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8:42 am

 Happy Father's Day!
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Celebrate it well today!

9:58 pm

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A colleague said I need to believe in God if I wanted to stop being stressed out.

I suppose I need to believe in someone, because on days like today it's hard to believe in myself.

(Copied word for word from my Google+.)

8:42 pm

 The Story So Far
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It's been a month since my new laptop went online, but I've yet to transfer all my runtimes onto it.  It took me something like nine hours to copy them onto a flash drive, and I'm going to need at least half a day to get them on the new laptop and deal with potential FUBARS.  Right now I don't have time or the patience to try something like that.

Unfortunately vacation isn't for another month and a half.

6:55 am

 Laptop on the Fritz
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My laptop fan is making noises again, and pumping a whole can of compressed air didn't help at all.  It's going to take a dirt nap before too long.

This is really a pain in the neck, and I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get new stuff out.  Stuff just happens.

Hopefully I'll have a new system before too long.

4:48 am

 Status Report
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I'm more or less still on hiatus, and yet I feel a need to say stuff.

Work is leaving me frazzled, I still don't have funds for a new computer, I've been debating whether to go back to college, and I'm making a conscious effort to sleep less so I can get stuff done.

Time is never on my side, and patience is a skill I seriously lack.

I need a vacation.  A permanent one if it could be afforded.  Snerk.

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