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Turbulent Sky

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This photo was taken from my car about 15 minutes before both the moon arose and a lightning storm occurred simultaneously - and literally beside each other on the horizon. It was an awesome sight to behold!

If I could ever time a photo to take in a lightning strike - that would be sweet. Oh well, the comfort of the front seat of my car had to suffice.

Hope you enjoy.
July 11, 2006
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Image Comments

Jul 11, 2006 7:02:49 pm
Beautiful photo and I love watching lighting too!

by dayna2 Homepage »

Jul 11, 2006 7:13:23 pm
It sure looks like a beautiful photo....although i gotta say that itīs too big for my personal taste. Whenever i see a photo as big as this one, and i end up having to scroll in every direction it takes away from that "Ooomph-effect" one can get when viewing a photo that fit ones screen. And i can notice some grain and noise as well that wouldnīt be so visible if you were to make it smaller. Besides, if you make it smaller you donīt have to cut back so much on quality to get the picture to be less than 500kb in filesize. I usually try to never go bigger than 1000 pixels in width unless iīm posting a panorama when i feel that scrolling is part of the "viewing-pleasure". My God, will ya look at this ramble, LOL. If i were to sum this up: I like your photo, i think the sky looks incredible, but i think i would like it even more if i could see it all at once. #:o) Have a great day!

by Zacko Homepage »

Jul 11, 2006 7:14:44 pm
have a lot of depth to this, cool shot

by jocko500 Homepage »

Jul 11, 2006 7:22:06 pm
I love the colors in this awesome capture! Thank you :)

by southernamazon1957 Homepage »

Jul 11, 2006 11:01:21 pm
This is a very beautiful sunset. Gorgeous cumulous clouds and wonderful colors. Excellent shot !!! I love that moment that you are capturing with this image. Superb.

by BBarbs Homepage »

Jul 29, 2006 4:32:27 pm
Fantastic work very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by awadissk Homepage »

Aug 10, 2006 7:01:47 pm
Great photo! I think it was better to stay in the car rather than get struck by lightning as a friend of mine was! We have plenty of thunderstorms here in Florida, but I don't usually think to take a photo, as I'm running away! LOL

by Axeye Homepage »

Dec 5, 2006 6:32:50 am
Beautiful sky..Great shot my friend.

by 1hawks1 Homepage »

Nov 3, 2007 11:47:12 pm
I really like this! Not only does your image look like a mystical sky, but it also looks like the rolling waves of the ocean. Very beautiful.

by cindyx Homepage »

Feb 27, 2008 3:24:00 am
It ia a very beautiful!

by DukeNukem2005 Homepage »

Jun 18, 2008 2:06:50 am
Nice shot! EXT pic!

by Darkwish Homepage »

Aug 19, 2008 11:06:08 am
Glad I saw this, excellent!

by Heathcroft Homepage »

Oct 2, 2008 2:36:08 pm
If you want lightning, then you have to come visit next time youre in the neighborhood LOL....... This is good and I like the grain.

by Butchr Homepage »


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