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Women Trouble

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The blonde goddess moved to the back of the carriage and knelt to where the driver had been thrown. “Vanessa,” she said softly as she removed the driver’s hat and exposed a thick braid of shining black hair, “Are you all right?”

“Yes, my lady. The wind knocked out of me is all,” the driver girl responded weakly.

“Two fresh females and a bark eater! Hogdin think my Septeen will have a good time tonight,” the ogre snorted as he rushed the two women at the back of the carriage. Whether it was that Arumbus was still distracted by the noblewoman’s beauty, or the horrid thought of what nine war ogres would do to her if caught, the result was the same: the wood elf lost his timing and the ogre reached the two women before he could notch and let loose another arrow. The ogre scooped both women up, one in each arm and at the same time placed the edge of his axe up to the neck of the beautiful blond noblewoman.

“Bark eater,” the beast snarled, “lay down your bow, or the blood of this pretty thing will be on your hands.” To emphasize the point, he nicked her neck slightly under her jaw with the axe. A trickle of blood meandered down her creamy neck and down the top of her breasts that swelled temptingly above her low cut dress.

“Ogre!” the blond hissed, all traces of her sweet voice and femininity completely gone, “You will rue the day that you drew the blood of Salina, Daughter of King Stallworth, heir to the throne of greater Permia, and master in the magic art of Tember.”

Excerpt from: "An Archers Tale"

Legends of Mernac -

I pulled this out of "somewhere on my HD" - this was my first real render.. I remeber it actually took me weeks with the postwork - I have learned so much since then - unfortunately not that much about rendered art (hehe) - it still takes me forever to do a peice - In any case I hope you like it. - Rick

Mostly Daz stuff and my first attempts at morphs and touching up textures
July 28, 2006
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Image Comments

Jul 28, 2006 6:27:43 pm
I love the colors and detail. Well done. :)

by XoxoTree Homepage »

Jul 28, 2006 6:36:18 pm
that is goreous scene and excelllent image:)

by angelbearzs Homepage »

Jul 28, 2006 7:01:57 pm

by pops Homepage »

Jul 28, 2006 7:05:48 pm
Great pose, well done!

by daimasei Homepage »


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