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n. 1. signs or results of an event or occurrence considered collectively, esp. of a catastrophe or disaster: the aftermath of war.
October 29, 2006
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Image Comments

Oct 29, 2006 5:57:50 pm
Thats a cool shot, in a strange kind of way, as I have no idea what this may be. Do I dare ask, what is that? :).

by _Guffi_ Homepage »

Oct 29, 2006 6:07:56 pm
Cheers Guffi, no problem- it is actually the aftermath of a fire/explosion on an industrial site. The "grass" is not grass at all but melted synthetic fibres which gives the creepy, organic look. The site in question happens to be in the shadow of the Heysham Head Nuclear Reactor which also gets one thinking...

by McDod Homepage »

Oct 29, 2006 7:36:30 pm
Heck of a lot more impact after one knows what one is looking at! Awesome shot .. How did you manage to get close enough to get this one? And .. Ummm .. do you detect a glowing at night?

by three_grrr Homepage »

Oct 29, 2006 10:24:37 pm
what a bizarre intriging..bravo my friend!!

by easyjobrob Homepage »

Oct 29, 2006 11:12:02 pm
Very bizarre like Rob said. But it sure makes for a stunning abstract. Even though i love those bright B&W still a bit curious to how this looks like in color. #:o) Have a great day. #:o)

by Zacko Homepage »

Oct 29, 2006 11:24:08 pm
Wow... *blinks* synthetic fibers...

That close to the nuclear plant... *shivers, just remembering Chernobyl*

You got more guts than me.. that's for sure. No way in hell I'd get close enough to a site like this to get that kind of shot. O.O

Still, though... VERY nice shot, even if abstract (and i don't tend to like abstract usually). The starkness of this one gives the good desolated feel.

by Seliah Homepage »

Oct 30, 2006 1:44:11 am
shivering.... what a story... no way I would go near... and never have seen syntetic fibers behaving like some strange pelt

by mermaid Homepage »

Oct 30, 2006 3:52:03 am
Very nice and beautiful picture, I like this natural texture!!! Excellent!!! Good day ;)

by Valerie-Ducom Homepage »

Oct 30, 2006 3:56:13 am
three grrr- some local vandals had kindly prepared an entrance in the fence for me! No glowing as yet but I have noticed a third arm growing out of the centre of my back which is a little odd!...

Zacko- good point. Yeah, I did try some colour which was interesting but I preferred this one. May post something at a later date though.

Thanks guys...

by McDod Homepage »

Oct 30, 2006 5:47:50 am
Curly hairy random geometry, entropy increased here a lot; nice.

by geomkit Homepage »

Jun 13, 2007 2:40:09 pm
I can only guess at the colour but I like the B/W organic feel that is mysterious.

Thank you for sharing. egmont

by cameraobscura2 Homepage »

Aug 1, 2007 11:12:50 am
How did you get an interior shot of my refrigerator?? That is that stunning image--very creative and has great sophistication in the composition,tone,and resonance !

by robotalk Homepage »

Oct 6, 2007 4:00:00 pm
Fabulous textures and this B§W is perfect!

by Janiss Homepage »

Jul 30, 2008 2:35:06 pm
Great composition! Excellent work...

by katy555 Homepage »


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