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Let There Be Light

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This picture was taken in Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon near Page, Arizona, on the Diné (Navajo) Reservation. It was carved out of sandstone by the rushing waters of the monsoon rains. It reminds me of the fact that photographers could not make images without a gift from God: light. This image has won several awards. The very scene itself was a gift. I was finished taking pictures that day, or so I thought. But there was a small group of people by the entrance, and one person had a tripod set up. So I turned around to see what he was taking a picture of, and this is what I saw. The wind was kicking up fiercely that day, and there was a lot of sand and dust in the air. The sand got into my cameras and wrecked two camera bodies. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Prints of some images are available at

I apologize for my very long absence. I have been incredibly busy, but I hope to be here more often in the future. I have missed all of you.
August 19, 2006
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Image Comments

Aug 19, 2006 6:43:30 am
You almost feel like if you walked over there you would have a direct route to heaven! Not surprised is has won awards....this is one gorgeous shot!

by morningglory Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 6:49:22 am
Gorgeous photo. Must have been a thrill to experience this place.

by kansas Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 7:09:06 am
Beautiful !

by NekhbetSun Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 7:25:32 am
Very nice shot indeed!

by Biffowitz Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 7:25:57 am
wish i could go there!! excellent work!

by doneydonydone Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 7:27:24 am
WOW! What a effect!!! Fantastic lights!

by Beniu Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 7:30:31 am
Wow! I thought you did it with postwork! Incredible!

by louly Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 7:59:31 am
Fantastic photo of incredible atmosphere......!!!!

by RodolfoCiminelli Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 8:26:12 am

by Artzy Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 8:55:38 am
Excellent Pat. Many would kill for a chance for a shot like this.
Perfect composure, contrast and lighting.

by ariz Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 9:44:06 am
Oh Yeah!!!! Very worth the destruction of a camera!!!! I would love to capture something like this!!!! I've never been there, but would love to go, just to see something like this!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

by bentchick Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 10:00:30 am
amazingly beautiful shot

by SoulSearcherr Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 10:47:02 am
Good title. Amazing shot. Looks almost like water pouring in because it is so intense.

by mollymaye Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 12:29:02 pm

by Vasilij203 Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 12:31:48 pm
That is breathtaking.

by lakefaerie Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 12:45:34 pm
And an award winner this should be! Everyone once in awhile a shot comes by that makes being a photog. such a pleasure...and this one is among those! Love the colors and POV on this shot, those rays just complete this heavenly shot! Aloha!

by Punaguy Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 1:12:32 pm
lovely image

by ultimatemale Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 1:17:30 pm is incredible

by oldworld Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 3:07:11 pm
I saw many picture of this corner of the Canyon, but I never saw a version like this!!!The rays are stunning!!!It's hard to believe they are real!!!!Impressive photo!!!

by Aral3D Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 4:29:30 pm
What an incredible shot! It's like something out of a Science Fiction or fantasy movie. Ironic that the very dust that made the light-rays so prominent would also destroy the cameras in the act of capturing this incredible sight!

by danamo Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 5:10:24 pm
This is one of those moments in time that makes you stop and appricate life. A real gift.

by drag Online Now!   Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 5:15:49 pm
an extraordinary pic, looks unreal.

by wingnut55 Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 6:35:07 pm
Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!

by amorales Homepage »

Aug 19, 2006 9:12:45 pm
Your picture looks like what you see on postcards. Excellent!

by stoneac Homepage »

Aug 20, 2006 12:35:25 am
WOW!! this is an absolute dream !!! awesome find and capture of this magical place !!! .... one to be REAL PROUD OF!!

by kimariehere Homepage »


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