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The artist and her model

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Been a good while since I posted a render.

I have been very busy studying for my degree. Still at the end of February, I should have completed enough subjects for the equivalent of first year. As a result, I am more a viewer of Renderosity than a poster. Most of my postings lately have been sunset and sunrise photos. This is also why I haven�t posted many comments.

I am always amazed by the quality of work of my fellow artists on Renderosity. I must admit I always have a look at Midnight Stories�s brilliant digital comic Oblivion, awadissk and jdehaven. Awadissk is a master of the female form, I am in total awe of his work. Jeff (jdehaven) does brilliant work and every so often has a rant about the popularity contest, which unfortunately can plague the galleries. Jeff, I can see where you are coming from, mind you, my work is never going to be good enough to get lots of comments. There are so many other brilliant artists on Renderosity, too many to list.

This render was done in Poser 5, the only post work was the signature using Gimp. Yes, people, I am quite primitive, have to finish my degree and get a good job before I invest in current generation software.

The models are Victoria 3 and the easel is part of the Christmas giveaway by Sams3d. Thank you for a great figure. All I did to get the image on the easel was to do a close up render and then using gimp, used a canvas filter and then pasted it onto the texture map for the easel, making sure I saved the map under a new name.

Have a great 2008 everyone and keep up the fantastic work.
January 15, 2008
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Image Comments

Jan 15, 2008 4:45:52 am
Beautifull!!! Great idea and very well done.

by drcebolleta Homepage »

Jan 15, 2008 5:28:34 am
Fantastic Image! Wonderful concept and beautifully rendered! EXCELLENT!!! 5+++

by stevey3d Homepage »

Jan 15, 2008 5:35:56 am
Splendid work. Excellent idea and render.

by Ehouarn Homepage »

Jan 15, 2008 6:09:49 am
Excellent work,

by ledwolorz Homepage »

Jan 15, 2008 2:00:35 pm
Criação magnifica , obra soberba, aplausos (5)

by flaviok Homepage »

Jan 15, 2008 3:59:38 pm
Very creative excellent work !!!

by Bossie_Boots Homepage »

Jan 15, 2008 7:34:26 pm

by MarciaGomes Homepage »

Jan 15, 2008 11:18:14 pm
Cool concept here, best of luck with your studies! You've chosen some great artists to view and learn from, and I'm sure in time you'll pick up more yourself. As for comments, Jeff's got the right idea, it's better to have a few constructive comments than a lot of mindless cut and pasted ones.

by chimera46 Homepage »

Jan 16, 2008 12:25:18 am
Excellent work, good idea !

by Philart Homepage »

Jan 18, 2008 10:32:28 pm
Oops, pinged by the moderators for my own stupid blunder and image taken offline for a couple of days.

Being my first image with true nudity, I made the idiotic mistake of letting Renderosity autocreate my thumbnail. All it does is a miniature of your image.

So just a tip to everyone, if nudity involved, make sure you create your own thumbnail so you don’t feel as big an idiot as me.

P.S. I know some folks get just a wee bit miffed at the moderators but IMHO they do a great and often thankless job. There was no unpleasantness in the way they contacted me and handled the issue. And without them, Renderosity would not be the fantastic site that it is. And the rules are up there for all to see, even if I had forgotten that little trap of auto-thumbnail creation.

by markon Homepage »

Jan 20, 2008 7:25:06 am
Fantastic artwork....

by scorpion9 Homepage »

Jan 22, 2008 3:48:42 pm

by awadissk Homepage »

Feb 18, 2008 12:37:31 am
well you've really out done yourself with this on. Great composition like the filter on the picture and you've done the lighting very well. Top marks markon and thanks from all the people here for you great support

by midnight_stories Homepage »

Mar 11, 2008 4:30:03 pm
Very interesting image!

by DukeNukem2005 Homepage »

Apr 5, 2008 10:45:04 am
Wow!!!Great idea and nice integration of photo and render.
Excellent work!!!

by sim3344 Homepage »

Apr 6, 2008 2:02:27 pm
Exellent idea and image....

by theconqueror Homepage »

Apr 16, 2008 10:13:50 am

by BenBischop Homepage »

Apr 27, 2008 5:46:40 am
Good render and pose.

by ragouc Homepage »

Apr 27, 2008 2:10:39 pm

by MagikUnicorn Homepage »

May 7, 2008 7:33:53 am
Intereresting idea, well-executed.

by cyberknight1133 Homepage »


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