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7:57 am

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 Most Recent: Marie (mari_e17)

Anyone know where she went to?  Needed to ask her a question about her Emireth character for V3.  Sent sitemail but haven't heard back.  Thanks!

5:30 pm

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 Most Recent: First time Rigging

Hi there. After years with doing texturing and play around with DAZ, I´ve started to rigging. It´s difficult cause english is not my native language. Well I guess my english is good enough, but sometimes....there are technical words I did not understand. So here is my question. I have do . . . [View Full]

4:16 pm

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 Most Recent: How do you overcome?

 The real problem with 3d graphics and animation is a two edge sword called advancement. Without the dynamo of creation that arose in the late 90's and lurched us decades ahead in technology. We would still mostly be dreaming about creating the things we are working on now. In order to keep up  . . . [View Full]

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