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No Fishing

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Something a bit different for me! I created this image quite a while ago, and just forgot it in a folder. (I know, some might be saying "He should have left it there"!) LOL
But, I used a photo taken in Key West, Florida the Southern most part of the US, and I postworked these guys into the scene! I always have trouble doing something like this, but I thought I'd give it a try. I had a story for this one also but I forgot it! LOL

Credits: M3 (with my morphs) and the Marauder outfit by DAZ, M3 Get Real Poses by ElvenAxe, and the BG photo is from my Tropical Keys BGs also available at

Have a Great day, and Thank you all for your very generous comments for my last image!

December 7, 2006
Science Fiction
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Image Comments

Dec 7, 2006 3:55:17 pm
LOL! I love the look on that guy on the right, "What'ya mean no fishing???!" LOL! Awesome.

by papachile Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 3:58:09 pm
Beautiful work

by gattone_blu Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 3:58:31 pm
Great image. Love all the guys here. LOL But i have to ask too, why no fishing? And what not fishing? Nice guys maybee? LOL

by Ladonna Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 4:06:59 pm
thanks for showing us Key West

That is the great thing about internet.. seeing places one would otherwise never see

by efron_241 Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 4:24:42 pm
..."But we're huuungrrry!!" I'd say hey, now you are guests. Go fish;-)
Nice smooth combo of Poser and real!

by lwperkins Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 4:24:46 pm
LoL....fantatic idea!

by Surama Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 4:30:35 pm
You did a great job!! They blend just right. Like they should be there!! I always do my images in pieces, so if ya need help just let me know. tonz of hugz

by Kinouk Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 4:32:54 pm
Looks good and you have done a great job with the shadows!!!!!!!

by drifterlee Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 4:34:48 pm
what a motley crew - lol. And it looks like a residential area on the right to boot anyway, no wonder there's no fishing.

by nucks Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 4:36:41 pm
Great fun image Rob :)

by Star4mation Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 4:38:40 pm
Great stuff my friend love it................

by shadowking1957 Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 4:42:24 pm
LOL This is a great image!! Your postwork on getting them into the picture is excellent!

by rebelmommy Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 4:43:37 pm
Well, I know that I could never combine poser and photo like this!!! I'm so impressed with the shadows in this one!!! EXCELLENT!

by prog Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 4:48:45 pm
Well, with those guys on patrol, I think I'll pass on the fishing pole and get a gun, lol Excellent Rob...........

by 1010 Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 5:22:37 pm
Excellent image. 5+.

by Fidelity2 Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 5:36:56 pm
Fantastic work as always!!!!!!!!!

by awadissk Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 5:43:18 pm
wow she is very beatiful image!!!!

by angelbearzs Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 6:01:17 pm
Excellent and very impressive!!!! Wonderful posing and outfits and your background is excellent as always!!! Hugs Ute

by Syltermermaid Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 6:08:49 pm
Looks like they forgot their fishin' gear...bummer, I guess they will just have to eat human tonight ! nice compositing job ~Cheers~ :o)

by jif3d Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 6:17:33 pm
Great looking characters my friend and I just love the background..Beautiful work.

by 1hawks1 Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 6:20:35 pm
Very cool and original characters, Rob! Pity you don't remember the story for this one, because I am now curious about it - lol :)

by Azr1el Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 8:21:56 pm
great job of putting it all together rob, sweet job!

by eekdog Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 9:20:31 pm
I like all the varations on the Maurder gear to achieve different effects and it's rather a nice render bringing to mind all sorts of fun stories to go with it ^^

by CrimsonDesire Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 10:47:14 pm
I would have thought that FLA was being invaded teehee!! Awesome work hun!!!

by msebonyluv Homepage »

Dec 8, 2006 12:18:44 am
Your shadow work, light & color matching, and creative charactters and costumes makes this a photo real, fun, and artistic render!

by mcv Homepage »


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