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 Subject: Lots of grayed out items in the menus

MikeO opened this issue on Jul 28, 2012 · 14 posts

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  MikeO ()  ( posted at 6:03AM Sat, 28 July 2012 


I'm using UVMapperPro v3.6d on a Windows 7 64 bit laptop.

I'm finding that may menus and/or sub-menus are grayed out. For instance, all the View>View sub-menu is un-usable this way.

Am I overlooking something?


  UVDan ()  ( posted at 9:49AM Sat, 28 July 2012 · edited on 9:50AM Sat, 28 July 2012

Welcome to the forum.

Do you have a model loaded into the program?  You must do that before many options become useable.

Free men do not ask permission to bear arms!!

  MikeO ()  ( posted at 5:39PM Sat, 28 July 2012 

Hello Dan!

Yes, I do have a model loaded. In fact it was while trying out the tutorial to relax the UVs when I first noticed it, as the second and lower quadrants of the View Menu are also grayed out.

Thanks for the Welcome!


  UVDan ()  ( posted at 5:59PM Sat, 28 July 2012 

Then I do not know what to tell you.  I know of no other reason for it to be greyed out.

Free men do not ask permission to bear arms!!

  MikeO ()  ( posted at 2:55AM Sun, 29 July 2012 

Okay. I'll keep messing with it and if a solution turns up, I'll let you know.  Otherwise, it still does what I need it most to do, and does it fine!

For the record, I typoed earlier.  It's version 3.6c that I have, of course.

Thanks again.

  UVDan ()  ( posted at 9:56AM Sun, 29 July 2012 

You are welcome.  I am still running windows xp pro 64 bit.  Maybe somebody with win 7 will chime in here with a solution.

Free men do not ask permission to bear arms!!

  illkirch ()  ( posted at 4:41AM Mon, 30 July 2012 

Same here. UVMapper V 3.6c and Win 7 64 SP1.

Never use this so I didn't notice before.

  EnglishBob ()  ( posted at 5:03AM Mon, 30 July 2012 

I usually run on XP 32 bit, but I installed on a WIndows 7 Pro 64 bit machine that I happened to have on test, and UVMP 3.6c worked fine as far as I can see. No greyed out items, anyway.

That won't be very helpful, I know, but at least it tells you that it should work. 

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  UVDan ()  ( posted at 8:55AM Mon, 30 July 2012 

Welcome to the forum illkirch.

Free men do not ask permission to bear arms!!

  illkirch ()  ( posted at 4:29AM Tue, 31 July 2012 

Thanks for the welcome.

Maybe something with the graphic card : ATI Radeon 5700 here.

  UVDan ()  ( posted at 1:55PM Tue, 31 July 2012 · edited on 1:56PM Tue, 31 July 2012

GeForce9800 GT here.

Free men do not ask permission to bear arms!!

  MikeO ()  ( posted at 2:24PM Tue, 31 July 2012 

AMD Radeon HD 6320 here, aka ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6320.

  chris1972 ()  ( posted at 6:40AM Tue, 07 August 2012 

Hope I'm not commiting heresy here but, Ive used both UV mapper and Lithunwrap and I believe (in my opinion) Lithunwrap is far superior it's free and it runs just fine in windows 7.

  UVDan ()  ( posted at 7:58AM Tue, 07 August 2012 

I have not had much luck with Lithunwrap, but you are free to discuss it here on the forum.

Free men do not ask permission to bear arms!!

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