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Dance Naked in the Park

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She was so different
Everyday was a new adventure
I can’t explain why we clicked
For as long as we did
She always wanted to run
And I just wanted to walk
I was so young
She knew so much
Alone in the dark
She wanted to dance naked in the park
I was so afraid
I just watched
She danced anyway
She always wanted to try everything
I just couldn’t
To many chains from my up bringing
I think we made love
Every where known to man
But my heart had so many cuts and bruises
I could hardly move
Her love was so strong
When she smiled
It healed my soul
But I could hold her back only so long
She was born to run
In my whole life
The biggest regret
I have ever had
Is that I did not dance

March 25, 2006

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Image Comments

Mar 26, 2006 1:34:49 am
Touching..I wanted to smile and weep by turns. Thank you for sharing it.

by mystmaiden Homepage »

Mar 26, 2006 12:56:02 pm
I read this, and even though I have a pretty good understanding alone of what regret means, I looked it up anyway…To give the word alone some thought….from my comprehension and understanding it is sadness, that when reflected upon later in life, becomes a recognized mistake, or something done wrong. Then, I think about the poem, and each word chosen, looking for the positives in what occurred, the rights….not the wrongs…I see many, as one that stands out…”you watched” . Then I looked up the word “watch” which in the context of the writing above to me, means you observed something new….different…which means again to me, you were cautious…not wrong, to me, not a mistake…and could not be a regret once understood. Because you discovered in observing… something beautiful, that to dance is a part of living….as so today with each word that graces the page, and posted for any and all to read/watch…You live and dance naked in the park, free of those chains you speak of in the poem. Excellent writing, and truly thank you for sharing…Because with each word you write and share, I see you are indeed a wonderful dancer. As I have as I am enjoying the time spent here watching.

by Wolfspirit Homepage »

Mar 30, 2006 4:39:51 pm
Just wonderfull!!!!

by angel_of_darkness Homepage »

Sep 30, 2009 1:17:02 am
Wonderful words! They seem to dance around each other as she danced. Regret is a bitter legacy. When I feel it creeping over me, I think of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind "After all, tomorrow is another day" Not that she's the best role model to choose in life.

by myrrhluz Homepage »


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