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Jungle Terrain

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A simple jungle scene. Not perfect but I'm pleased with the results. Maybe I should have added some animals. Vue6 Esprit with no postwork. Thanks for viewing and comments as always.
June 18, 2007
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Image Comments

Jun 18, 2007 11:15:40 pm
Simple?! That's awesome! Are those Vue trees, or did you find them/buy them somewhere? Great image - love the lighting - well done all around!

by thundering1 Homepage »

Jun 18, 2007 11:25:53 pm
Nice work, particularly using Esprit. I like the moss/vines on the trees in the background a lot, and the atmosphere really brings out the jungle feeling.

by eldritch48 Homepage »

Jun 18, 2007 11:27:54 pm
Great work on the lighting and atm!

by blankfrancine Online Now!   Homepage »

Jun 18, 2007 11:32:41 pm
Wow, one of the scenes in Vue I ever saw, absolut perfect !!!!!!!!!!

by wusel Homepage »

Jun 18, 2007 11:38:43 pm
Excellent work. It looks perfect to me, in all aspects.

by Rutra Homepage »

Jun 18, 2007 11:41:22 pm
Great image.

by frogster Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 12:21:34 am
Superb use of lightning and foliage. Great!

by Cybertenko Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 12:34:55 am
Very good. Better without animals, no?

by Domi48 Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 12:42:44 am
An awesome scene - all ready to give great support to the actors as they present their story.
But where is that story?

Looking forward to a story soon.

by jc Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 12:46:07 am
Superb, I agrees with Domi48, it's perfect without animal, the jungle is not a zoo.

by EA Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 12:54:31 am
Some of the realest trees I have seen.Absolutly stunning work!

by Trepz Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 1:05:59 am
This is excellent! Especially the tree trunks are amazingly realistic!! Fantastic work!!

by gerberc Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 1:27:27 am
Wow, stunning! Look this crowded look with all the plants!

by cauchy Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 2:19:15 am
Best looking trees I've seen in ages. I like the backlighting on the ferns too

by FrankT Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 2:21:42 am
Do not touch a thing. It is absolutely perfect and sooooo gorgeous. 5++++++. I am adding this to my fav images list. Awesome work.

by garyandcatherine Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 2:25:56 am
very realistic render - bravo

by Umbetro38 Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 3:03:24 am
Excellent work!

by kenwas Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 3:05:45 am
Oh my goodness, this is amazing and so convincingly real! Lovely and breath-taking!

by MKeyes Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 3:19:12 am
I always find it quite strange that jungle and forests always look so thrown together in real life and yet it's very difficult to achieve a realistic one in Vue, but I believe this is as close as one can get, is it an eco or are the plants and trees placed by hand or a bit of both, awesome work looks amazing .

by chrispoole Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 3:23:07 am

by EhsanA Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 4:28:57 am
It perfect why spoil it with anything else, well done :)

by 3Dillusions Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 5:02:31 am
superb work !

by athesdan Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 5:16:54 am
Stunning jungle scene!! Well done.

by FrenchKiss Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 5:19:12 am
Itīs a perfect scene without animals.

by bejopalu Homepage »

Jun 19, 2007 6:24:21 am
Awesome. This is beautiful and realistic and inviting.

by calico1 Homepage »


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