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8:42 pm

 The Story So Far
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It's been a month since my new laptop went online, but I've yet to transfer all my runtimes onto it.  It took me something like nine hours to copy them onto a flash drive, and I'm going to need at least half a day to get them on the new laptop and deal with potential FUBARS.  Right now I don't have time or the patience to try something like that.

Unfortunately vacation isn't for another month and a half.

6:55 am

 Laptop on the Fritz
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My laptop fan is making noises again, and pumping a whole can of compressed air didn't help at all.  It's going to take a dirt nap before too long.

This is really a pain in the neck, and I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get new stuff out.  Stuff just happens.

Hopefully I'll have a new system before too long.

4:48 am

 Status Report
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I'm more or less still on hiatus, and yet I feel a need to say stuff.

Work is leaving me frazzled, I still don't have funds for a new computer, I've been debating whether to go back to college, and I'm making a conscious effort to sleep less so I can get stuff done.

Time is never on my side, and patience is a skill I seriously lack.

I need a vacation.  A permanent one if it could be afforded.  Snerk.

8:16 pm

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Too many issues I have to deal with, which is why I haven't been able to post much art as of late.  Plus I'm going through writer's block.

I'm taking off for a while.  Hopefully when I come back I'll have a new computer.

Thank you.

6:01 pm

 Mining for Plastics (and fuel)...on Titan?
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An article on reports that polypropylene, a key ingredient for plastics, was found on Saturn's moon, Titan. Also, I found out that hydrocarbons, the basis for Earth's fossil fuels, exist in its atmosphere.

So I suppose when it's feasible to travel the solar system and have the right mining processes in order, we will be able to mine for plastic and fuel on Titan, and water on Europa.

Yeah, I'm getting too far ahead with these things.  Man's gotta dream, can't he?  :D




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