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10:47 pm

 Laptop is Back, BUT...
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I think Symantec is really dropping the ball as of late. Not only did it classify that backdoor virus as a "low risk" but I just had problems getting the 2009 update to install.

It seems to be running now. Even still, I'm considering Kaspersky Internet Security to replace Norton. I can't have another snafu like that again.

I still have to scan my computer and my external hard drives again. Hopefully once they're all clean I can start work on more 3D art.

8:07 pm

 Virus Troubles
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Friday morning my laptop caught a very ugly virus that left a backdoor open to many more viruses. It's now at Best Buy waiting to be repaired.

Until I can get it back and check on my other hard drive, I won't be able to upload new pictures.

I can still get online with my old Pentium 2 desktop and a copy of Opera, but I won't be surfing as much. I'm running Windows 98 and it's even less secure than my Core laptop. After getting bombed with bugged widgets on Friday I don't dare trust most sites atm.

7:58 pm

 Down For The Count
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Linens N Things, where I've worked at for over a year, has gone down for the count. Every store will be liquidated and expect to close by January 1.

But life must go on. We don't have a choice. I hope for the best for my fellow coworkers and managers.

(P.S. If such a thing as a silver lining exists, at least I'll be working through Christmas helping with another store closing.)

7:38 pm

 An Update
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Bringing everyone up to date. I've been silent for a while because I'm working on some new art and dealing with some other matters, as described below:

The computer. My computer caught a virus in its Java cache, which I had to purge. I think doing that caused the Apple website to not look so flashy anymore.

I can't even find the Mac vs. PC commercials anymore from the Mac link. I'm not sure if that's from the purge or that they're trying to force me to upgrade to a newer QuickTime version...

I'm also having problems with thumbnails not appearing on my ShareCG page or on other users' pages. Not sure if that's related to the purge as well.

One of my external hard drives was also having problems. It would disconnect from the computer when I did a virus check or a CHKDSK. I had to reformat twice and so far no problems since. Trying to keep an eye on it though.

The Economy. Well, the bailout is law, but it's not going to help me right away, and it's definitely NOT going to help my store as it's going to close down around mid-November.

I'm more or less used to what's happening, but I'm still mad. I can't really go into details at the moment, but it seems that after what happened with CompUSA last year I thought I wouldn't have to deal with another store closing this soon.

It's why I have to get out of retail. And yet, it doesn't sound so realistic because I have the most experience in that field. If I'm not able to find a job before long, I have to go back into it. And with the holiday season upon us it will be sooner, not later.

Building an economy on a pile of debt is not good policy, whether it's coming from Washington, Wall Street, or Main Street.

Xbox. I'm swearing off getting* new PC games, so I dusted off my secondhand original Xbox and tested it out. I got the dirty/unreadable disc error a lot during the training mode in Tao Feng. Morrowind on the other hand, didn't have any errors; at least at the beginning. (Only went as far as to the point where I created my character).

I cleaned the drive twice more afterwards, but don't know if that's going to work. Probably going to have to hold off on getting Tomb Raider: Legend until I can get a new system** (Christmas, maybe).


* - In case it's not already clear: I'm NOT joining the ranks of the pirates, unlike some people at Slashdot, who feel they must stick it to the publishers who already think most PC gamers are pirates to begin with.

I'm not getting any new PC games period, with the exception of Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 (unless Blizzard gets heavy handed with their DRM too).

** - I'm thinking about getting a new secondhand original Xbox system. I can't afford the current-gen stuff, especially when I'm thinking about getting new memory for my laptop and Poser 7.

10:49 pm

 Crisis Over (was Tornado Alert in Chicago)
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(8:33pm Tuesday)
Got up after first light, around 5:40am. It looked eerie outside, like the sky was beige or something from the sunrise. Got all the food from the freezer and packed for the journey to Mom's.

A power line fell next block north, and the police were keeping watch on it. Rode the train south, and the sky still didn't look right, especially from the west. It looked like another storm was about to pass, but somehow didn't.

Went right home after work and power still didn't come back. I wasn't going to be in the dark without a light went the laptop battery died, so I went to Dominick's and bought a flashlight, some batteries for the radio, and a sandwich. On the way Edison was working on the line, but I wasn't putting much hope on it.

Came back about about 30 minutes later and there were lights in the other buildings on the block, and my building had lights back.


Everything checks out. My external hard drives didn't get jolted from the outage, although they were already off. I'm leaving the fridge off so I can get that ice out. It's been piling up for too long now.

So I'm back in business! I'm not going to get caught off guard like that again! I'm going to have some plan in place just in case something like this happens again.

(4:43am Tuesday)
There were some lightning flashing on and off. Otherwise it's been quiet. Before finally going to bed I moved all my perishables to the freezer, which I'm taking to my mother's this morning.

I might leave at first light. This will be my last entry in this until power comes back on. Battery's going down.

I'll check in soon.

(11:07pm Monday)
It started raining again, and somehow it's getting me to start thinking about The Day After Tomorrow. It's getting rather unnerving right now.

I have to get my frozen foods out of here tomorrow morning.

(10:38pm Monday)
I'm going to have to go to bed soon. It looks like nothing's going to happen tonight. I'm afraid I'm going to lose the food in the refrigerator and the ice that's built up in the freezer's going to melt.

Hearing some thunder. I hope that storm system doesn't try to regenerate...

I don't like having to end the night on this note, but what can I do?

Other than go to bed, that is. I'll report if something major happens. Good night.

(10:00pm Monday)
Down to 65% on the battery. My guess is that I may have an hour or hour and 1/2 before it dies. Then it's lights out for real.

Deciding whether it's safe to open the windows now. I haven't checked the news site, but so far it's been quiet. No rumblings or heavy rain.

The L trains are still running. I heard a couple in the last hour.

Tap still runs, but is there some advice about not drinking it during an outage?

Think I'm going to have to open a window. It's stifling in here.

Will check in at least one more time before the laptop cuts out.

(9:00pm Monday)
Things have quieted down here. Storms still rumble, but with less intensity. Just saw a couple of lighting flashes.

I only have light coming from my laptop screen and my USB light. I have only 83% power left on the battery. That's my only backup.

I have to have a better emergency plan made.

Will report when I can.

(8:30 - 8:41pm Monday)
I heard sirens go off here in Rogers Park. A tornado was just reported in Elmhurst, and windows are rattling in Downtown Chicago. There were reports of a funnel cloud touching down near 83rd and Harlem.

I just closed all my windows, just in case.

The power in the building just went down about ten minutes ago. Someone called Edison.

I have to go. Will report later on.

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