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Tomb Raider In The Temple Of Despair

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This is my first submission, I thought it was time to start sharing & being a part of the community. This was from a series I did for a friend who loves the Tomb Raider movies. This one is of Laura Croft stumbling upon a legion of zombies. I only hope I can live up to the standards the other artists have set here eventually. Thanks for looking,
Dave aka magnus073

Worldbase-Xtreme Kit by Harvey Mann
Temple Ruine,Vicky,Updo Hairstyle 2, Grim by Daz
Movie Collection - Treasure Hunter by Pretty3D
April 23, 2007
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Image Comments

Apr 24, 2007 1:01:18 am
Very good job...excelllllent;)*****.

by FUNJOKER Homepage »

Apr 24, 2007 3:10:03 am
Great first posting. I just hope she's got enough ammo.

by danamongden Homepage »

Apr 24, 2007 5:15:16 am
great image and great Lara!!

by netlion66 Homepage »

Apr 26, 2007 11:26:18 pm
Well done!

by Denys234 Homepage »

Apr 30, 2007 9:17:09 pm
Go Laura! ;0) Heztia

by Heztia Homepage »

May 3, 2007 7:17:12 pm
Great first post!!

by CleonXXI Homepage »

Jul 26, 2007 5:44:16 pm
This is a very well posed scene. Very clear what's going on. +5

by 3Dsmacker Homepage »

Aug 4, 2007 8:14:01 am
I used to be a TombRaider's games fanatic and everything concerned with Lara is a reminder of full nights spent exploring Egyptian temples and London dark streets, shivering and shaking, on the look-out for enemies !...
What you've done is absolutely fantastic in that regard, a good incentive to play those fabulous games again !
Have a good day Dave , it was nice reading your latest mail this morning...the follow-up to be read in your mail box :-) Hope you're fine today.

by KarmaSong Homepage »

Aug 5, 2007 4:19:14 pm
Super action scene !!

by pops Homepage »

Aug 30, 2007 8:18:13 pm
Excellent action scene and render, excellent posing and composition, it looks great

by Daramski Homepage »

Nov 13, 2007 9:53:45 am
Awesome Dave, I just use those ruins ... cool action !

by DRAKELOT Homepage »

Nov 23, 2007 1:10:07 pm

yeah! i like this one excellent action...i want to be a lara *LOL*...great work you..kisses

by Minda Homepage »

Dec 10, 2007 6:19:40 pm
Stunning work!

by Darkwish Homepage »

Jan 2, 2008 7:20:14 pm
Nice work on the Raider!,She looks fantastic Nice Image,.CHEERs.

by ubald Homepage »

Jan 8, 2008 4:00:07 am
Wow! Very beautiful picture!

by DukeNukem2005 Homepage »

Jan 28, 2008 7:11:05 pm
Excellent Lara Croft Artwork!
Your first post April 23th :)
My Mother birthday :)

by MagikUnicorn Homepage »

Feb 4, 2008 2:05:45 am
Well donew picture again

by erlandpil Homepage »

Feb 14, 2008 8:59:08 pm
Muito leagl!

by Eleandras Homepage »

Mar 28, 2008 7:00:03 am
Absolutely wonderful image! My husband loves the Tomb Raider video games, and I like to watch him play them, this is uncannily like the games! You captured the mood of the games very well with this render!! Great job!!

by tbcmhhsexton Homepage »

Mar 28, 2008 5:24:05 pm
Great action picture! I am so glad i decided to browse through your past =)

by ldynghtwng Homepage »

May 9, 2008 8:11:02 pm
You nailed this!

by Lunastar Homepage »

Jun 17, 2008 11:44:15 am
Excelente cena de ação, ficou muito bem elaborada e tambám sou fã da Lara.

by JeffersonAF Homepage »

Jun 30, 2008 12:18:54 pm
This is a great Render Dave. :)
Very different. But definately cool.
And it isw good handwork too on the composition.

by LBJ2 Homepage »

Jul 1, 2008 8:11:35 pm
Este trabajo me encanta, Dave, muy buena ambientación!

by Jaml Homepage »

Sep 14, 2008 9:58:24 pm
Dave, I'm glad I took the time to look through your gallery and see some of your early work. It's very good, and very detailed. Excellent and auspicious start to your gallery.

by Seaview123 Homepage »


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