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A True Diva [softdiva]

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This image is for a great friend of mine here, Margie. Margie lives up to her nick. Not only is she a kind, intelligent person, and a great conversationalist, but she's got a fantastic and soft singing voice herslf.I got inspired by a converation we had a couple nights ago, about the difference between pop culture figures, and true divas. The term has been manipulated and misused over time, to the point that nowadays, it's used to the direct opposite of its original meaning.

A true diva, IMHO, is a woman who has beauty, intelligence, skill, and class, and can be sexy, without making an obvious attempt in doing so. I hope you like my attempt at creating a real diva here Margie.

To update things from my last post, my appointment on Wednesday went well. I'm now scouting out some of the places in the city available to me. Now I can say it doesn't feel like a question of IF I move out, only where I go, and when I get there. :) This is the most..... optimistic I've felt about this in a very long time. Thanks to all my friends and family here for leaving such kind words, and great support. You guys are the greatest!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to view / read / comment. I deeply appreciate them all!!!

Love and hugs to everybody!!!

- Matt
August 24, 2007
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Image Comments

Aug 24, 2007 6:03:43 pm
Love the hair and outfit Matt...and so glad things are looking up for you.

Not sure the lighting really works for her on the stage, but I like it none the less. Super pose for this as well.

by jwiest Homepage »

Aug 24, 2007 6:13:03 pm
wow she is very beatiful and aweosme image go favs!!!:)

by angelbearzs Homepage »

Aug 24, 2007 6:38:37 pm
This is wonderful! Sure puts me in a singing mood and I'm sure Margie loves it!

by Skydancer917 Homepage »

Aug 24, 2007 6:56:43 pm
Excelente criação,belissima obra, aplausos (5)

by flaviok Homepage »

Aug 24, 2007 7:30:41 pm
OMG Matt, I'm speechless and you know that's unusual!!! Thank you sooo much for this dedication. I love it!! {{{{{{{{{{{Matt}}}}}}}}}} muahs, my friend!!!

I'm so happy to hear about your appointment on Wednesday!! Yay!!

Your friend always,

by softdiva Homepage »

Aug 24, 2007 7:37:42 pm
Oh Matt, she is a beautiful Diva and you have perfect lighting for her! Hope you find the perfect place buddy! hugzzzzzz

by 1010 Homepage »

Aug 24, 2007 7:54:25 pm
Yes I definitely have to agree with 1010..that lighting is perfect for her Matt! Such a beautiful dedi for a wonderful artist..and I'm so glad things are looking up for you:) hugs Sammi

by Broken_Lace Homepage »

Aug 24, 2007 8:42:42 pm

by MarciaGomes Homepage »

Aug 24, 2007 8:54:40 pm
Awesome render Matt!!! Glad things are starting to look up for ya!!!!

by sandraz63 Homepage »

Aug 24, 2007 10:41:04 pm
This is beautiful work. I especially enjoyed your take on a true diva. Thank you for sharing it.

by LdyNascarFan48 Homepage »

Aug 24, 2007 11:18:28 pm
What a awesome render Matt....beautiful work here .....I am glad that things are finally working out for you ...
big hugz

by CaperGirl42 Homepage »

Aug 25, 2007 10:26:07 am
I am so glad things are looking up for you Matt.You deserve it man.BEautiful work my friend

by B_PEACOCK Homepage »

Aug 25, 2007 12:33:10 pm
Gorgeous Diva!!!! I think that lighting is perfect for her it makes the image looks a little misterious and magic!!!!

by Lhya Homepage »

Aug 27, 2007 9:22:34 pm
Gorgeous gal! Good luck on the move!!! I missed my youngest daughter (24) horrible when she moved out to be near her college. We got together often. She adopted three stray kittens and that helped her feel less lonely. Adopt an unwanted animal from a shelter when you move out!!!

by drifterlee Homepage »

Aug 30, 2007 9:01:44 pm
Great image !! Fantastic lighting and pose !!

by Nuria Homepage »

Sep 3, 2007 8:03:35 pm
She certainly looks like a true diva. She is just beautiful!...Shannon :}

by shanpoo Homepage »

Sep 4, 2007 1:17:54 am
Wonderful and powerful artwork!

by lior Homepage »

Sep 4, 2007 3:29:38 pm
Awesome Matt! Love your idea as well!!

by swtmelode Homepage »

Sep 7, 2007 7:11:52 pm
Glad to read things went well for you. My the Diva sing you a happy and long lasting song.

by comjek Homepage »

Sep 9, 2007 11:25:38 am
Lovely and well done diva image, great setting also.

by magnus073 Homepage »

Sep 10, 2007 9:09:05 pm
Great image and huge hugs to you my friend :)

by -BrandyE- Homepage »

Sep 10, 2007 11:27:18 pm
gorgeous work love the lighting and fabulous colors!

by kimariehere Homepage »

Sep 12, 2007 2:29:40 pm
missing shadows on the floor but i like the before the curtain goes up lighting..nice bod good fried to have for all the reasons you wrote and eye candy a plus.

Amazing great job! 5++
This has Vision Imagination Creativity and Excellence

Its my next to my last post thank you for all your support

by vice Homepage »

Sep 14, 2007 9:49:04 pm
Nice pose! Good to hear your doing better!!! (((HUGS)))

by Cinnamon369 Homepage »

Sep 17, 2007 7:57:28 pm
Very nice image. I like all the details. Really beautiful!

by DanB-Creations Homepage »


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