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8:22 pm

 Virus Update - Final
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Last Friday I wiped my laptop's hard drive and did a restore to its factory setup. After updating Windows XP and my antivirus I reloaded my 3D art related stuff (Poser and a backup of the runtime, DAZ, Bryce, and all the renders).

Ran DAZ and loaded a scene, and my figures and props were missing! Got a message saying that I needed to check my content directories, which I did to no avail.

After looking through a forum at Renderosity, I checked my content/data directory in DAZ, which was empty save for one file. It hit me that the figure and prop data from all my old scenes were saved there.

I NEVER thought to backup that directory as well!

After a lot of venting I loaded some of my characters into a scene and saved it, and that info in turn would be saved into the data directory and make my old scenes usable again.

In the long run I'm going to start over with the exception of a couple of scenes that I wanted to do. I'm going to take my time with that.

Afterwards I installed Firefox 3, Paint Shop Pro, and ACDsee 4.

I downloaded iTunes 8, but installing it is going to be for another time. It took me close to an hour on Saturday to transfer my Poser runtime (3.5 GB) from DVD back to my laptop. I don't want to burn out this drive right away reloading that same amount of storage for music.

I wish I just did the restore in the beginning when my laptop got hit with the backdoor virus in the first place. That way I wouldn't be out $200 dollars from the virus repair from Geek Squad.


And speaking of money, there's about two weeks left before I'm out of a job. I have to switch gears next week and look for another.

Bah humbug.

9:46 pm

 A Plan In Place
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Okay, I'm more or less over yesterday's drama. At least I recovered Power Desk (which allowed Windows Explorer to act normally again), so now I can start copying stuff to discs, especially my music and entire Poser runtime.

Once that's done, I'm reinstalling the factory image and wipe everything out.

It might take me a day or so. I don't know when I'll have new art to post.

That's where things stand right now.

11:16 pm

 I finally did it.
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I was so overzealous about dealing with these viruses that I finally brought my laptop to its knees. I can't run windows explorer properly, I lost PowerDesk...

I can't even use System Restore because I turned it off while trying to fix the viruses.

So now I have to do the ugly thing and reformat my laptop.

I couldn't leave well enough alone.

I essentially wasted a lot of money trying to fix the viruses and I STILL have to reinstall everything.

My computer was working fine with the exception of those pop ups.

A year and a half of data (almost) up in smoke. (I still have two external hard drives, and a cd with "My Pictures" folder)

I couldn't leave well enough alone.

I spend too much time on computers it seems.

I also can't do major fixing on my computer when my mind isn't 100% clear either it seems.

This seems like all a bad dream, but it isn't, is it?

9:03 pm

 Virus Update #2
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(Crossposting from DeviantART journal)

I've had my laptop back for a little over a week, and while it's been working fine overall I still have low- and medium-risk viruses left over from the backdoor.tidserv!inf attack on Friday 11/21.

I'm trying to clear those out right now, but I have (as of this morning) 100 instances of viruses, some are duplicates.

These viruses scare the living heck out of me. Who knows what data they may have leeched from the laptop. I thought the Geek Squad could have taken care of those as well, but they didn't even use Norton in their scans.

And I thought when I did a scan with Norton 2009 they would have picked up on them again, especially since I set low-risk items to be removed.

If I didn't have to worry about reinstalling everything (especially my Poser runtime), I would just reformat the hard drive and start over.

10:47 pm

 Laptop is Back, BUT...
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I think Symantec is really dropping the ball as of late. Not only did it classify that backdoor virus as a "low risk" but I just had problems getting the 2009 update to install.

It seems to be running now. Even still, I'm considering Kaspersky Internet Security to replace Norton. I can't have another snafu like that again.

I still have to scan my computer and my external hard drives again. Hopefully once they're all clean I can start work on more 3D art.

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