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11:16 pm

 I finally did it.
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I was so overzealous about dealing with these viruses that I finally brought my laptop to its knees. I can't run windows explorer properly, I lost PowerDesk...

I can't even use System Restore because I turned it off while trying to fix the viruses.

So now I have to do the ugly thing and reformat my laptop.

I couldn't leave well enough alone.

I essentially wasted a lot of money trying to fix the viruses and I STILL have to reinstall everything.

My computer was working fine with the exception of those pop ups.

A year and a half of data (almost) up in smoke. (I still have two external hard drives, and a cd with "My Pictures" folder)

I couldn't leave well enough alone.

I spend too much time on computers it seems.

I also can't do major fixing on my computer when my mind isn't 100% clear either it seems.

This seems like all a bad dream, but it isn't, is it?

9:03 pm

 Virus Update #2
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(Crossposting from DeviantART journal)

I've had my laptop back for a little over a week, and while it's been working fine overall I still have low- and medium-risk viruses left over from the backdoor.tidserv!inf attack on Friday 11/21.

I'm trying to clear those out right now, but I have (as of this morning) 100 instances of viruses, some are duplicates.

These viruses scare the living heck out of me. Who knows what data they may have leeched from the laptop. I thought the Geek Squad could have taken care of those as well, but they didn't even use Norton in their scans.

And I thought when I did a scan with Norton 2009 they would have picked up on them again, especially since I set low-risk items to be removed.

If I didn't have to worry about reinstalling everything (especially my Poser runtime), I would just reformat the hard drive and start over.

10:47 pm

 Laptop is Back, BUT...
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I think Symantec is really dropping the ball as of late. Not only did it classify that backdoor virus as a "low risk" but I just had problems getting the 2009 update to install.

It seems to be running now. Even still, I'm considering Kaspersky Internet Security to replace Norton. I can't have another snafu like that again.

I still have to scan my computer and my external hard drives again. Hopefully once they're all clean I can start work on more 3D art.

8:07 pm

 Virus Troubles
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Friday morning my laptop caught a very ugly virus that left a backdoor open to many more viruses. It's now at Best Buy waiting to be repaired.

Until I can get it back and check on my other hard drive, I won't be able to upload new pictures.

I can still get online with my old Pentium 2 desktop and a copy of Opera, but I won't be surfing as much. I'm running Windows 98 and it's even less secure than my Core laptop. After getting bombed with bugged widgets on Friday I don't dare trust most sites atm.

7:58 pm

 Down For The Count
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Linens N Things, where I've worked at for over a year, has gone down for the count. Every store will be liquidated and expect to close by January 1.

But life must go on. We don't have a choice. I hope for the best for my fellow coworkers and managers.

(P.S. If such a thing as a silver lining exists, at least I'll be working through Christmas helping with another store closing.)

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