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The Burden of a Knight

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If I could only have been here when you were in such need, I would have moved the earth and sky to keep you from such pain, but I was not here, so I could not stop you from hurting. Even now I know that I can not keep the world from touching you, it is not within my power. I am one man, noble as I may choose to be in my finer moments, I alone can do little to stem the tide of suffering in this vast world. But whatever little I can do, I will do with all my heart. If by word or deed I can ease the pains or keep one soul from one more harm, then my calling is fulfilled and my burden is lighter. Just to know I have touched a life or brought a smile, if even for a moment, is for me far greater than gold or jewels. Your smile is my treasure and the moments that you forget your pain are my wealth. Your hope and peace make my burden one that I can gladly bear.

In honor of a certain Princess on a day of honor, I share a little of my darkness along with a little of my light. May the pathway ahead of you be brighter than the road behind. My God grant you special blessings in the many years to come.

And for all who suffer in this world, just know that you are not alone and that there are those of us who truly care.
December 16, 2006
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Image Comments

Dec 16, 2006 3:39:25 am
Special... !!
Good combi of sky and light

by efron_241 Homepage »

Dec 16, 2006 3:42:09 am
wowww, so beautiful work and excellent composition and color, I like this mood with this warrior!!! Fantastic render my friend and good day ;)

by Valerie-Ducom Homepage »

Dec 16, 2006 5:27:48 am
George, My True Knight. I know that every single word here is from your heart. A beautiful image from our beloved Guardian. Thank you George for this work, thank you for being in our lives on this special day for Goha. May God bless all of us today and always. My love, my hugs, to you.. to dearest Rebecca and the glorious garden... Diane.

by rainbows Homepage »

Dec 16, 2006 6:02:03 am
OH KNIGHT ! I AM IN TEARS ! ;-)SO GOOD TEARS(BTW I should be in school not in tears LOL) a lot to filled my thoughts my dear - and I am very grateful because I was a bit empty at last weeks -ah I am back from the Castle ;-)

"But you can do no wrong
You're the princess of the universe
You're a beacon of light when the sun is gone
You're the princess of the universe

Well, you ain't got a man who can touch what you got
But you're looking for a subject that can fill that slot
When the count is down, I want to step in time
And when your fingers pop, I want to tow that line " so where is he LOL smile;D

and now polish Princess will tell you my story:
it this is wrong - sorry I translated this alone ;D you know...
I am sensetive Princess - but not very wise - but hey I have my people to make this ! I guess they are lazy but I love them so they are still with me ;-)

" last Knights will fade away
they will follow the wind
In the countries of asleep cities
just like a dream and charm...

I will be dreaming my fairy tale
I'll come back here - again
But how ?
In Dark Castles-are secretive treasures
the horses run in the silence of fogs
Who does know the right way?
But who dare to stop them in this race ...

In old devasted walls of the dark castle will win the greatest LoVe and great tears on joy

In cold glance of stars
Beautiful Knights in silver armours
They rise
Over night, over dream, over time..
they leads me to my Prince

I will be dreamin my fairy tail
I shall be here again
where the second part of my heart is
where I belong from the beginning"

Knight sometimes I am not sure - is this real or only words to art - Di said it is from your heart-but you cannot stop alone all world - we know it - and I know but I suffer and let the thing and people to hurt me - but it is not my wish - I just have no armour -
and I don't want you to be sad for me that you cannot stop it - you have a lot to do for your Garden and the rest like in my words in fave
to feel more it is a great thing and curse - the take a weight on the world on shoulders- we are like people to make sisyphean work - I am tired with this but you and Di are stabile - wherever you are - it is sometimes t is too less but enough to stop me at the same point - this between good / bad,darkness/light
be happy and proud- even if I am not total preson - - we are not for ourselfs- we need to build - sisn't it for God ? and with his wish ? you cannot tell me that I can exist like this becaise it is not live and I assure you when I am happy I can do much more good for others then when I am sad and broken
hey - is this comment LOL - I guess not=

by wildgoha Homepage »

Dec 16, 2006 7:37:19 am
Beautiful and impressive! Terrific work!

by Stardust_Crossing Homepage »

Dec 16, 2006 4:32:00 pm
It is a very touching dedi for Goha, both poetic and graphical. Excellent!

by busi2ness Homepage »

Dec 17, 2006 1:06:57 pm
woh, very deep and meaningful....really really nice...

by Kerbad Homepage »

Dec 30, 2006 4:19:15 pm
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L image. 5+. Happy new year my dear friend. E-onsoftware's Vue is it.

by Fidelity2 Homepage »


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