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Yellow for my partner

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Just a quick deviation from the lions and I hope you find the masked weaver (Ploceus velatus) or Maskenweber in German very colorful. The male builds the nest and entices the females to join him. She will inspect the nest and either rip it apart or just leave if she does not like the new home. The male is the one hanging underneath. I am glad I am not a masked weaver, LOL!

This photo is also dedicated to a close friend Marie who is going through a tough time.

I plan one or two photos with close up detail of a lion.

Thank you for views and comments on The young ones

December 1, 2006
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Canon EOS 30D
Shutter Speed
100/16000 sec
F Number
Focal Length
85 mm

Image Comments

Dec 1, 2006 8:35:37 am
Really a splendid dedication...bravo!:DDD.Hugsxx...Merry Xmas Dear Friend!!!

by Mondwin Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 8:46:46 am
they are so beautiful and first class capture Piet. that is the way of humans also is it not. one or the other slaves to make a home and often the other partner is tearing it down

by Richardphotos Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 8:53:45 am
Great shot of these colorful birds in action. It must be tough sometimes to be a male masked weaver!

by lil_sizzler Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 8:58:46 am
Home-owner-builders here. Beautiful... Aloha

by sharky_ Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 9:01:49 am
another excellent image well done piet

by kelvinhughes Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 9:04:46 am
Piet..... this is a wonderful capture. Congratulations!!! A great shot for a dedication. Well done!

by monjo71 Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 9:12:43 am
What wonder!... This is really beautiful!!!! Hugsss.Delia

by morghana Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 9:13:28 am
Wowwwww, I lkie so much these birds and what color!!!! Excellent Piet and good day ;)

by Valerie-Ducom Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 9:14:35 am
Congratulation for a wonderfult picture

by erlandpil Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 9:15:32 am
Birds at work... wonderful capture, Oom Piet ! Not so often that you see such bright colored birds in the wild...
Excellent photo !

by GiMi53 Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 9:30:11 am
wonderful! Brilliant details, colors...super image!

by Petra-S Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 9:36:45 am
Beautiful and very interesting! The animals don't have to think to know what is good for them! :)

by Ionel Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 9:39:59 am
Wow! That's a breathtaking capture with unbelievable colors. All available thumbs up and then some.

by kjpweb Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 9:41:25 am
Oh my...what beautiful birds! And the poor males, LOL! If that were the case in the human population there would be a lot of demolished homes--though we do have a tendency to "spruce things up" a bit, don't we? So sad to say that here in this part of the States our birds are mostly black and brown. Now you've got me thinking of looking for that illusive cardinal......

by VelvetMoxie Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 9:47:51 am
Excellent capture! The flash fill really brought out the colours and nest. It is amazing how these nests can withstand strong winds, and they don't use glue. Lovely photo!

by antong Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 10:17:25 am
An awesome capture! Not only is it great for color and detail and pov, but for the fact these are birds and birds of this size are always difficult to get good clean shots of. This is gorgeous!

by MrsLubner Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 10:50:47 am
Tremendous photograhy and a very interesting piece of natural history.

by meico Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 11:08:30 am
Brilliant colors and nice detail. The birds are positioned like a ying-yang which I think adds movement to the image. :0)

by odie Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 11:09:27 am
Wow!!!! great capture again!!! these birds are beautiful!!! Bravo Piet!!!

by Loloe Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 11:34:59 am
What an excellent capture. Very crisp and the colors really stand out. ;o)

by valcali Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 11:37:12 am
Nice deviation, and a great shot. Such beauty in nature. ;-)

by Flannelman Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 11:39:53 am
Love how the strong yellow color of the birds (especially the closer one) contrasts the very blue sky. Great shot with lots of details.

by _Guffi_ Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 11:55:10 am
Very cool shot!

by morningglory Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 12:08:30 pm
Beautiful capture and gorgeous looking birdies, superb work Piet !! :)

by Enmos Homepage »

Dec 1, 2006 12:13:13 pm
Excellent work Piet!! You keep amazing me: English, Afrikaans, Nederlands and now German. What's more to come...;-)

by wastl001 Homepage »


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