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Aranée 10: The Healer

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"I am sorry, this will hurt. You have lost too much blood, I cannot give you anything more for your pain." The wrinkled hands worked quickly and competently, but felt like a combination of butterfly flutters and burning embers in the raw furrows on her back. "I must clean the wounds thoroughly or risk sepsis - there is great risk of it even so."

Wincing, beads of perspiration dotting her forehead, she nodded and breathed, "Do what you must."

He considered her story as he bent to his task. She hammered on his door shortly after dark, bloody and barely able to stand, saying something about a Packran lion. He had never heard of someone surviving such an encounter! Yet here was proof at his fingertips, and lying on the cot at her side. He glanced at the fuzzy cub as it lazily alternated between licking and chewing its oversized paws. "You are part human - part Elf, I must mix treatments." Glassy eyes in a pale, drawn face fixed upon him. "The last Elf I saw was treated by my master when I was an apprentice as a young man." Indicating his white hair with a wry smile, he added, "That was a little while ago. But I still have many of his old medicines and texts on the shelves. In ten days or so, you should be past danger. Then you can be on your way."

She searched his face as he mentioned her mixed race and saw only kindness and concern. Deciding he was a good man, she sank a bit lower into the cot and said in a low voice, "I am leaving in the morning." He started to protest, but she stopped him by explaining her urgent quest to find the pass to the abandoned fortress.

He nodded understanding, then stunned her with a sly smile: "If you promise to stay at least two full days and nights and follow my every instruction, I will tell you what you want to know."

Startled, she tried to sit up, but a firm hand stopped her. She tried to speak, then wet her lips and tried again, "Y-you KNOW where the pass is?"

He nodded as he daubed a dark, pungent-smelling paste onto a compress and gently applied it. "Yes, it was known to many travelers in my younger days."

Thoughts spun out of control and exploded in her head until she held it in her hands, and finally spoke through her fingers in a small tired voice, "As you wish - yes, of course."

Genuine relief transformed his features. "Good, you will stay here so I can keep an eye on you." He gently finished tying her bandages, then helped her get settled.

Gratitude and security flooded into her, instantly replaced by crushing fatigue. Too tired to do anything but completely entrust herself to him, she collapsed into a deep sleep.

He quietly washed his hands in a basin, then silently retrieved his cloak and cap. He watched the sleeping woman through glowing eyes as he opened the door. The huntress Aranée had already become fairly well known and respected by the people of the Aeritan Forest. But after he had told the story of her encounter with the lion, her fame would spread quickly - maybe across the entire breadth of the Disputed Lands. He softly whispered, "Sleep well, M'Lady - for tomorrow you will surely become a legend."


There will be a short hiatus for the Aranée story while I finish work on the Misty book. I wanted to leave her in a better state than she was as a result of the last chapter. Also, this one sets the stage for important later events.

FIRST CHAPTER -:- NEXT: Fight at Melius Tavern -:- PREVIOUSLY: Aftermath

Image and story © 2008 Larry Hodge
September 24, 2008
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Image Comments

Sep 24, 2008 6:39:50 pm
Wonderful story and a totally awesome image. Wonderful composition and lighting!

by ladyinblack Homepage »

Sep 24, 2008 6:46:30 pm
Great story and very nice pov with the healer.

by dbrv6 Homepage »

Sep 24, 2008 6:54:06 pm
Nicely done Larry. The story continues to interest :)


by IDonn0 Homepage »

Sep 24, 2008 7:00:51 pm
The lighting and composition are fantastic. As for your story, I've gotten hooked and am following with bated breath to see what you'll tell us next!

by jandunne Homepage »

Sep 24, 2008 7:11:43 pm
Oooohhhh!!! I want more story!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!!! Super POV and lighting. I love her pose with the little cub at her side, excellent work indeed!!!

by sylki Homepage »

Sep 24, 2008 8:16:02 pm
This is a superb series Larry and you left me wanting more also. Brilliant job of setting up the scene and then bringing it to life through your words

by magnus073 Homepage »

Sep 24, 2008 8:18:56 pm
Nice setting and mood

by neelzonline Homepage »

Sep 24, 2008 10:19:34 pm
FANTASTIC story! Oh this is just the best of the works so far! The story is excellent and well written and the picture is truely wonderful. You have surpassed yourself with the soft rich earthy lighting on this one. It at once implies a sense of peace and yet drama. And yet you got rather sharper lighting to highlight the bottles. Truely a master's touch. And finally The point of view could not be better. Favourite with no hesitation.

by brewgirlca Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 25, 2008 1:16:33 am
I like this pic! Nicely done! 5

by Darkwish Online Now!   Homepage »

Sep 25, 2008 6:51:10 am
Superb image

by LBAMagic Homepage »

Sep 25, 2008 10:38:23 am
Fantastic work, Larry.
Love the render and the story.
And she is watching over the lion baby. Now that is a sweet touch.
Social resposibilty....a lesson to be learned for every single politician in the western world.:) +5

by LBJ2 Homepage »

Sep 25, 2008 12:37:04 pm
very nice work

by awadissk Homepage »

Sep 25, 2008 4:29:24 pm
Some loevly touches in this one - the cub lying with her and all the detail in the background - a lovely image - I'm glad she found her healer!

by PhilW Homepage »

Sep 26, 2008 1:46:12 am
Lovely work Larry. I like the dimmed lighting in this one setting the atmosphere for your story.
Hugz and kisses.

by topartist Homepage »

Sep 26, 2008 8:04:43 am
Excellent story and scene welle done ;0

by schonee Homepage »

Sep 26, 2008 7:34:04 pm
A beautiful scene with great lighting. Nicely set up and composed.

by e-brink Homepage »

Sep 26, 2008 8:06:44 pm
Your story is so intriguing and the illustration compliments the story perfectly. Excellent composition

by 1010 Homepage »

Sep 27, 2008 4:11:58 am
Fantastic scene and story,Wonderful work.

by ledwolorz Homepage »

Sep 27, 2008 8:16:22 am
Excellent work...Beautiful scene and story.
I loved your gallery!

by crys-laura Homepage »

Sep 27, 2008 8:47:58 am
Love the story and looks like I'm going to have to check out the previous :o)....mighty fine work here too !!!

by NekhbetSun Homepage »

Sep 27, 2008 10:12:46 am
excellent scene and story my friend

by densa Homepage »

Sep 27, 2008 11:13:27 am
wonderful story and super image! super lighting and mood!

by debz Homepage »

Sep 27, 2008 1:32:47 pm
Beautiful work and a wonderful story line!

by amota99517 Homepage »

Sep 27, 2008 4:41:01 pm
great scene and story..excellent work larry..

by Minda Homepage »

Sep 27, 2008 9:19:52 pm
Oh this is a great scene - and a fabulous render. Honestly, I think this is one of your best, so far, the details and the posing is great, Larry. I'm on a wee break too, since I am working towards my deadline with "September Canvas" since I'm sleepless in Sweden at the moment, I'm fiddling around with DAZstudio a bit while the rest of my family sleeps.

by redheadgrrl Homepage »


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