19, 2009
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Image Comments

Jul 19, 2009 7:21:13 am
Funny....Well done.

by ragouc Homepage »

Jul 19, 2009 8:32:27 am
Really cool space scene you crafted here Dave and I can't wait to read your blog and your thoughts on all of it. Nice work

by magnus073 Online Now!   Homepage »

Jul 19, 2009 9:06:55 am
I think your image is pretty cool and your blog may be very interesting

by pops Homepage »

Jul 19, 2009 9:57:08 am

by Tholian Homepage »

Jul 19, 2009 11:12:58 am
Hey sweetie
This is a great image....
I zoomed in and wow you can really see it all and better up close..
Maybe you should edit and put best to zoom in...well that is just my thoughts anyway..........
TY for the help with the ebots...over the 3 or 4 we went over which ever one I clicked on many many my mailbox looks normal again LOL...
I think maybe you should help out here as a coordinator or administrator...
You would be good at it:)
I tried to call and tell you it was working but the secetary had left and I just got a many thanks once again
I can't wait until you start your blog
Can't wait to read it
Awesome image...and its chilly here in Ky low 70's and 50's at night....
I like the warmer air for sure
Hugs n love
Super render~

by Blush Homepage »

Jul 19, 2009 12:29:00 pm
This is terrific, unusual, interesting and unique Dave. This turned out great. Nice clarity and depth. The lighting is perfect. I'm really impressed. Really one of your best. Really farout image. Huggs... Silkylady...

by Silkylady Homepage »

Jul 19, 2009 1:46:34 pm
This is awesome image dave i cant wait to read your Blog....great work!

by Minda Homepage »

Jul 19, 2009 2:25:50 pm
This is fantastic and time allowed I will be there
and interested,you should be good at it !~~
blog awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy_____

by evielouise Homepage »

Jul 19, 2009 6:23:57 pm
Okay, my interest is piqued. Now where is that blog?

by skiwillgee Homepage »

Jul 19, 2009 8:06:15 pm
Sounds like a fun Blog Dave, a bit spacey, but I for one will be interested.
Per chance you attend the Strategic Perspectives Conference, and/or see/hear Dr Chuck Missler insight "The Boundaries Of Reality"?

by DennisReed Homepage »

Jul 19, 2009 8:14:40 pm
Great image! I'm looking forward to reading your blog. You've piqued my interest.

by myquad Homepage »

Jul 19, 2009 11:26:09 pm
Great job Dave. Can't wait for your blog.

by Babysitter Homepage »

Jul 20, 2009 3:50:39 am
Great, Dave, can't wait! Have you ever heard of Hilton Ratcliffe? Will you be touching on the [alleged] age of the universe at all? Anyhow, looking forward...

by VRG Homepage »

Jul 20, 2009 11:10:21 am
Like your humor!

by llorna Homepage »

Jul 20, 2009 1:17:00 pm
Dave you have a way of sending me into fits of giggles! What would we do without our "radical" thinkers, movers and shakers??
Farout Idea's, I don't think so, I am a believer of...if man can dream it he can make it. Gee, Flash Gordon was once considered to Science Fiction, now look at us! And who's to say you're wrong, as far as I know, no one has physically measured the distance between stars! Soooooooo reach for them, dance among them, let them light the pathway to the moon or farther if you so choose.
Hope your summer is going well, almost done moving on this end...thank goodness!!! Will write soon when things settle down to a dull roar.
mega (((HUG)))'s

by heartnsoul Homepage »

Jul 20, 2009 6:53:48 pm
Gravity??? I know what it is and I'm just a simple person...LOL...I look in the mirror everyday and see gravity pulling down....but hey, I'm going to be most interested in hearing Your blog because I have always loved hearing you talk, I can't wait...very well done Dave!

by gypsyflame Homepage »

Aug 6, 2009 11:10:46 am
I left a comment on your "Blog".

by coolcatcom Homepage »

Aug 30, 2009 2:24:10 pm
hé hé I go sure take a look at your blog,very nice model too,great job!!!

by voske Homepage »

Sep 10, 2009 2:20:33 pm
Okay....I will get my dictionary and take a look.....Great model btw.....!!!

by violet Homepage »


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