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Contact … Front 2

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This is a retake on my old image Contact ... Front.

The original Contact ... Front was rendered in Poser 5 using DAZ Woodsland Realm as a background. I was happy with the overall concept but wanted to improve the final image. Three things with the original image grated with me.

Firstly, although the muzzle flash by Adam Thwaites is excellent, it had not lit up the dark forest scene. That was probably my fault through not understanding lighting in Poser.

Secondly, a picky point was that the free cartridge case’s primer was not dimpled by the firing pin and the primer was the same colour as the case. Most primers are silver in colour. Also the case was a rimmed case rather than the shape of a modern pistol cartridge case. I won’t be too critical as I am extremely grateful to anyone who puts up free stuff for us to use.

Thirdly I wanted a more dynamic POV than my first image where I was a little restricted with DAZ Woodsland Realm.

I wanted to do the same type of image in Vue 6 Pro Studio but hopefully improve the image. Also the process would let me learn more about lighting and setting up a forest scene in VUE as I still consider myself a beginner at using Vue.

The figure is Victoria 3 from Daz3D. I am not sure where I downloaded the green sunglasses.

Outfit is from Moon over Saturn by Daz3D.

The sub-machine gun is constructed using The Gun by Mock. Excellent product, well worth the money. It is amazing just how many configurations of weapons you can create in Poser with this product.

The cartridge case was designed in Wings 3D. The primer I set to a different material from the case. I then imported the resultant OBJ into Vue and loaded the materials. I then saved the object as a VOB to import into my scene as I developed it.

I have just put the pistol cartridge case in Free Stuff.

The muzzle flash is lit up by a point light and to get the glow of the muzzle flash to render right, I ticked the box …Compute physically accurate caustics.

One interesting point is that in the final image, you can’t really see the dimple in the primer, it is hidden detail.

The only post work on the image is my signature which was done in The Gimp.

Like the previous Contact ... Front image, I ask the question…. What is Victoria engaging???

Happy New Year and have a fantastic 2009.

Enjoy :)
Production Credits
Merlin_Studios - Detailed coconut palm in VOB format
Mock - The Gun
panko - Weapons Drill
adamthwaites - Bullet Time
December 28, 2008
Science Fiction
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Image Comments

Dec 28, 2008 5:09:08 am
Clearly a lot of work gone into this. (I dont reckon it qualifies as nude or violent). A pretty action picture.

by Roboman28 Homepage »

Dec 28, 2008 5:26:19 am
Wonderful image! Superb detail and pov! Love the bullet casings and the character is excellent too! 5+

by stevey3d Homepage »

Dec 28, 2008 6:22:38 am
A huge improvement over the original, I like it. Beginning of the month one of the artist here put up a challenge. The challenge was that we all look back by redoing our first image. Perhaps it would be fun to give Mad Mandy a make over? I did my own version and called it Redux, others did the same. I just thought I'd throw that out there, you might find it interesting.

The original challenge is here

by Biffowitz Homepage »

Dec 28, 2008 7:40:30 am
É uma questão de pontos de vista, para mim todas as duas estão excelentes. Se é uma visão mais forte o Vue completou muito bem, mas se é uma visão mais sobria o Poser fez sua parte..excelente meu amigo, realizações brilhantes, aplausos (5)
It is a question of points of view, for me all the two are excellent. If the Vue is a stronger vision completed very well, but if the Poser is a more sober vision made its part. .excelente my shining friend, accomplishments, applauses (5)

by flaviok Homepage »

Dec 28, 2008 8:57:36 am
Stunning work!

by pixelmeister Homepage »

Dec 28, 2008 12:38:29 pm
Beautiful action work

by MagikUnicorn Homepage »

Dec 28, 2008 3:13:19 pm
Nice lighting and the overall composition works !

by giareg Homepage »

Dec 29, 2008 12:39:19 am
This is excellent! I love the pov with the spent cartridges flying towards the viewer, great work!

by gibby.g Homepage »

Jan 5, 2009 4:34:12 am
The bullets approaching the camera's point of view reminds me of the "Bullet Time" effect in "The Matrix". Very cool- it is as though a moment is frozen in time in this scene. I also like how the muzzle flash (as you mentioned) is lighting the character and surrounding area- the effect is producing a visible light source--further adding to the scene's realism!

by jdehaven Homepage »

Jan 18, 2009 3:11:35 am
Very good POV and pose. Good action scene.

by ragouc Homepage »

Jan 21, 2009 9:32:27 pm
Nicely done! I'll have to try that trick with the muzzle flash. Usually I do it postrender with ParticleIllusion PE, with varying success. I would make one minor suggestion: the bark material that comes with Vue works better at a distance. Usually I either reduce the size of the material, or make my own bumpmap/function..

by cyberknight1133 Homepage »


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