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Okay, I'm a little stuck.

I'd really like your opinion on a kind of Andy Warhol-like creation of a vineyard I've made. I'm having a hard time deciding which version is best. If you have any thoughts, or simply just a *vote - let me know, I would love to hear from you :)

All the best to everyone and have a great week...
December 5, 2006
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Image Comments

Dec 5, 2006 11:56:25 am
The 4th is the best,IMHO.

by Nuno Homepage »

Dec 5, 2006 12:23:39 pm
I would go with the bottom one, but add in the sky from the top one. That would keep everything in a similar color family and create and overal harmony. I would try darkening the cheese a tiny bit too.
Nice work!

by TwoPynts Homepage »

Dec 5, 2006 12:58:35 pm
Agree with Nuno...great done!!Bravo!*V*:DDD.Hugsxx.Happy Xmas!!

by Mondwin Homepage »

Dec 5, 2006 2:26:01 pm
Beautiful work

by gattone_blu Homepage »

Dec 5, 2006 8:22:47 pm
Wow every one of them is great honestly! I would pick the second one down, because it has a light color which seems more cheerful, and the rainbow effect works beautifully with it as well. The concept is excellent, and it certainly looks like a wonderful ad which depicts the pleasure you bring into your home with a nice bottle of wine! Outstanding work!

by Axeye Homepage »

Dec 6, 2006 8:13:18 am
On balance I prefer number four. The lighting enables the rainbow to integrate whilst keeping the eye concentrated within the picture. It does, though, raise questions as to what is the subjectmatter of the image.
The bottom one might become the stronger with some slight adjustment, as the sharper contrast is not only more dramatic but suggests grapes and wine are the subject. For this, the colour of the barrel immediately behind the wine glass would need changing to better differentiate and possibly to give vitality. Grapes, wine and barrels are properly associative.
Dare I now be a little critical of your thumbnail? It lead me to expect a different kind of picture.

by clifftoppler Homepage »

Dec 6, 2006 1:23:55 pm
They all have a unique beauty, all of them are nice!!!!!!!!!!

by awadissk Homepage »

Dec 6, 2006 4:38:20 pm
I like 2 myself..Beautiful work my friend. 5+++

by 1hawks1 Homepage »

Dec 7, 2006 11:16:30 am
I like 4
So wery nice artwork!

Have a nice evening,

by lior Homepage »

Dec 11, 2006 7:58:41 pm
I'm sure you will get many different choices, I like them all but really like the third one. All are delightful!

by 1010 Homepage »

Dec 22, 2006 7:44:22 pm
I think it looks great as is. The combo does have an Andy Warhol look.

by Hotroadrunner Homepage »

Dec 26, 2006 7:35:52 pm
Hmm... this is hard... If I had to pick, I'd choose the 2nd one because:
1. The transition of color from the bottom left side into the field is smooth.
2. Even though frame 4 has a similarly smooth transition, the color of the field in frame 4 seems a *bit* too saturated.
3. The house in frame 2 has realistic colors, whic is more appealing than the amber-colored houses.
4. The glowing light between the left and right sides has a dreamy quality. ;)

This is a beautiful composite, I really like what you did. :D

by Angelsinger Homepage »

Dec 29, 2006 3:12:30 am
It's hard to choose for me from the first one (vine and blood :) ) and the botom one...
I choose the first one !
Great compo.

by Ondoval Homepage »

Jan 1, 2007 10:04:49 pm
Well, my preference go to the 4th. Great job.

by bruelmcbeal Homepage »

Jan 5, 2007 3:15:27 pm
Excelent job.

by juca Homepage »

Jan 9, 2007 9:36:37 pm
I think thsi is fantastic work! Really wonderful experiment with light and colour!!! 5+++

by cole4965 Homepage »

Jan 14, 2007 12:39:52 pm
Tough decision, they are all wonderful! IMHO, #3 in the middle! seems to me to fit the foreground better! Great idea!

by boris0317 Homepage »

Jan 17, 2007 5:57:51 pm
I would have to say 3rd one. I adore fall and thats the feeling it gives me, harvest time, peace and relaxation. :o)

by Cinnamon369 Homepage »

Jan 19, 2007 6:19:59 am
A hard choice!I will said the last one,because the general tone give a more warm and "friendly" feeling to the whole picture,but all are great picture!

by cyanure Homepage »

Jan 29, 2007 8:41:16 am
Number two for me, it strikes a good balance between yellows and browns on the left and blues and green on the right. 4 is good, but there's a blue tinge to the vineyard there that doesn't quite look right.

In any event I kind of like them all put together like this myself. Gret work.

by chimera46 Homepage »

Feb 1, 2007 3:01:48 pm
I like 4!
Great variations!!!

by carlx Homepage »

Feb 2, 2007 12:45:41 am
All of them are very nice, but I prefer the 4th one.

by sisostris Homepage »

Feb 4, 2007 7:34:02 pm
I like the second one down. Nice work!

by Renderholic Homepage »

Feb 5, 2007 1:10:35 am
Actually, Warhol would have put them all on the same canvas, even as you have done here, as they all expressed some vital aspect of the process of creation. and it would let you get the most bang for your buck out of the whole thing.

If you make me choose, it would be number 3 from the top, as it seems to incorporate a nice harmony in the palette, while giving proper focus between the foreground "table" elements and the background of the vineyard. Good stuff, all round, anyway.

by jedraft Homepage »

Feb 8, 2007 1:49:05 pm
Second - excellent stuff

by pruiz Homepage »


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