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Hello all you wonderful Rositeers.

Recently, I have been noticing a huge increase in UFO related activity on the net.
I discovered a group of people that want the Government to Disclose everything it
knows about UFO's. The reasons are the Green Movement, Global warming, Cost
of Gasoline and the list is a mile long. The folks behind the Disclosure Project have
nothing to gain and everything to lose. But they are fighting the good fight for us.
They come from all over, professionals and military. They come with documents
and testimony. There are trillions of dollars in military Black Projects, unaccounted
for, with no oversight watch dogs.

This mostly started with Roswell. Over 18 people involved with recovering the UFO
and occupants, have come forward and want to tell us the truth about it. One retired
high ranking officer personally was on-site for over 12 UFO recovery missions.

Our military first freaked over the UFO air superiority. Mostly afraid that Governments
besides the USA, would also reverse engineer the alien technology and put the US
at a military disadvantage. It became open season on UFO's and we shot down a lot
of them. Their ships, while fast, aren't designed for combat. Eventually a truce was
reached with them behind closed doors. They are concerned about us entering into
space as a warlike species. There are over 57 alien species in our neck of the Galaxy.
They are telepathic and don't understand how we evolved so quickly in technology
but are so far behind in telepathic skills. Bear in mind, we are not talking about some
ESP paranormal skills. The brain is electrical and should be able to send and receive
information. Much like built in cell phones. We have a few telepaths but mostly we are
simply at the empathic stage. We receive a bit. Ever meet someone and hated them
before you got to know them. That sort of thing. Anyway, an agreement has been
made. We don't shoot them down and they help us with technology. Meanwhile, they
are investigating into genetic means to speed up our evolution towards telepathy.

They have shown us how to make exotic materials, that can provide us with the means
to control Inertia, Gravity and Magnetism. This means perpetual free energy without
pollution. A battery for an electric car that lasts forever without charging. Home air
conditioning for free. Space travel. It solves the pollution problems and global warming.
No more fossil fuels. There is a bunch more. The problem is releasing this technology
to common use. It has to be done just right or upset the balance of nations that
use fossil fuels. Also, the Money people need time to divest their interests in fossil fuel
and regroup to maintain their wealth in replacement technology.

The aliens have no real concerns about us except we not take war into space. We need
to grow up! By the introduction of telepathy into our society, we can finally have peace.
No more crime, cheating, racism, secrets.. Are we ready for that? The Dawn of a new age.

Have a great day my friends.. Dave :^)


P.s. Below are links to my UFO report and one of the UFO web sites seeking disclosure:


March 30, 2008
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Mar 30, 2008 7:12:54 am
Note: The image above is from my own close encounter about 30 years ago. This was
no darting light out of the corner of my eye. This was observed by me, my late wife and
some teens that were with us. It lasted about an hour. The UFO was close enough to hit
with an arrow from a bow. It was really huge, made no noise and was taking it's time.

This render is the best I can do to simulate a photo of what we saw. I filed a UFO report
with NUFORC. This type ship is the most common one most folks see. It very well could
be a stealth triangle shaped blimp. It did nothing spectacular, like shooting off at Mach 5.
But many have seen just that. Who knows? But I do believe the hundreds of folks that
have been working with the aliens need to be listened to. To quote a popular TV show..
"The truth is out there!"
Also, another quote.. "The absence of evidence is not because evidence is absent."
Best to all from Dave :^)

by davidoblad Homepage »

Mar 30, 2008 7:50:41 am
Who would really believe we are all that exist in this vast universe?

by hotracer2 Homepage »

Mar 30, 2008 7:55:39 am
That's an amazing story Dave. I do believe that UFOs exist but not too sure I can believe the information in the 3rd paragraph where we have shot down UFOs and they wonder why we are so far behind telepathically. I don't doubt for a moment that the government/governments have wreckage from crashed UFOs. Witnesses from the Roswell said they handled strange metals with strange designs on them and the army confiscated the pieces. These people were just ordinary folk with nothing to gain by lying and did not claim anything fantastic. They just described what they saw and what happened. What they held in their hands is awesome. I would love to hold a piece see it once.

by Burpee Homepage »

Mar 30, 2008 10:25:43 am
Well Dave just like Nancy I do believe in UFO's and know the gov. hides almost everything from us thinking it is in our best interest. This render of what you saw that night is incredible and you did a first class job on it and I totally believe you and your right I think you could have hit it with a arrow from a bow. I'll check out the links also, thanks for sharing Dave

by magnus073 Homepage »

Mar 30, 2008 1:28:37 pm
i have seen a strange object in the sky that i could not explain about 30 years ago so i believe that it would be selfish of us to think that we are the only beings in this widely expansive universe but one question i must ask you Dave is why is it that ufo's always want to go to America?? maybe the climate eh? ;o)
i really love this image and the story and i am looking towards the skies right now ;D
good on ya buddy!
all the best Martin ;)

by buzz-69 Homepage »

Mar 30, 2008 1:40:54 pm

well i agree with u and my bf dave (magnus073) i do believe in UFO and u did a great job on the image and your story ..thanks for sharing....

by Minda Homepage »

Mar 30, 2008 3:42:41 pm
This is interesting and unique Dave. Wonderfully written. This is a real keeper. The lighting is perfect. Really farout image. I remember seeing one and not knowing too much about them, when I was carrying you, in 1950. The year your Dad and I was married. Was a bit scary. It darted, hovered, darted, hovered, many times. Very unusual because planes and helicopters can't do that. Huggs... Silkylady...

by Silkylady Homepage »

Mar 30, 2008 4:12:39 pm
Very interesting...
I believe their are UFO's and the gov hides the truth from us...
They can't be trusted...
We are just humans relating what we see that isn't ordinary & unusual...
Excellent capture sweetie....
I had an encounter but never got to photograph it....

by Blush Homepage »

Mar 30, 2008 4:16:32 pm
How can we possibly be alone in this huge galaxy? A great render and facinating story. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Dave!
Live long and prosper! lol Hugs, Holly

by myquad Homepage »

Mar 30, 2008 4:33:05 pm
I like this under Science as apose to SciFi! ;) Bravo Dave!
I'm with any species that wishes not for war, and is for environmental health.
I don't believe the government hides information from us thinking it is for our best interest; More like for their best interest. ;)

by DennisReed Homepage »

Mar 30, 2008 6:45:35 pm
Gee Dave I've been listening to an alien for years now he's known as George Bush I'm sure you've heard of him. He started a war to prevent us from using the oil they have in the Middle East because he knows it's bad for us all. Thing is we just don't want to listen to him.
I've been seeing all kinds of UFO objects myself in the last couple of years. Matter of fact I can pin point the time period and the events when this all started for me. Tripple by-pass and recuring heart attack. It's the aftermath you see. ( I take 14 pills per day) ! Talk about seeing UFO'S. (BLOODY OUTSTANDING MAN). OH, one more thing about the war thing. We need wars, it's a good way to keep the population explosion in check. Now don't you go ahead and believe that that alien "Bush" will come forth and divulge this to the popluation he's not dumb. He kmows to well that we are all just too stupid to understand a simple concept like this.So it's kept under wraps deep in the bowels ofthe Pentagon. (So I'm told by another UFO I met last night at a party). Scarry stuff isn't it. .......................Far out Buddy ! George.

by coolcatcom Homepage »

Mar 31, 2008 6:32:21 am
Exellent stuff. I've actually seen one of these and it was being chased by two RAF Tornados at very high speed. As it passed overhead, my son saw it invert and keep on going! (I was driving a car att.)
Interestingly, the 3 lights underneath the ship I saw were all red.

by TheBryster Homepage »

Mar 31, 2008 11:28:09 am
Very mysterious and interesting. Sure would be great to know what's in those secret documents. Maybe we already do!

by llorna Homepage »

Mar 31, 2008 5:48:21 pm
Very interesting!! Great back story for the artwork!!

by csneller Homepage »

Mar 31, 2008 11:58:31 pm
Very cool work Dave and I concur with your observation and the cover-ups that have been occurring for decades.I have had some very telling close encounters and I know its a fact...
Excellent scene and thought provoking work..I will check on the links and thanks for the info..Peace buddy!

by highcrow Homepage »

Apr 1, 2008 11:40:20 pm
This is excellent Dave...I enjoyed this very much....I encountered a similar experience while taking a night walk by the lake with my sister in was enough to make us both stop dead in our tracks and just watch it....I don't know why the government chooses to keep such things from us and when we do report it, we're hallucinating....must be a lot of us crazies in this world then...too many of us have seen them....very well done Dave!

by shahlaa Homepage »

Apr 2, 2008 6:14:40 pm
well personally I know a few aliens myself of course, they live amoung us
and some of you know them also by name that is
george as coolcat///and dave lol::
dave I love it it's cool!!!!!!
hugss !!

by evielouise Homepage »

Apr 7, 2008 8:43:00 am
It is the very beautiful and very good image!

by DukeNukem2005 Homepage »

Apr 9, 2008 6:55:52 am
Wow spooky, enjoyable and very interesting!! Great work!! hugs Jane xx

by JaneEden Homepage »

Apr 13, 2008 9:16:29 am
we are not alone!! dark and mysterious scene!!!!

by voske Homepage »

May 13, 2008 2:35:52 pm
Excellent commentary!

by e-brink Homepage »

May 16, 2008 4:03:35 pm
Excellent work!

by VDH Homepage »

Jan 14, 2009 9:52:25 pm
Believable story and presentation!

Had a sighting about 30 years ago myself...near Grissom Airbase in Indiana.

"thought" I glimpsed something reflecting light in the sky...pulled over the car and got out to see what I was seeing.

Event lasted about 15 minutes...object was stationary above a cloud, slowly changed shape from angular to sperical...or it was slowly turning in place, and I was observing it's different sides?. Not sure what it was...but have always wanted to see something like it again someday.

by dashboard_jehovah Homepage »


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