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 Subject: Is Maya free to download?

vincewicks opened this issue on Apr 30, 2013 · 7 posts

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  vincewicks ()  ( posted at 5:38AM Tue, 30 April 2013 


Can we download Maya trial version and is it contain full features of licenced version.



  nemirc ()  ( posted at 10:11AM Tue, 30 April 2013 

AFAIK the demo version includes all of Maya features. It's a 30 day trial, I think.

You can find that information on the Autodesk website.

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  wheatpenny ()  ( posted at 2:26PM Sat, 04 May 2013 

Attached Link: http://students.autodesk.com/?nd=download_center

If you're a student, educator or homschooler, you can get Maya for free (see attached link)



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  silkroadgame ()  ( posted at 5:02AM Thu, 09 May 2013 

There is an ad on this forum.

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  beacon43 ()  ( posted at 12:07AM Fri, 24 May 2013 

I can't possible even.. I've downloaded it from a source..

  vincewicks ()  ( posted at 8:49AM Wed, 29 May 2013 

Thanks lot wheatpenny,

I have registered and requested for download MAYA and waiting for their response.

  vincewicks ()  ( posted at 11:21AM Thu, 04 July 2013 · edited on 11:30AM Thu, 04 July 2013

Still now I am not getting response form their side.

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